“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hillary Clinton Makes Speech At Trade Show That Reflects A Successful TIs Formula For Survival

“Fast and flexible. Constantly adapting. Learning new languages and cultures. Dedicated to forming partnerships where we can and acting alone when we must.”


Sounds exactly like me doesnt it? My success as a TI. Every person targeted like me has used this exact formula or simply created it by instinct. Then again, we are hooked into a system that advises us, like soldiers on a battlefield. This successful way of doing things has been formed by myself and other TIs through both information provided by informants and whatever the intuition is that advises us but also its through a person of my personal profile and makeup adapting and creating a system that works to handle the situation.

I dont know if this is a compliment, a rip off or once again taking the results of human experimentation and using it without revealing the true sources of where they get these 'brilliant' ideas or information..or if its a mind f*ck, as in Gang Stalking's mirroring tactic. If it is the latter, its a very good one- showing a flair for the artistic almost. The way its delivered and placed.

I notice lately that alot of powerful people are..lets say, either mirroring whats going on with Targets or mirroring and imitating what TI's are doing to cope, survive etc. I dont know if this is flattery due to they seeing our systems do indeed work or if its simply a rip off, so they can actually continue to form the NWO while looking as if they are fighting the good fight as we are.

It almost seems at times like they are trying to appease some of us, as if they want to avoid being attacked. Perhaps those who have offended us most have ended up in such a bad way that they want to avoid the same fate. It certainly works as a way to calm and placate any TI, especially Survivors who feel isolated, bullied by abuse of power structures and at war with the world. I just cant tell if its genuine or manipulative becuz I am only collecting information from media and not viewing this in real life in real time.

Any successful Targeted Survivor of mind control and RA has used this formula in the quote to excel and rise above circumstances. Traveling is certainly learning new cultures. And Ive used what I learned in 12 step drug programs as well as the adult entertainment industry to network and be social as a means of defense and of skating by the perps bs they put out to stop me. Of course acting alone is what I know from childhood and programming anyway.

It just bugs me and its very eerie at time- when one sees parallels between what the military and such does in world affairs and things pertaining to TIs. Its not our imaginations believe me. This isnt the first time as a TI I have noticed that what they were doing in world affairs is what they were doing in covert ops pertaining to targeted individuals and even groups.

Are they learning from us? Is that part of the experimentation? Or is it some sort of twisted admiration for our 'work' as successful Targets who have survived?

The creator in us as humans is certainly most powerful in earthly life among humans. Yet, one cant help but think that the whole thing is a set up. Predestined, preplanned and we have been manipulated. It will always bug me to wonder who is in control- my god spark,  my creativity..or the hidden powers that orchestrate much of what goes on in this world?