“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ive never seen a city so guilt ridden in all my travels. Fuck Boston and Cambridge just the whole area. It seems they feel more upset about what happened than I do.

I've known from childhood hood how nasty this system is. It seems only the ever naive impressionable and guilt ridden
public are the ones who are shocked shamed or surprised by what these bastards can deal out.
Speaking of African Americans Boston seems to have a population of the most upright judgemental rude most and old.fashioned black women in the USA. No wonder thy are so ill tempered in the shelters. They don't seem very happy nor do they seem to have that much fun. In fa t not only are they for the most part miserable but they somehow automatically hold the belief that everyone else shud be as well.

First of all yer gonna get nowhwere in life fighting corrupt authority by being embarassed. Yer men might shame you and yer culture be bound to a Christian church in its roots but that ain't me. Try living through the inquisition for two thousand years, the plague and multiple revolutions in Europe and then you'll know instinctively what it takes to truly
fight authority. Which is why we have to be subverted at any cost. Notice how Europe.has been rioting for.years now and USA wont do so unless its super obvious and directly oppressive like during Bush era. which makes it imperative that the elite compromise and corrupt our culture and our people by any and all means available...which is exactly what I am on about here.

This always happens if I don't get out of here for the winter. Everyone in this area walks too fast and stresses themselves out over not being rich or trying to make it to that level.

they are too brainwashed to realize its social control. Duh.
and for those of us who have broken through this perochial upright nightmare, keep yer status conshus prison system to youselves. People like me don't want it anymore.

all it is is control and enslavement. who needs this bullshit? I can travel through way nicer rich areas like in CO or Cali and get treated much more humanely than in this prison. Boston has always been a prison and in the 21st century it still is.