“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boston City Hospital/South Ends Day Will Come

Walked into boston city hospital worried scared u know my situation I just posted it.

This piece of garbage was staring me down, tattoos on his face all over either gang or jail. He wouldn't cut the crap. I asked nurse to close door she refused. Due to these circumstances and my situation right now it's perfectly understandable I feel this way. The triage nurse was a blonde who is typical to this kind of GHETTO hospital and will love up these types before anyone white. I couldn't stand the continued disrespect so I told her to wait a minute while I asked him if he could stop the intimidation. I am sick of forward arrogant blacks in this area. They only respect the rich out of knowing that's where they get what they need from and they honestly believe they own these communities.

Instead of doing her job she immediately asked me to leave. She was a total c*nt and should have sympathized and took me inside asked me what was wrong instead of protecting black trash like that.

I love my few black friends and my fellow TIs but Boston is so full of traitor white Bitches and bleeding heart liberals who don't take race stressors or any other stressors into consideration- I am going to have to resort to reading CHIMPOUT.COM and STORMFRONT for a while which is better than getting violent and going to jail and not being able to expose this system. One black guard was sympathetic but the other one was not. That's becuz he's a decent black dude who is in a law enforcement capacity and knows the piece of shit I was dealing with and what he was about.
But he had to do his job I understand that and he did it with some compassion.
He told me not to snap any more pics and chased me away, but he did it no sly.

This is the kind of behavior and coping skills that gang stalking has forced me into taking on to survive. And I will do whatever is necessary to get this book written. WHATEVER IT TAKES.

This book will be written. No selfish spoiled northeast black males are going to stop me, no Liberal traitor blonde bitches who think they represent the medical community in this area with her parochial bullshit is going to stop me. No cops, no shelter Bitches, no YUPpies-not my family, not my enemies, nor bad health nor circumstance. NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME OR GET IN MY WAY AND ANY PRICE IS WORTH THE END RESULT.

I am dealing with a city that got sued by white kids who claimed the public school system was racist against them..and from what I know about this WASP/house slave armpit of a city, they probably won.

I shud have stayed in Harvard where you can be any color you just need to know how to act or you get your ass kicked.

I am most angry at the scum bag nurse. If ever I get any power, she will be the one who can leave, you can be sure of that. I hope one day this city no longer cm rely on their money and power to protect them..and I hope that monster they have created rapes, robs and destroys everything that is theirs.From BC to to BU to Berkeley College out to Beacon Hill. I want em all to get a good lesson in reality like the nightmare I have had to live all my life being held down by this system all my life.

I want them to see the scum they coddle and protect up close in their natural environment the way life really is outside their liberalist delusions and short sightedness.

The cop who wasn't so sympathetic claimed I came in there with an attitude anyway. Typical lack of logic replaced with focus on emotions and male intimidation.

Once and for all you are not my mammy's nor my nanny. You have no.jurisdiction over me on a personal level. Though its only natural for someone minding the masters house every day. And how does any of that have anything to do with medical care? Lots of people walk into ERs stressed or scared. That old school piece of shit Boston City Hospital or whatever they have renamed it to make it NOT seem like an old school oppressive piece of garbage needs to be knocked down and gutted. Replace it with something decent not the stench of old Boston.
If I had the time I would go after BPHC and expose it for what it really is. Perhaps that ER could become a homeless shelter,and that blonde hitch would have to get a job elsewhere. In fact that traitor needs to come down here and live in reality. MA has consistently the most pious, uplift nurses of any state 8I have ever been in. I was told that yer only a nurse becuz you weren't smart enough to be a doctor. Oh the irony of the fact that I was smart enough. But here we are: you kissing white establishment and black underprivileged criminal ass for a living and I having to sacrifice my whole life to write one book to warn humanity about these technologies and this oppression...while idiots like you get in my way.

I hope her doctor rides her ass tonight and makes her miserable, which suits her personality just fine.

That moron with the jail house tattooed face was to interested in his piece of ass in the waiting room next to him to be truly traumatized by any emergency. So what's new?

F*ck that whole area of that slimy sell out city. If I don't stay out of there the perps will get the lone shooter they always desired. Of course the book is much more damaging so I must do what I can to ensure that baby gets born.

Its a high price to pay to have to wade through this much trash both black and white to get there however.