“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Harassed Heavily In Kenmore At All Red Sox Games Since Colleges Graduated

Yesterday pan handling at Fenway was hard but I made a little money enough for laundry and coffee, etc.

I was supported by long time people there, regulars to the area so I didnt feel so alone.

I heard the word 'whore'about a hundred times. Its never focusing on war crimes, unethical human experimentation, pedophile rings or abuse of power by Homeland and others its always age old slander about me.

If they have this many people either brainwashed by cover stories or working for them the entire situation is hopeless. At least in key parts of the USA like St Louis, Boston, Florida-places where the GS is just ridiculous, constant and the people ars extremely nasty.

Today I made hardly anything and I was harassed in ways I,couldnt handle. It was hot, sunny and I,domt do well in Boston during,heat and sun. It amplofies whatever makes the city so umlivable now.

It was real ugly today for differing reasons. And the bullshit I dealt with was more tailored and varying and very well could have been random Massholes not perps doimg psychological warfare.

It struck me that Boston has become a place I dont recognize...and I dont particularly like. With people who are just ridiculous and extreme.

Ive been in exile for years and each time I,came back it was less and less my city. Its been torn from me completely now and I will never be able to get treated fairly or get healthcare,obviously, which is kind of important right now with the internal bleeding issue over past year and pain in liver and abdomen.

I believe they are doing this to try to make me become very very ill. The more damage the better.

Boston has expressed nothing but a very deep hatred for me over these years. I experienced this place to be a major cemter for an extremely evil presence during Bush, specifically during Hayden being in office.

Boston has simply become totally and completely rotted to the core and extremely evil-without any of the old school rules that made the old corrupt system tolerable and somewhat humane or livable.

And they are insisting on having the best fronts possible this,time so,the,whole world believes they've changed. That theyve cleaned up their act, gotten rid of coeruption, organized crime, abuse of the system by citizens. A shiny new 'world class' gentrified make over.

To hide all the stinking shit that always did and always will make this city run.

Like every criminal mind, Boston will never change. Its simply grown and learned how to hide better.