“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, March 11, 2011

More Mind Control Tactics Of The Liberal Dems


That place I go everyday and much of the shelter system is extremely anti intellectual an insulated from the world. An example is today I heard no major conversations that were long running about the historic event above. However upon the morning Obama came to Boston the staff and some clients couldn't stop cooing over how he was coming here just to talk to school children. A staff member even claimed that he was coming here specifically becuz the children weren't doing well in that school.

Once one finds out from the news that he really came to an overpriced find raising dinner for the museum of fine arts who just got done building a huge expensive wing recently, one realizes that the school visit was to divert from his true purpose for being here. Since when wud Obama show up at a school just for that reason?

Guess its time to show thanks to the people who got him elected.

The museum of fine arts school and Mass Art were two of the nastiest places for some gang stalking and lots of mocking, mind games and mistreatment by students teachers and employees there such as model coordinators.

Its no wonder Obama will help them get even more money. He wudnt be in office if it were not for the action taken against American citizens during Bush.

And it seems that one hand certainly washes the other.

However the blood never does wash off..but that doesn't matter we live in an era of such cult mind control that the entire nation has been able to convince themselves there is no blood. Through denial, systematic ignoring and intimidation this nation has chosen to forget all the actions of the Bush era.


We want club houses and hostel type establishments where mid to high functioning intelligent houseless people can be around positive sane and real people and we want to pay into these establishments and take care of them like our own to gain some control over our situations...AND WE WANT IT NOW.

The homeless shelter industry has no right to use govt money to be a monopoly. We need alternatives.