“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

OMG The African American (House Slave/Spy) Community In Boston Is SO ARROGANT

(After a doc appt at a local big hospital in Boston)

I keep forgetting how dangerous these Halfricans really are. Bred down south qnd in the north to have some percentage of the old white masters DNA they are forever entrusted to protectinf the property and interests of their original captors. They are family now and their dedication to the elite and American interests is soo touching.

Unlike other perps and spies they are brutal, violent, sadistic, power tripping and evil. They live and breath intimidation and they cant be subtle or careful like other kinds or races (or classes) of gang stalkers.

Boston employs these people in ridiculously high numbers (with totally racist hiring policies so bad that schools and fire depts and others have sued Boston for reverse racism repeatedly) to work in their hosptials, colleges, city workers and especially the transit authority.

Due to this they have their own networks of power and advantage and can conspire freely against anyone considered an enemy of their interests or the interests of their white benefactors.

And they are ultimately controlled by whites Ive seen it many times growing up here. The final say is a white male and the initial orders given against someone is from the same source.

Which is what makes their arrogance especially the females who house slave for the white patriarchy in Boston like no one else- so aggravating.

Blow it out your asses you bitches.

Thats all I can say about it. Youre bigfer bodies and male like appearance and documented higher testosterone levels are meaningless....if you are kept by others. You can be as bad as you want. YOU ARE STILL A HOUSE SLAVE.

Jeez..get a fuckin wake up call.

And dont hand me any crap about racism. The lawyer who took care of my case tols me I wasnt racist becuz I convinced the Latina in the cell with me to take her right to a lawyer. Im the one who keeps posting COINTELPRO destroyed the Panthers.

Im the one that thinks that blacks in the USA should stop listening to the likes of Farrakhan and other agitators and ditch fabrications like AfroCentrism telling blacks they are Egyptians to keep them in fantasies so they remain enslaved.

I'm the one who advocates a nationwide DNA project if not world wide that would find the truth about where African Americans come from in Africa.

Why are doctors office women so evil anyway in this city? Its such a norm its terrorible.
Then the people taking the blood are so nice, usually from the Islands maybe thats why. I seem to get on well with the females from that area, the men not so much.

Africans are varied and it depends on the country. Its actually easier navigating through that than African American relations.

Its so damn hard becuz the people you meet in this situation arent real people. They are assholes working for a system designed to destroy freedom fighters and dissidents or actually perform unethical human experimentation or torture on TIs and experimentees.

Remember the kinds of people African Americans got their other DNA from and usually the unfortunate ways.

Either rape or concubines or having to breed with a white man to gain power in society or avoid an owner's attentions.

Sadism, pedophilia and rape as sexual violence have all been scientifically proven to be carried over in generations genetically.

Also Native DNA is certainly from wounded people who's genocide has never been realistically acknowledged in this country even though we live on the stolen land every day.

Over in Africa many black activists have written that Jews created 'halfricans' before slavery began as a trade in earnest so that their was a population there representing their interests by relation.

The unfortunate reality of former slave peoples like African Americans is that we dont know who we are really dealing with. They are southerners who have broight their ways up north to the detriment of our culture and Yankee ways and societal structure.

They are Africans. They are white. They are Natives. They may be Jews.

After all the horrors Ive lived through with abuse at the hands of African peoples being used by the elite's system, the reality of blacks is that they are a murky, unsure lot and very mysterious, capable of being percieved as whatever those in power with an agenda want them to represent.

They posess great strength and ancient power yet it is not under their Will nor at their own disposal.

If African Americans have a secret empire that is responsible for all I and others have seen in this world let them be held accountable for their crimes.

If they act only as agents enslaved by others through tradition and long term psychological and social means then let their crimes be known as working on behalf of the always present threat of power and they be understood as dangerous to the weak and vulnerable who are oppressed by their keepers.

Let them be exposed as the danger they are to freedom and liberty by deceptive and covert means. That there is a percentage among the normal decent peoples of African descent that work foe the worst most destructive oppressive forces on earth yet hide as victims among the righteous.