“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Now Grasp Why Doctors Cannot Give Targets True and Genuine Medical Care

I think 1 of the reasons that the doctors and hospitals have to be cruel to us or play down whatever comes out to be wrong with us physically, I now realize is becuz they would have to admit to us being effected by the technologies ohysically like microwave or radiation exposure. Also in my case the base condition I have is my mother and I showing physical ailments that theres a good chance its from her being given radium and dosed with radiation at the Naval Hospital as an infant as part of the experimemtation (they were trying to shrink her tonsils-but they grew back anyways and she had to have them removed through the normal medical procedure.)

And years of stress from gang stalking as well as in my case carrying a heavy backpack from my mid 30s to present, almost daily across the country for years. Thats with pre existing scars from surgeries on the abdomen.
Not a good experience. In fact I have 'plumbing' probelms now and permanent damage due to being kept on the run on the road for years on end.

The system will no doubt market this as greed. Just as attorney ORielly managed my expectations as a client by telling me "This isnt your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" in reference to suing for the mold exposure that destroyed my health and mind for life.

This is why GS gets so much cooperation.

People are afraid of being targeted. The whole process really shows whos got real character and who are just going to simply revert to animals.

In order to give a Target, specifically a Survivor of mc, RA or experimentation a true assesment of health as well as genuine medical care I suppose the medical people would have to account for all the things that arent supposed to exist: implants, exposure to technologies that produce radiation, electromagnetic pollution, etc, neurological damage from various sources, exposures to chemicals used to dose or damage a Target, damage from stress experienced in war like situations and so on.

Becuz if these were proven and documented there would be such a lawsuit each TI would be compensated millions.

One wonders why the PACOHRE didnt just get everyone paid off and end it there.

I now understand that they didnt intimidate my mother and I simply to not pay us and other experimentees and their children but to prevent us from being on record again (in addition to my mothers original records of experimentation in infancy) so they could CONTINUE THE EXPERIMENTATION. This would prevent my or even her having more to stand on legally when they continued.

This is also why,it,was so important to have my mother silenced, controlled and to sell out completely as well as try to get me labeled during the federal investigation during early 2000's.

They would then be able to completely cover up further experimentation stemmimg from MK Ultra/radiation.