“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ideations About Family Ends The Evening

Tired tonight at a train stop the night's final ideation was that this was all being done so that I,would go home to my family and then (somehow) get pregnant to have a baby.

The perps have indeed early on played mind games concerning my seeing my family once again. Usually black males, security guards in stores here in Boston or surrounding area.

In St Louis years ago a black male on a train made direct comment that "I wouldnt have gotten rid of  my baby". (Scott this informant I think someone sent to see how much I knew during the federal investigation was controlling and the only pill I could take for supressing my endometriosis had just got pulled off the market. There is no way that child was going to be right. Its physically very dangerous for me to try to give birth as well as I will NOT give them another person to torment, experimemt on or ritually abuse/program.)

Why would Satanists want another human life in the world? See the inconsistcies? Sometimes the perps act like right wing Christians. Its so confusing. Probably they just wanted more to control me with.

It really bugs me, blacks putting their value systems on me. Family and babies. Hmph. How very....tribal. And certainly I,dont appreciate this coming from MALES.

If they want me to
-never have children
-never see my family again and
-leave the country to Europe to escape African American culture dominance, a culture thats derived from southern slave mentality

They are GOING to achieve that!

Personally,it seems like they are going for the gold in trying to drive me over the edge crazy and get me labeled once and for all.

Actually I am getting alot of urges to leave the USA as soon as possible. As if the US is not going to be a place youd wanna be in near future. Hmmmm..