“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 28, 2012

Following A Suggested Ideation Brings Relief

A strange incident occurred today. This morning when I got up and started my day I actually heard very slightly the word "lemonade". And of course I had a strong ideation to go get some lemonade at the store. I went to the store and got a lemon instead because lemonade has way too much sugar in it usually and I made some nice iced lemon water instead.

I mentioned that I felt greatly tormented today in my last post.

Just about 1 hour ago I was in the store and I got the same ideation about getting lemonade. Low and behold after I got the lemonade finally, the heavy depressing,  torturous mode I was in all day seem to lift and I was placed almost in what seemed like alignment with the rest of reality.

I was being tormented the whole day. As you can see from my experiences it's all due to me not following a suggestion.

I was rewarded, if you will, with sanity and emotional balance when I obeyed finally.

This system isnt about morality. It's not about social consciousness and it's not about world peace. Nor about building a better world of equality,diversity and to be politically correct. This system is to create slaves.To create mindless puppets out of human beings-individuals and the masses. It is for the purposes of enslaving mankind and nothing else.

As you can see through years of blogging I experienced it to be, just that. 
And that is why it has to be fought at all costs. Even with  one's life.

It seems that some foreign countries are actually having proto types of cities under domes or totally man made cities.
It seems as if they are training the masses to live in these man made cities, as well as picking and choosing who's going to fit in who is isnt.

Thats been my theory all along hasn't it? That the public...humanity is being conditioned and molded to live either underground, in space stations or in man made cities on other planets that are otherwise uninhabitable.

Whats so frightening is that those of us that seem to not fit in, who are not going to be easy recondition, train or be broken to be able to fit in with this kind of environment, it's almost as if we are being trained to live outside or whatever remains outside of those future cities.