“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mail Your Underwear To The Undersecretary-How Washington Destroyed Your Washing Machine

Nanny state appliance laws.


As a Traveler whos below poverty level and houseless I loathe HE washers or efficiency washers.

Especially since I cant use detergents due to allergies (not allergic reactions) so use shampoo or body soap.

If I could I'd challenge businesses to at least create the availability for those who want alternatives for:

-HE commercial washers
-Self flushing toilets
-Sensor faucets
-Auto paper towel dispencers
-Even the dreaded auto self checkouts at drug store chains like CVS. (The supermarket ones are not only more likely to work without difficulty or break downs you don't usually have hovering employees like in drug stores who piss you off becuz if they can be OVER YOUR SHOULDER why cant they be waiting on you BEHIND A COUNTER?) and there are enough manned registers to make it seem an ALTERNATIVE CHOICE not mandatory. (I hate you CVS).

Self flushing toilets are the most ridiculous. They flush if you move on the toilet. Multiple times thus wasting water and energy. How is that efficient?
Also they could be sighted as a health hazard due to questionable toilet water attacking the backsides of unsuspecting toilet goers and this may be especially dangerous for females. Just having to make evasive moves to escape the backsplash attacks can be dangerous, stressful and tiring.

Id say alot of these gadgets are psychological warfare on the public.

-Feelings of loss of or losing control
-Being hovered over and nannied
-Not being able to provide your own water or flushing your own body waste or pull your own towel. Worse than being treated like a child.
-In fear of safety of health
-Anxiety caused by machinisms having control not the human machine

Most of all being punished for being American.

First we are encouraged to over consume then have restrictions and controls set on us that are not efficient, cause anxiety, trauma and harm and make us feel limited and powerless as if we the people are not being listened to or respected.
Is this why you pay your taxes?

So toilets can attack you and your washer barely provides water, clothes dont get really clean and the washer stinks but the Pentagon can 'misplace' billions and not have explainations for congress?

If you look it up on Google Maps-theres a CVS in the Pentagon.


I bet their toilets are badass and built by Boeing or some sh#t. With like super need uber secret capacities.

We shall never know.

The peasants shall obey the evil toilet gods.

Im at the laundry and washed my clothes twice. I notice everyone uses washers too big for their loads just to get more water.
Efficient for scamming money from the public I guess.

How about a little common sense, frugality and balance?

Instead of the constant American norm of from sublime to ridiculous.