“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Little Old Lady Of Harvard Sq (An Informative Poem For Those Who Need To Know)

Im the little olde lady of Harvard Sq.

Im in bad health and disabled.  I dont speak to anyone like I used to. I ignore everyone. Im not 'cool' anymore.

I call the police frequently on kids harassing me. I complain that there seems to be a bunch of meth addict kids running around causing trouble in Harvard. Dealing drugs. Staying up all night. Stealing from people. Whatever it takes.

My lawyer works with me to get lots of restraining orders.
My lawyer works with me as I complain to the police so I dont get disregarded as a crank.

Im in the area to get medical appts at Harvard affiliated hospitals. Which has legal implications if interferred with.

I inform on anyone dealing or using drugs who is stupid enough to mess with me or harass me as ALL of the people in Harvard Sq now are fuck ups anyway.

If u have kids I will call DSS and reflect your behavior as a bad parent. Especially if you drink.

If you have a job I will let everyone at your job including and especially your employer know about your off work behaviors and activities.

I will film you if necessary. If I feel harassed or fear for my safety.

I will find something to nail you.

I mind my own business. I talk to no one.

Becuz if Harvard wants to become a sewer
Then I can stir up some shit.

I was born here my parents met here and I come here whenever the fuck I want or need to.

I am the little grey haired old lady of Harvard Sq.

Stay out of my way.