“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, August 6, 2015

CAUSE STALKERS In Providence (Brainwashed Stalkers Who Harass Based On Belief In Good Cause) But Could Be More Deception

Providence RI is non stop harassment with no real redeeming qualities or pleasant diversions. However unlike Boston I wont end up killed or in jail from the GS system. MA is real bad now. I cant describe how evil and Gitmo Bay like MA has become especially Boston and Cambridge but they've always been guilty of severe torture of TIs.
Guess they are going for endgame now.

Today in Federal Hill in Providence I got dirty looks from older trashy ladies who seem disgusted with me and could be heard saying something about "God's  more powerful than that" after they passed.

Seriously? This is about the Abrahamic God now?  Please tell me this is some psych warfare nonsense and not real.

So lets get this straight:  becuz Im a Ritual Abuse Survivor who wont become a Christian and instead uses my past to fight the most evil, oppressive forces threatening humanity today Im against the Christian or Abrahamic 'god' known as God.

HOW IN THE FUCK DO PEOPLE COME TO THESE CONCLUSIONS? I really am dealing with people who have never skipped class and gone into a library to read books beyond their class levels LIKE I USED TO. Never read a history book that clearly documents the origins of religious beliefs.
Are they just brainwashed?

Do they actually believe the  electromagnetic technologies and psy warrior 'Spoonbenders' are 'The Voice Of God' instead of BEING MANIPULATED  BY MILITARY GRADE PSY OPS TECHNOLOGY USED HISTORICALLY FOR OVERSEAS CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

This modern ignorance is as bad as the Inquisition.

I think these might be lessons from higher up trying to make me understand the futility of trying to help the GENERAL PUBLIC which was never my intention anyway.

My work was intended to help Targeted Individuals, Survivors of mind control projects, experimentees of unethical experimentation and former cult members like LDS etc.

This is either from the public somehow being exposed to my work and the decievers twisting things around to their advantage as usual or its more bullshit thought up by psy ops experts.

Its also due to a country that cant admit the United States is being run by evil people and has done evil things especially war crimes domestically and abroad.

This is a Catholic area so its possible the brainwashed Catholics (its a prerequisite believe me  yet the church does have value in spiritual life) dont like what Ive posted about the church or the pope.

Why would people constantly harass someone who is fighting against the ultimate oppression of humanity as well as elite pedophile networks and everything connected to MK Ultra.

My work was only meant for those I listed as well as anyone suffering wondering why the world is going as it is and no one seems to be trying to improve conditions.
Many of which Ive met and i feel they deserve an answer.

What does God have to do with Raytheon or any other DARPA contractor?

I think when i got arrested or somewhere along the line my work was presented to an ignorant public and twisted around and if so I dont have a chance against the American public en masse.

That or the country truly has gone completely into the sewer and these animals will do anything to survive and that includes KNOWINGLY supporting a corrupt system, blocking any and every FREEDOM FIGHTER and LIGHT WORKER that is working against war crimes and the New World Order deception.