“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 27, 2011

There is one possibility that I just thought of and havent considered...what if Helms and even Bush on some level are trying to protect Survivors?

Society doesnt seem to fond of us to begin with. People are jealous or threatened.

And its not like average citizens are running to assist us or even believe or care about this subject.

Some of the perps who do know treat us like some sort of prize horses of the master that they are herding for him..which may account for some of them frequently appearing to be impressed with us in the face of avoiding traps by perps who are present etc. The ones doing the attempted trapping often seem controlling in the extreme and really venomous towards us..as if to admit we are smarter than that would destroy thier worlds at that moment of realization.

I just wonder..after seeing the animalistic, primitive human behavior of mobbing triggered so easily I now wonder if what is being done to hide all this isnt perhaps the best idea. I am no advocate of overpopulation myself I am just of the thinking that if you want to avoid such a problem, one should ensure it doenst happen in the first place. Wouldnt it be easier to just demand the public lower thier birth rates?

Its almost as if not letting the masses know what is really going on is the most important part of all of this as opposed to any practical solutions to the problems at hand.

The public themselves are making it exceedingly difficult to champion the cause of humanity. The more I suffer, the more I can see the point of the elite especially while having seen exactly what large groups of human beings are capable of. Perhaps its just in the USA that things have become so ridiculously locked down that it seems like no one is even human anymore. Europe seems to still have some life left for now. Muslims and immigrants are being used to stop that soon enough.

And I have decided that I am through with this little game concerning playing the Muslims and the Jews or Zionists off against each other in this. Its too confusing as both of them seem to have policies and religions that simply choke the life out of European sensibilities in the long term. And each one has one thing in common: govt and social life is far too entangled with thier religious beliefs, both of which are sexist, patriarchial and monotheistic. At least Jews dont have Female Genital Mutilation as part of their religious culture. The veil is the least of the problems for women. Though some Muslim leaders denounce the practice in what seems a fair and sensible manner, the fact that all of them do not ensures it still goes on.
Looking at them more and more, studying them I often see similiarities in facial features etc. Pretty much I am sick of thier plight and want nothing more to do with the whining of either one. They are both Middle Eastern in origin it seems even if Jews did pick up DNA through European countries.

And both of them share a fanatical outlook often enough concerning stealing European's territory. I have seen a video of a Hollywood Jew talking about how thier god is the true one which is why they will eventually prevail etc. This is an echoe to the fanaticism of thier cousins from the same area of the world. Even the way Jews often push for diversity, often being leaders or champions of this but conversely set very different standards for thier own people or communities- again the exclusivity reminds me of a Muslim closed society.

One of the mind games of these campaigns is to keep us bouncing back and forth between suspecting Zionists of playing Divide and Conquer but then the obvious problems world wide are from Muslim factions. I am sick of dealing with both.

How about take America if you want it as its anybody's since genociding the Natives, but leave Europe to its native inhabitants and stop trying to burn sh*t down or take over.

And what the HELL is wrong with the Swedes? Here I am living off of Viking metal to stay alive half the time and you're being a piss poor example of any trace back of ancient DNA. WTF is wrong with you? Now I see the problem with Christianity in those countries. It may have worked once but with a threat like that at your door destroying your country as well as your own officials refusing to put out right numbers on crime rates- youve got a problem there.

Then again I cant say that those crimes arent being perpetrated by factions that want Muslims blamed. Id have to be there I guess. Either way someone is playing games and its getting very boring at this rate.