“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, July 20, 2015

Gang Stalking May Be Part Of Experimentation Connected To Discoveries Of Ancient Humanoid Genes In Modern Populations

I think that much of the gs isnt just to hide war crimes and make Survivors lose memories.

I now believe much of it is experimentation based on genetics.

They may be experimenting on people based on having huminoid DNA that isnt bmodern human like Neanderthal or Denisovans.

If novelty and risk behavior connected to being a natural Traveler is in 20% of the population (DRD4-7R gene) as well as other huminoid DNA making humans different from one another this may be very valuble to their search for the Superman from MK Ultra and the Nazi rxperiments Project Paperclip etc.

The likelihood I have this gene is very high. An article among many about this new discovery said that it comes from Neanderthal interbreeding and that they were more focused in sight and movement than socializing.

It would make sense for the perps to take advantage of those of us say with these kinds of genes by doing gesturing tactics becuz its soley based on seeing and movement something they know Im more susceptible to than other people in the population. It also explains why I would prefer to dance or paint than do anything else in life. Which of course Im not allowed to do.

I also think that these new discoveries are being skewed so that science can preserve its outdated info.

Like Out Of Africa is focused on heavilu in PC articles about this new gene discovery and some skew the truth by trying to claim a percentagw of AFRIXANS had this gene which is why we left Africa while others didn't. Yet this cant be true becuz the gene comes from Neanderthals and no one in Africa has Neanderthal DNA. Thata something acquired from traveling outside Africa if you even believe the OoA theory.

Thats the thing. Understand something about science.
Theory is different from principal or laws.

The LAW of gravity is consistent and we a agree that when something falls its goin down to the ground. Our feet are on the ground. In fact we have to leave earth to have this law not apply to us any longer or enter into a false environment like a machine that creates anti gravity.

Out Of Africa is just a THEORY. Just as psychiatry is just THEORY.

Its agendas and manipulation and deception that creates the illusion of these things being any more than that. Its bullying and intimidation and monopolizing.

It's bullsh*t. And these theories have ruined countless lives as well as made life miserable for humans for decades.

I can even counter some psychiatric THEORY with the new gene discovery.
This gene makes Travelers risk takers and people who are creative out of necessity for survival. Articles even say the gene makes peoples bodies more adapted to long distance travel which explains why we seem to resemble one another etc.

The gene also makes people live longer than others.

Its also a gene linked to ADHD. Do u know how many Traveler kids Ive met who were medicated then figured it out, got off that psych med garbage then hit the road and realized their true nature?

Its also why the system was designed to jave us earlier generations taking illegal drugs as kids. ITS THE SAME THING. The people in power must have known some people have this nature and so the system was designed to trap us and keep us trapped so we could be kept like the people with just the DRD4 gene who dont even feel the need to leave the damn house.



Probably to drown it out, get it under control by surrounding people that pissess these ancient genes with people who dont who will intimidate and overpower and lower the natural quality of life or make sure people who dont naturally have it receive ancient genes from other humanoids from race mixing.

By the time the truth comes out it will be too late.

Its also written that Neanderthals were natural socialists.

They want to ensure that their slave system humans live in isnt disturbed by anything divergent.

This has always been the purpose of oppression nowadays. They are also trying to hijack human evolution and guide control even dictate it to suit their purposes.

This is why PC and all the brainwash are so important so people will not live and gather by FREE ASSOCIATION but by their social engineering.

Race is NOT a social construct thats a kie too and genetics prove it. 'Race' is an outdated word representing only part of what we now know....and always knew intuitively is genetics, ethnicity and culture.

A century from now the way we live is going to be looked back on in horror as unnatural, cruel and a crime against humanity.

Also I dont see PC or Diversity fixing any environmental issues and to be frank, People Of Color do not exactly have environmental concerns as the pinnacle of their societal culture.

Rap music was infiltrated and redesigned to create behaviors in people that depress, suppress, hypnotize and keep corporate prisons filled to 90% capacity.

Jazz music is evolution. Rap is devolution unless of course you are soley focusing on upward mobility by any means necessary and then making all poor people by brainwashing and force be part of your agenda is slavery. Psychological slavery.

The cons and scams that are involved in this huge effort to enslave mankind are many. The ultimate goal is to preserve 20th century indutrialism as long as possible until it and its oppressive structure as well as its slaves can be morphed into some other form thats similar but suited for the 21st century.

Math and science that prove the truth have already been discovered by the enemy and they will supress and skew this data and info as well as make evasive moves based on what they know those truths would change about society and humanity.

Anyone interested in not being a slave in future or any longer will keep up with the truth, pass the info on to others and live in accordance with those truths based on legit scientific discover EVEN IN THE FACE OF A WORLD BASED ON THE LIES AND DECEPTIONS of the enemies.

Being human means getting along with people unlike yourself and being peacable and civilized.

However having others who arent like you destroy who and what you are by nature and demand you allow them to rule over you, dominate and supress your true nature and destroy your people leaves only an animalistic instinct for survival which is also perfectly normal and healthy.

When people supress this instinct to survive destruction then you are truly the walking dead and enslaved.

Now its official. You are bored with their world and its NORMAL.

Its what Kurt (Cobain) said that we all understood: "I'm not like them/ But I can pretend".

Go with what you used to know about yourselves but now are being beaten down to deny.

Btw a bullshit Scientific America cover had a pic of an African coming out of Africa and it said "How we conquered the planet: cooperation".

This reflects the cult building theyve worked so hard on in the past decades. Obsessions with community and the hive mind.
More brainwash by focusing on one factor and not many.

It seems that according to actual new discoveries of DNA and archeology DIVERGENCE is what spread humans across the globe.

Risk taking restless novelty seeking drug taking travelers. Oh but we are just one piece of ancient DNA thats shown to exist.