“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Many years ago during Bush when many people realized they were targeted due to the psych warfare and tech going 24/7, my friend of many years warned me that she no longer went into the city. She knew about the tech and gang stalking. How can u know about something that severe and not be freaked out by it? There'd be cars outside of her apartment in places like brookline. Shed say 'They' wanted her out of Brookline. Strangely I always got.the same thing but not as overt until 1995. They, from that point on wud do the same tactic to.me from that point on except I got the message that They wanted me out of everywhere I lived. After 2003 it became obvious They wanted me dead not just out of some neighborhood.
Doesn't really make much sense does it. My old friend the connected career. Criminal left Brookline and lived in Dorchester and the hood with no problems..when in fact she shud have been robbed silly.

The tech used to manage Boston and Cambridge is so overpowering that it has literally aged me faster being in those locations and I am never able to mentally fight off their influence.

Today I left the area and went outside city limits. Right at JFK train stop per usual I gained back access to my faculties my Will and was relieved of much anxiety fear intrusive thots and any constant interface.

The problem with the tech and possibly chemical influence used in Boston Cambridge is that it creates a prison that is near impossible to get out of. Even though the gs causes one to flee the area the tech attempts to keep u there. This is true of many major urban areas.