“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 'Bad Decisions' Excuse

The whole idea of targeting people like myself due to us being non conformist or weird. I wouldnt look or live the way I do had I not been targeted into this lifestyle to begin with! I know I cud have had a career by now as a councilor orfound my niche elsewhere. I had no want for talent or intelligence surely. In a society such as this is.supposed to be I should have by all rights been upwardly mobile and made it due to my own efforts.

There has been a constant pushing of the idea that a person like myself and perhaps me specifically ends up in this situation due simply to making bad decisions. In fact that ideation is pushed of occasionally but always at a choice moment as to cause the suggestion to be taken in much more easily.

The decisions I made have been the right ones in relation to the circumstances and my resources monetary, intellectual or otherwise. The public may view things differently based on being also brainwashed by deceptions concerning the circumstances.

Its spring break and that may explain a relief as of today in the torture and influence.

These behavior mod and social training programs are based on nothing more than greed, corruption and the elite believing they know what's best for everyone.

In the end its merely heavy handed deadly social control that destroys everything good,gentle,fair and brilliant about an individual and a society.

It seems that corporate sameness is now to be.desired in human beings and human societies.

They really only lay.heavy on the whistle blowers who know enough to break the brainwashing in some way either of individuals or society as a whole.

Its obvious that universities are in on this just as they were taking part in mk ultra and various other documented human experiments over decades.

What I had going for me, the remnance or that, seems to be the greatest threat to whoever is behind this. You can't take the original potential, that energy, the look the root of talent and intelligence from one's DNA. You can't destroy that. You have to continue to block it out, torture harass intimidate and smear the person. If the true state of the target's spirit was seen or understood, not just one of their lies would fall but all of them. The whole system wud unravel if but one target they work daily to keep down and oppress were to be let live freely and in peace. This is the reason for life long monitoring and behavior modification.

The covert factions behind this know that our great nation even our great world in general is only.made possible through covert ops, actions and influence.