“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Most Annoying Part Of GS Is Being Harassed Constantly By "The Help'..Hmph

Why are black males in security guard positions so ridiculous when doing gang stalking. You know who I am, great. Good for you. They are so....pathetic. I dont care, you realize this dont you?

Lots of people know what I look like and think they know whats going on or they know about my situation from my blogs etc or from people in on the campaign.

You dont KNOW ME, really. You know of me. And you still have no control over me. You never did and you never will.

The minorities invovled in this and often lower class white males make a big deal about a female who's targeted. They seem to be into the angle of the campaign where the person is being monitored and controlled by the gang stalking system. You can tell they arent trained agents or professionals as they are so lacking in personal power and confidence that they have to make a big deal about one single person like myself being a GS Target. Anyone who makes a big deal about that aspect of this is a loser, petty a punk and easily impressed. Which I have always found most UNimpressive in a person.

My mother used to brag about small shit and it really made me lose respect for her. It showed that she really had no power at all. This guy I worked for, Dan Desecca, who grew up in the projects in Waltham (and is one of the first people who seems to be in on helping get me targeted in Waltham.) he used to do things show off brochures for new cars he was simply thinking of purchasing. TACKYYYYY. As if that was a big deal in itself.

Then when he actually purchased one he was insufferable.

If I had money I would just go buy a decent car (perhaps an old Jag, not those Ford ones now. Eww.) like a car for business that was nice. Of course, the performance vehicles would be at one of my homes in one of my garages, dedicated to my cars. And those would only be for taking out in areas where one can run the motors as they were designed to be run. Like on the damn Autobahn.

And if I made such purchases, I certainly would NOT burden my lowly paid help with that information. That is just no class. And if I did purchase a new car for driving around town tending to business, I would simply buy it and not tell anyone. Let them see it outside and comment on it if they like.

One of the reasons people look for excuses to hate me,to death if they can, is that even penniless, I was born with a natural radar towards a life of wealth. I attract money. I understand money and I dont hate on rich people or the concept of the rich, unless its new money being disgusting or lower classes of people with more money than I (who can hardly be described as 'wealthy' even if they had that kind of money) like upper middle class or YUPpies. These are the worst snobs in existence in Boston. Red Sox fans, people working in the city riding the trains, many of them have horrible attitudes and are very unworldly. The kids who are WEALTHY like around BU, they are often so sweet to houseless people and if out partying they seem so naive about the world outside thiers of priveledge. Its very sweet. Often they are the ones who will talk to me or give me a dollar and a short conversation.

Not all wealthy people are nice as TI's know. This is the difference between being truly wealthy and simply having alot of money and assets to your name.

The joke on the public is that if I wanted to, I could be extremely wealthy. I could have been a very smart career criminal, if I wasnt dealing with prior programming issues where I was watched all the time etc. Thats why I dont get flustered about my situation keeping me technically poor. My tastes have always been based on being able to truly understand what is quality, not just a name brand that is marketed as such.

It sickens me that people would wear Gucci even though the family no longer owns the company or designs the clothes. Same with Chanel. She's been gone how long?

I always wanted just one quality thing or outfit whereas my mother would get 20 pairs of boots all of which not one was very high quality. Why not just buy ONE high quality pair and wear them for two years? I just dont understand it. Hoarding things. Collecting things is different, thats a personal hobby. But to be greedy with alot of stuff thats crap...it just makes me ill.

It really bothers me how many people invovled in GS are like children at Disneyworld, seeing Mickey coming towards them. And I am not famous technically and if I am INFamous, its not for very good reasons. Being targeted and them focusing on that as some sort of noteriety is really pathetic. THen again, we are dealing with STALKERS by definition arent we? Its no surprise that the two stalker types who I was invovled in romantically in my lifetime turned out to also be invovled in Gang Stalking. Isnt that interesting? That men who have a long record of stalking as INDIVIDUALS turn out to be also invovled in GROUP STALKING.

This is one of the problems with GS. The perps are often sick individuals who are stalker types and this system allows them to express thier sickness in a way that actually gets reward and approval from authorities and makes them feel validated. Yet, the other things GS is connected to are so outrageous like war crimes, its unbelievable that any human being no matter how sick doesnt have a limit on how destructive these campaigns get. Thats the thing- they use very sick people who are not right thinking to begin with. Thus they dont really register things like human experimentation as being wrong, becuz they are so sick. And it can go from stalker types to some of the sickest people I have ever seen invovled in this. They make sure that they have people who are basically deranged working for them.

Who else would be thrilled to basically draw attention to you at a security check in at a college? It happened just now downstairs. And I knew it was a set up becuz one of the jackasses came out in front of me with his little "Public Safety" jacket on but it was done on cue so he would be walking in front of me on my way to security check in.

Then the guy at security asks his friend "Is RACHAEL here today? I ignored this becuz I expected some nonsense from these two anyway. Due to my ignoring this conversation, he then repeats the name and looks away from his friend, over to me when he says it, then looks back at his friend. I ignore this still.
Why? Becuz its been done to death a million times years ago.

When you are targeted for a long time you realize that there are only so many things they can do, and all they are doing with each new thing is variations on the same collection of tactics. Becuz only so many things are going to work on one person or in general on a human being.

The general purpose of GS is to keep the person down, feeling disconnected from society and controlled by the GS system. Its also to destroy any sensitivies the person has and ensure they can never express any of thier artistic, intellectual etc abilities.

We live in a sick culture anyways so these people are sick from the get go. And I dont see lots of African Americans involved in 'alternative' cultures. They tend to be very conformist in what thier own culture deems acceptable. I hear that if they stray from this, they get alot of crap from other blacks. Another reason thier mentality is dangerous and promotes a slave mentality.
Ive met African Americans into alternative scenes but the numbers are pretty low sadly.

One has to remember that these people are working for the intelligence services which is how these clowns know about you and your life to begin with. Becuz 'the help' shouldnt know how anyone is.

Constantly having people like this pull power ploys on the TI is another way to try to re enforce the conditioning (deceptions) that you are in this mess becuz you are poor, deserved it, careless etc etc.

Being targeted is becuz you were and are a threat to the system. You know too much about something that could destroy the entire system by which we live etc. Military 'secrets'. info about black projects, the international sex rings, Satanic cults, drug running by the REAL culprits: the military, the DEA and countries like Israel etc.

This is no small ordeal. Some of the most powerful people in the world are pissed at you and worried you might be believed if you talk. So they have to make you feel small,picked on and lowly over many years time.

ALways remember that the information you have or something you have personally is too much for some group of very crooked 'wealthy' people to handle. Which in short means: THEY ARE WRONG.

We just happen to live in a time when any kind of rebellion has been squashed and the people have been trained to believe that wealth, no matter how ill gotten, makes for the best people.

They are stupid, you are not. Thus the conflict. Thier house slaves, a very diverse group, are ultimately annoying. Just always remember- they are nothing more than 'the help' for the very powerful who are behind GS campaigns.
Its simply difficult to have to deal with high numbers of such people on a daily basis- unfortunately for years on end.

Know who you are.