“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dunkin Donuts Downtown Providence GS Hot Spot-Typical Characters For A Downtown Major US City

The Dunkin Donuts at 78 Dorrance St in Providence RI is a GS and psych harassment hot spot. Its local People Of Color along with construction 'regular guys' and the business types from downtown.

A big Person Of Color named Sky who works behind the counter did everything to annoy me including mishearing my order and making lame excuses for it. I said in between 'thanks' and 'can I have a receipt?' "Gang Stalking is for losers" quickly. And guess what no reaction like a totally normal person would have had.

This is my latest discovery of a tactic to demonstrate that a perp is indeed doing harassment.

Another construction guy who is close enough to my race and class I just stared at him like 'REALLY brother?'after he did repeated gesturing in line while in front of me. He couldn't look me in the eyes.

People know when they are up to no good and if you can categorize them quickly you can see THEIR motives clearly as we as assess their being actual perps or not if u arent sure. It even provides proof in some instances if theres cameras or if u r filming.

Sky is never going to be ashamed or break becuz she connects gs to racial social justice-her people-'getting theirs' in society finally through cooperation in the NWO.

The frame up of me as racist also assists in motivating these types of perps and I really just consciously realized that.

It was smart of the system to frame me up at that juncture becuz of all the racial injustice going on with cops etc. We dont know if thats on purpose or not either.

Its definetly an age and racial motive eith a person like Sky and perhaps other factors like shes in trouble with the law, part of a gang or in it for financial gain or opportunity she wouldn't normally have access to.

When i thanked the kid behind the counter by referring to him with an old Italian word used decades ago between us in the northeast, "paisan" she lost a little control and you could see a bit of anger which I knew would occur due to her using a race mob mentality against me do I countered with my own racial identification one that connects to not only old power in this area but a the way bavk to the Roman empire.

she then did directed conversation where she basically referred to me and my racial reference as "old".

Ive talked to people who are into supposed gang life and they claim that a areas of the US like major cities etc have pushed out the old organized crime syndicates in order to make room for whst they believe is younger and more vibrant brutal and stronger gangs.

They first of all are total jerk offs who have no true understanding of what constitutes true power that rules and crushes.
Anyone can be in a cult or a mob. Peasants did it all the time through history and this is no different.

These people honestly do not understand that the intelligence agencies along with the elite shifted things this way and put them in what miniscule power they have (as a cultish mob) in order to create the New World Order as we are seeing it unfold.

Everyone thinks the old organized crime groups were taken down by the feds.
Its a joke.
Lots of people went legit and they busted who they had to in order to put on a show for the public. People like Gotti got alot of attention becuz he attracted it and they used that against him.

No one should be whinig about police and authorities simply managing crime becuz its you the American public who require vices they have to provide to you while still maintaining a safe civilized society that denies the existenxe of such things.

You are all hypocrites and part of the self righteousness of gang stalkers as well as society generally now is the denial you have to live in to survive.

You actually push 'social justice' down peoples throats when this goes against all kinds of human and civil rights yet the president can order horrific war crimes overseas and recently automated warfare like drone strikes is the best example.

The American public are a brainwashed fangerous mob of spoilt brats and Sky is a prime example of kids today who are big,healthy and privileged even in 'underprivileged' areas and racial demographics unlike when WE had to live in ghettos as kids.

America resents having to tighten its belt due to globalization so this is their major temper tantrum-taking it ouy on anyone they can to feel justified.

You are also a bunch of punks becuz you cannot stand against the powers that be that have caused these problems.

The entire country has turned into one huge bullying mob of self righteous punk asses who will kill anyone that gets in the way of their tantrum that it cant be as rich as post war America anymore as well as to protect the ABUSIVE and EVIL authority figures that provide them with what little they do have nowadays.

I will do a vid on counter tactics and a better one on perp motives as the last one was not up to quality.

Btw Ive gotten some decent people down here so dont knock RI just yet. Unlike MA they seem to have retained some integrity.