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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ad For Supermarket On MBTA Reveals Possible Subliminal: The Pretty Face Case

Just thought this was interesting.
Was on train in Boston. Noticed the hand positioning in this ad:

Also the red coat and possibly the red and white or even red, white and black (hair) combo. This is very common now and you see it everywhere in media. Its simply just very manipulative. Some like to think its the Bloods, others believe it connects them to the Masonic activity mixed with gang activity in hip hop recently where people like JayZ walk around flashing Masonic looking hand gestures, then add to the drama by denying they mean anything. Its all bs but it is working. Masonry in itself is a complex subject like its connection to Templars and its too much to cover in a blog anyway. It seems that its simply being used as cult mind control in the context its presented in media lately and it certainly messes with the minds of anyone whos a Survivor of certain kinds of mind control or programming. Its almost a veiled threat but I wont get into it. This is due to the fact that Templar knights wore white and red and thier seargents wore black and red. However, black and red is also the color combo of Luciferian connections.

I highly resent the public wearing black and red especially so many people who seem into gang stalking Targets. I believe that this is yet another attempt at using the public against survivors of Ritual Abuse- also the message is clear: you are not special, you hold no power any longer. It also gives one the feeling they have no privacy. Its like taking black and red away from the few and handing it over to the public, which of course is what the powers that be have been doing with everything such as reality shows etc. Its the use of cult indoctrination on the public to cancel out anyone who is a threat to what they are trying to pull off right now.

I became curious about this photo. It has something to it but its not obvious. I messed with some effects on my new cam. Here is what I found:
First I put effect called 'Solarize' on it:

Then I put that into 'Negative':

Frightening, yes? I thought perhaps this is what the admen really think of the public- this is the part of you being appealed to in this ad. But hey, its Boston. The place always was a bit on the witchy and Masonic side but as I have posted before, it had become one of the most evil feeling places during Bush. But like anything truly Masonic it has as much good to it as it does greed and selfishness.

The ad however is deceptive. And such a pretty face is now seen as very ugly.

Here is the photo in just negative: