“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, March 11, 2011

Always Confused About How Much Info is Where, From What Source and Possessed by Whom

Went to a Cambridge govt building to take care of some business. When I went up to window its the only time that security got up to stand behind everyone sitting at windows. I even asked him when I left if he usually did.that randomly. Of course he answered that it was his job. I asked about any special lists or profiling. He gave a standard answer..a bit to standard. U cud tell he was covering for something underlying. He was a short stout man with droopy eyes not very intimidating.

This one not only goes into the maybe file but raises questions.
stly it cud have been simply profiling due to my having two sleeping bags in shoulder bags and a hippy looking hat. That and the fact I am still somewhat attractive wuz give this bored pathetic male type something to mess with and feel like he did.something for the status quo and his male ego.
It cud still be gangstalking as some people still think its hip to harass me when most people have moved on at this point probably to other more naive TIs.

It raises serious questions as to how much is based on the smear campaign cover story and how much is genuinely vs where someone is told u r a target.

The only harrassment I have gotten lately before this is a real needy kid with a beard very ameri jewish looking who was coming out of harvard homeless shelter when I was coming in a few days ago. He did the coughing thing which knew was a tactic becuz he looked very pleased with himself after he passed behind me like only a perp can. Its the same exact look that guy from wendys had days before when he finished eating and on his way out looked at me and said "busted" and something else I didn't hear.

Its a mystery as to exnactly what people work off of. For the perps who let u know by using words like target u can cues they are getting paid.

But for instance last night the black dude that is the boyfriend of that nutjob who harrassed me in there a few nights ago but has left that particular shelter, wudnt get off the computer. He started using that ghetto bs so I got staff who pulled him off.
Afterwards he walked by me as he passed muttered that there were prostitutes in here and something else unintelligible. He then passed the other way and muttered that if I got my own place I wudnt be homeless (who is letting this ghetto garbage into that shelter? If they luv boston so much and can only cause trouble then let them stay in a boston shelter then where there r no.computers and if he acted like that he'd get knocked out. Weak people from the hood come to areas like cambridge becuz they think the liberal white guilters will tolerate their nonsense and all the locals are intimidated by them.

When he got in my face and I looked him in the eyes and saw his weakness he lost attitude real fast and started in with 'have a blessed day". Hiding behind religion is another weak ass move. Once they gave his hitch a warning that night a few days ago she left. Y? Becuz this isn't some paradise where u can b an asshole freely and get coddled? Guess what peoples? If I can't get coddled then ill be dammed if anyone else does now either.

Everything else is pretty much the same. A few of the young women at On The Rise on staff have been exceptionally rude to me. Its typical to disrepect brains and grit but to coddle the weakest and most defective of the herd. Its also a.very modern Liberalist attitude to back up their status quo with militant denial of facts that wud make Rush Limbaugh proud..well if they were Repubs using those tactics.

I can't figure that place out. They r so nice outwardly but they harbor this venom for me. Is it the cover story material or r they genuinely perps that know the whole story? Why wud real feminists support the system against someone like me? I think alot of these places since Bush only hire shills or people that support the agenda. The employees in shelters and social services nowadays are very different from the people in these fields in the 1990s.

But that is what u wud do if u wanted a covert campaign to create a strong country in a global world as well as equality for everyone and peace on earth (fake thru oppression).

It seems the liberals the Dens the Repubs have a plan they all agree on now.