“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ridiculous Ideas About Returning To Massachusetts For A Victorious Ending

I feel like i should go back to MA. Like face them and make the system their take care of my health issues which are becoming a major problem now.

Docs are going to take too long here and i cant be here in winter.
Every time a TI goes inside they risk the people they've moved in with turning on them. And wasted money from setting down roots in an apartment.

The harassment and general environment in MA isnt conducive to survival or reaching goals.

Ive learned my lesson about MA. Every single time I attempt to master that place I always leave basically running for my life.
Boston Cambridge and MA are waters that cannot be negotiated. Its like an infamous straight or other waterway that each ship's captian tries to conquer.

Some paths simply cannot be taken. They arent passable. This just has to be accepted.

MA is outright deadly. Ever since I deduced from everything ive discovered that Raytheon is the company responsible for my life being as it is that they are the DARPA contractor connected to MK Ultra it seems that ever having lived in the same state as them was insane to begin with.

Raytheon is fuckin dangerous. Ive been tormented by MA enough.

Also I have a resentment and want to deny MA my residency as they have taken enough from me already.
That state never should have been graced with my being a resident to begin with. They never deserved it. They've mistreated me since birth and I will never let go of the debt they owe for it.

I will never return to that state again. Thats my intention anyway.

RI sucks. Prov is this bizarre ghetto wannabe prison. This used to be MA prison colony and it still feels prison like and oppressive.
Theres been death from floods. U can feel the past anchored here in ways that are negative and retain negative energy. Especially Native energies.

MA is so psychomanaged and becoming increasingly radiated from local leaks and as Fukashima radiation creeps across the north American continent it is now uninhabitable for me personally.

Docs at Beth Isreal were doing gesturing tactics when I had an appointment. Ive NEVER experienced medical professionals lowering themselves to the level of the common perps on the street. Theyve done some shitty things less often than nurses and EMTs but occassionally doctors do harm by partaking in the GS games but never like I saw at that hospital.

That let me know that MA whatever its problem is is degenerating to a level thats beneath me and my two generations of family who settled here from Europe.
It was time to go.

RI has some sort of roots in the ground that prevents this kind of degeneration. I have no idea what it is but their flag symbol is anchor and this place feels anchored or like a huge massive tree with roots so large its impossible to uproot.

MA has always been about flowing energy. Unfortunately the new way its being run has that energy flowing the way of the new types of people living there by design of course.

The only thing that really sucks about RI is the poor people in the city are totally cult mind controlled by ghetto gangsta wannabe culture. Theres no ethnic identities like in Boston. No Bohemia in the poor. No street scene.
The people seem to be unable to mind their own business which is the way of Boston in public, a polite psychic personal space.

Many of the residents actually seem like psychic vampires though weak they are still bothersome as they are many.

This can be very draining as opposed to Boston's energizing effect.

Providence has been altered from what I remember to cause this effect or change in energies and demographics.

As of now there is NO PLACE SAFE anywhere in the USA if you are a Targeted Individual and this was not the case some years ago. There were places you could just be left alone to be homeless or whatever. There were some decent people in street scenes. Every city seems to have caused.the worst people to remain outside and I dont know where all the cool people went.

America has become a living hell and thats on top of years of being targeted tortured and experimented on to cause that effect mentally and spiritually.

Ive noticed an increase in people seeming to be Christian doing harassment.
Really? Then why did this start with Satanists coming after me?

Go fuck yourselves its not going to work. Whatever you are trying to accomplish I will never be tired enough or weakened enough for you to complete your objectives.

Go fuck off. U r totally full of shit and liars. No one should ever believe ANYTHING these pricks come up with.

Its ALL BRAINWASHING. Which is why they want you isolated sleep deprived and confused.