“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bioethics Committee May Be Obama's First Proud Moment

So I am going to co opt the words of the wife: this may just be the first time in his presidency that I can say I am 'proud' of my president. Alas, I am not proud, I just think he is showing some basic decency here and there. Like going after bullying which I saw in the papers recently.

Still I cant forget how Chicago was one of the worst cities in the USA for gang stalking. And I was only there for 24 hours!!

I am not sure what to think. And what I think now is different from what I feel. I know that during Bush I was being tortured, driven to suicide and beaten down within an inch of my life. Obama got in and someone signed that order, either Bush on the way our or he in office, to make such tortures no longer available as part of interrigation and we all know that covert activity seems to parellel overt affairs of the same nature.

However, there is a very creepy campaign going on, which may have nothing to do with Obama directly but have to do with the system that got him elected. I was being tortured by large groups of African Americans during Bush not Obama. However, one wonders if he isnt just part of thier agenda. And there is an active campaign to coerce and brainwash white females, probably of a certian class specifically, into becoming intimate with black males as partners. I see it in ads constantly and in places like Boston and San Diego, blue states with sympathies towards African Americans as well as a concentration of such populations, there seems to be not only lines of remote influence as part of the coercion- not only towards race mixing but as in San Diego- towards whites giving up thier Will and thier lives to assist African American interests.

In such locations there is also an active covert presence that aids in this coercion, which may just be my personal experience as its been said to me directly that some African American faction- one that acts covertly, has been "chasing" me around the US during much of my gang stalking campaign. I know this to be true as far as being treated like a target by such groups but there also seems to be some connection to voodoo and the existence of constant coercion in certain locations, towards breaking me down to become intimate with a black male. In MA sadly, my home state, a campaign of this nature has recently been very obvious to me and its goal indeed seems to be to create in me sexual desires for African American males as opposed to my own race. This campaign relies heavily on my experience with white males in my life abandoning me as in during the worst parts of my experiences during Bush and the federal investigation of associates of an old friend during the height of the war. I believe that this is another behavior modification program and it also seems to continue from prior actions.

If I am rejected by white males in positions of authority and my former lover etc, then this paves the way to make me more inclined to accept black males as intimates due to feeling rejected by males of my own race, black males having more sympathy for my oppression etc.

In the past month there has been alot of posturing and covert intimidation from black males and I am left with a feeling of being coerced sexually. I experienced this in San Diego but it was less to cause me to go over to thier side as a romantic interest and it was more like sexual contact without consent in a psychic manner. In both instances, the body of the African American male is used in a manner to suggest and imitate sexual prowess, intimidation and black male power. These harassments also contain the presence of very heavy psychic or emotive human energy. They are very intrusive and are used in unison with the fact I am a Targeted Individual for political reasons as well as a victim witness.

I am well aware that even posting this is going to add to discreditation but as a Target I feel its necessary to not only get clear of the influence but also to along the way in the many years of blogging, to show exactly what covert warfare consists of.

It probably sounds like the ravings of a mentally ill or hysterical female who is paranoid about race. It would be if it were not for all of the years of documentation I have put down here that shows that behavior modification is not about who what where or why- about hte methods or what or who is used to get the results. Its about THE RESULTS.

And having an African American president in a position of authority after having a fascist, sexist white male majority wipe the floor with you prior, makes these moves sensible ones if you are trying to once and for all get a woman who is stubborn and uncontrollable, with an innate sense of pride- under control.

I am in perfect agreement and always have been with persons who choose mates outside thier race- its none of my business. But when a society- one with an obvious agenda, is a very dangerous place for control and deception as the one we live in today is- one has to be very suspect at race mixing being 'marketed' heavily to the public.

Put it this way- if this society was marketing heavily AGAINST race mixing, I would be as equally suspect of such psychological manipulations.

Whatever the system does for this agenda cannot be good for the freedoms of all human beings everywhere, now and in the future. If you have to use systematic intimidation to get a white woman to be with a black male- and a black male specifically, there is something very wrong with that. ONCE AGAIN ITS NOT ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAT SUBVERTING THE FREE WILL OF ANY TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.

I bet you there is an African American female out there who is targeted and being coerced into being with a white male against her Will. Becuz its about taking away THE WILL POWER of the individual.

I also wanted to mention my confusion over Obamas pastor who,actually makes alot of sense about governments lying. Obama himself should think more along these lines- the only thing I disagree with is that govts screw over people based on thier hue. To be truthful, govts screw over anyone they can, Pastor. Its not always all about YOU. What about poor whites right now? Especially in places like Boston. Forget it if yer not from Southie.

Why is one supposedly racist pastor (Jerimiah Wright) considered non threatening but another(Rev. James David Manning) is dubbed an Uncle Tom? Or Uncle Ruckus as I have read.

Really I am sick to death of African American issues. It seems to take up much too much of our lives nowadays to the point of diversion. Partially its my own fault for staying in an area like Boston/Cambridge for the winter when usually I leave to gain sanity and some breathing room from the racial cold war/ racial tensions here in Boston area.

The whole problem is that we never got back at the rich white fascist overlords who robbed us to begin with- I know I personally am still waiting to get back what was taken from me during Bush- and I am going to motherf*ckin get it too. And no one is going to pawn me off on some other culture to keep me down or keep me in line or keep me quiet. It feels like the powers that be are trying to seal my fate or put a seal on my tomb for eternity with these actions. And that I cannot allow to happen.

Its not just about me its about the public also who are victims of mass mind control. Its not only about Targeted Individuals.