“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Is McD Downtown The Worst Assh*les Ever?

Mcdonals across from the Boston Commons has the biggest pieces of shit working there AND they are doing harassment tactics too. Theirs either a language barrier or THEY PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND AND THEY FUCK UP YOUR ORDER ON PURPOSE.

Mostly self righteous foriegn perps who are destroying Libtard cities around thr country systematically.

Actually in this situation Mexicans and Natives are the best in place defense. I notice this isnt such a problem in Cali or TX etc. Only northeast cities are being torn down and made miserable. The Mexicans deport South Americans from their country and they wont put up with it on the border either.

And Mexicans arent big pathetic viscous house slaves the way South Americans seem to be. They make judgement calls on people or situations with their own discretion.

So the northern cities are done as well.

Theres that old Irish lady as well whos there but shes nothing but an embarrassment to us anyway. Maybe shes not Irish at all.

Downtown Boston always was difficult but now its just totally full of garbage. And they hide it from the YUPoies. But you should have seen it on Xmas night when they knew no decent peoole would be around.

Yup. Scary...

The business people in this area are working off of my having been expertly framed up as and driven to having to take up the position of a racist.

NOW the entire place is working off THAT cover story. The self righteousness is heavily in use of course becuz they know they are full of shit.

One uppity business owner having lunch made sure to kiss a black girls ass in front of me.

I made sure I stated out loud quietly but firmly that the only stance he has on anything including race is what the mafia and police tell him to do.
Thats who runs downtown. Always has. Thats the power in the northeast. Downtown it might be Chinese. In Providence it may be the Italians.
Irish. Russians.

Its still org crime.

(Now they are having a ridiculous conversation about how shes not Chinese shes American. The owner guy of Lamberts says to her hes Egyptian. This seems directed. Maybe they are just trying to convince themselves PC Diversity etc is real and they arent just two money grubbing business people who would go along with whatever social engineering or whatever the authoeities mandated to suceed.

The merchant class of sheep!)