“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tried To Join Google + Becuz Its The Only Way To Get Photos To Blog From Phone- Now Its Endangered Me By Putting My Real Name On Blog

Google needs to stop f*cking around with stuff. Ive had my name as ongangstalking for years and now I try to open a stupid google + becuz this new shitty interface dashboard will no longer allow me to download or upload whatever, pics I need for blog posts from my smartphone. and by the way it now \takes more time than someone like me is allowed on a computer to upload photos from a pc. 

The new interface or dashboard whatever this is, sucks. It doesnt work on smartphones that arent brand spanking fuckin new. Its so obviously a move to make it harder for people who arent part of mainstream consumerist society- marginalized people, to be able to produce works and activism.

There was nothing wrong with the old blogger interface. The one with the bold colors orange and blue. It loaded easily and didnt keep moving up and down when you tried to write on it from the phone. It uploaded pics.  It was simple and streamlined.

google + is total bullshit. I am sick of the burden of multiple things in our lives being set up like stupid social networks. NOTICE HOW IT HAS TO ALWAYS PROMOTE SOCIALIZING???? AND 'COMMUNITY'?  BLOGGER is supposed to be about writing, not fucking socializing and that is what many of us are trying to do. And dont tell me to use Wordpress becuz that is the prima donna brat of blogs. Its time consuming, difficult to use and like the new blogger, requires that I write my post on a note app then cut and paste it onto the blog becuz it doesnt work on my phone. Now Blogger does the same thing. And both blog sites depend on which browser you are using as to how it will behave when writing on it. Blogger now jumps up and down and wont stay put, the cursor jumps around and is impossible to put back into the space you are writing in. I DONT KNOW WHY THEY JUST DONT OFFER A PREMIUM BLOGGER FOR A FEE BECUZ I WOULD PAY IT JUST TO HAVE AN EASY, SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL BLOGSPOT. But dont be greedy like Wordpress- 100 dollars a year is a bit ridiculous. Maybe 50 bucks.

If this blog keeps on saying my name instead of OnGangStalking much longer I will simply take exports of my blogs and then reupload them on a new blogger blogsite. Thier being picky about bloggers giving real sounding names is absolutely ridiculous. This is  a site for creative people who are creating a theme or character  based identity. A place where you shouldnt have to focus on socializing. Thats what FB and multiple other sites are for.

I was especially offended when google + kept asking me about people I may know or want to get into contact with. What are you guys, a fuckin' dating service or some shit? The way I do things, if someone wants to get into contact with me, they will email me or comment on  my blog. Its not like I am doing something terribly popular with the mainstream American public. Actually me putting my name in things like this too often or overtly is ENDANGERS  MY LIFE AND VIOLATES MY PRIVACY considering the nature of my activism. It might also assist all the people in govt now looking for crazies that might become lone shooters. (Which of course they create by gang stalking people to begin with). 
I also, being a person with MPD dont want to put my real name on something that I dont equate with that side of my personality. This blog belongs to On  Gang Stalking. To Fighter@Activist.Com. I am not that person all the time and dont want to be associated with this in my life as a private American citizen and shouldnt have to be.

Then google + has the audacity to ask me once I refuse to get into contact with people, again, this time on the screen it says 'you might be lonely'.  WTF is that?? I am writing  a blog. Its supposed to be alone time. If it wasnt there would be mutiple authors.

I dont even want google +. I only wanted it so I could have a place to put photos as it now says thats the only way to upload them from my smartphone.

Leave bloggers alone to create, on one of the original free blogging sites on the internet and stop tweeking stuff that was fine just the way it was before.

And stop trying to force people to socialize and to become involved in 'community'. If you arent involved heavily in 'community' nowadays you might just be the next lone shooter terrorist I assume? Fuck you and this entire ridiculous society thats been build around control and oppression.

BTW Wordpress, during Bush did its damndest to try to keep me out with thier main sign in kicking me off or not allowing me to sign in. I got around that by using thier original sigh in where it just asks for name and email which I guess they dont have the same control over.

These little games of fucking with activsts have been going on for years and its not going to stop anytime soon.