“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GOP, Bush Era, Black Magick and Nazi's

Its interesting to come out of this from my perspective which has always been from the inside out, whereas most people were involved from the outside in or observing from such a viewpoint. Which is why I am still walking around mostly intact and everyone is confused about this or when its thier time to get 'the treatment' they fail miserably.

Only just moments ago did I look at Wiki and finally know what 'GOP' meant.
This is why people end up paying for thier crimes and will continue as such. Who goes after someone likie me who was so innocent about worldly affairs, under the guise of politics? America's arrogance, naivety and stupidity needs to be rewarded- with exactly what they put into all this they will get out of it.

Republican Rock Stars!

TIME: For Those About to Rock: We Cut Your Taxes

Controversial Republicans from Gene Simmons to ZZ Top
Americans are totally immersed in a falsely created reality and horribly removed from thier European roots, which would have at least given them some folk knowledge, some slight understanding of what was going on in this country over the past decades. Instead of cultural folk and myth, its Dizneyworld. The Native knowledge or the land has been shut out and interstingly, any remnance of Native culture along with colonial roots in the northeast that was present through decoration, such as when in was a kid in the 70's was slowly taken out of our daily view by corporate sameness culture and that cleaned up YUPpie look that is supposed to improve everything by pretending dirt and social problems dont exist. Another insular answer to reality.

I obviously was NOT part of this reality. I could have become a part of society if only the process I was going through, as I was supposed to go about it properly, had been observed. My using my life experience to assist others as a guide is more than perfectly natural for me and would have been the best healing mechanism for me and for others who touched my life.

But to come after me in the manner that was done so, is unforgivable. And if the American public want to f*ck around with such energies, support such factions and are to naive to understand exactly what is out there beyond Disneyworld and thier insulated reality- once you have committed yoursevles their is no forgiveness. You must pay. The difference between the designers and the useful idiots who supported them is that THEY KNEW THE TOLL when they took action. The public did not or if they did they felt no payment would be extracted. If you didnt know that such actions were beyond human decency, if you could not see the human and civil rights violations then you have poor judgement. You want to go after people who are fairly innocent of worldly affairs, now I realize, simply based on stupid things like politcal parties etc, then you are foolish. Which is obvious I suppose.

Either that or this country has entered a phase of lawlessness coupled with differing methods of mass mind control that has created a horrible reality and even worse human beings in existence that no one, myself included should have to deal with unprotected and uniformed.

I looked up Republican rock stars out of following a hunch. Much of the time its impossible to do research that I have mentally ready as the interference in this area is almost impossible to break through in my weakened state health wise. Its St Patricks day and around hear that might as well be a high holy day anyway and today has been a very clear and peaceful day mentally and emotionally even physicallly. This area is notorius for using burning sensations as part of behavior modification and classical conditioning. It can become very uncomfortable and I do not buy into the idea of fibro mayalgia becuz it only occurs and always has in Boston/Cambridge area and it only happens on cue in what is definately a program of conditioning. That is not a disease that is tech used as social control or control of a specific Target. Its bullshit and should be handled that way. All you older women who are being kept down by this system are doing us all a diservice by going whining to docs and living on painkillers, which is what they want. They wanted us stoned and under control as young pretty things and now they want us medicated and out of the way now we have the power to change society, especially as full grown, more masculine, older sexy things. They are f*ckin terrified and dont you forget it, dont give in. Dont let me do it to ya.

So now I know that GOP means Grand Old Party which of course it may be literally if one thinks of the various Repubs over time that have supported the Nazi party, or we could say that it is not of the same character as the old Repubs as its been hijacked by people very different than those that simply want less big government and individual rights with respect to those that work for what they earn. That may not be so bad. What went down during G.W. Bush is not good and there is no way around that.

The reason that rock stars or other entertainment people are of interest is that firstly many Targets have already had experiences that validate the names on these lists. There was and is a very genuine attempt at doing me like Diana Napolis which is going to come to fruition on a cold day in Hell.
Secondly, people in entertainment are notoriously egotistical, power seeking, very accustomed to a business where power is abused and things get done - as Italians say, not the 'official way' but 'the other way'. Through criminal modes of operation and might makes right. They are also naive in some ways naturally as artists in an insular reality as well as its well known just how easy it is to manipulate narcissists to one's advantage. (I am not talking about personal knowledge but there are many psychologists that seem to hate narcisistic people and write lengthly pieces on how easy it is to dupe them. Me being one myself, I cant help but resent such obviously jealous a-holes who cannot see thier own aggression and ape-like human behavior so they must focus on someone else's.)

I also believe as many other people do in this that many talented people in entertainment are programmed so it would be very easy to trigger who knows who into doing who knows what during anyone's administration according to need. The other factor that is obvious is that many such people if they are not possessing high level programming at least are compartmentalized with DID or MPD. At least DID as perhaps functioning in an alter ego state when peforming. Such people are suited to entertainment but are very dangerous in politics- both politician and performer share traits but they seem to be different creatures.

Also this is the era of that Neo Con cabal in multiple offices nationwide. McCain in AZ, Romney in MA, Guiliani in NY, Bush in the White House. It was a horror show and I think that people who were politically savvy and had the means left for Europe or other at just the right time. Many of the people surrounding Bush in his administration were with his father during Ford- MK Ultra, pardoning of Nixon etc.
The support for the military industrial complex as well as oil based interests was heavy but also one must consider Romney's involvement in the LDS church or the Mormons. It doenst surprise me that Utah now is the home of the new NSA base, the largest of its kind I believe. The Mormons own a lot of land in AZ, people think its just Utah but its not. Even parts of SoCal had large temples visible.
The TI scene is loaded with LDS survivors of ritual abuse and mind control. Those of us who can 'see' into situations due to possessing superior knowledge from being Survivors our selves knew there was something very susepect about Elizabeth Smart, her father, her family and that entire situation. There were alot of things going on that were suspect and no one seemed to be picking up on it. Now the public are so severely beaten down that they see, hear and speak no evil.
The Nazi sympathizers, the Neo Cons have achieved thier goals.

10 Similarities Between Ultra-Conservative Republicans and Nazis

These are not people who support the Nazis of zombie movies or the History channels constantly romanticing Hitler. They support a certain part of the ideology and much of it is tied into just how much power and edge over the competition can be gotten through supporting the research that was brought over through Paperclip. How in the world such people can also be part of a system that seems to support Isreal at the same time is beyond me- perhaps the theories of Zionists being very different from 'Jews' as we think of them are correct, its not one of my areas of interst however. As well as how Neo Cons can support right wing Christian beliefs when so obviously involved in a deeply black magickal system of ritual. Again I just think that 'get er done' applies here. I dont even think people are sane enough anymore to be civil in their actions. In fact the problem is simply that the oppression from the power structure, the really nasty assholes at the 'top' if you will, is made easier by technology- that is pretty much the entire problem right now. They saw a chance to engineer their way into enslaving mankind and having even more power over the people so they took it. Tech is the ultimate Trojan Horse of 'the people', and they still do not realize this. I dont even think they care.

Privacy provides individuals with personal power and spiritual power so they have to ensure that is removed first..and foremost. Its absolutely necessary to enslaving mankind that people feel they have no personal power or value.
Interconnecting everyone in the damn world and never giving them a break under the guise of world peace is a very good plan to get people to do just that- and they are doing it to themselves by lacking common sense and Willpower. Such is the power of coercion or 'mind control' in a long concerted effort on a mass scale.

As far as I am concerned every single person I can recall from this list having something to do with either overtly supporting Bush and all that crap that was so horrific during that era or at least being involved covertly (like Alice Cooper who has an modus operandi of saying the opposite of what he really believes) for fun or otherwise is responsible for thier actions of being a total unadulterated asshole throughout this ordeal.
Others do pretty much the old school Boston way like supporting my ex after this system almost getting me killed literally would be an obvious partaking of assholedom, especially if yer the guy giving him his foot in the door to the bigtime in entertainment, and also yer on camera in interviews with yer sunglasses on, spouting of bs like a programmed shill about how yer parents drilled it into you (!!??) about being self sufficient and hardworking from a young age and some bizarre connection from rockstardom to hard working Republican neocon. What you really are is a rampant sexist f*ck who is in this with other such males and all thier jealous, pathetic female counterparts, who also has been reeled in and used by people in power who know what makes you tick, probably from the day you were concieved, who know more about you and yer whole family than you will ever know about yer self. Welcome to covert ops.
Also no one is that big for that long without being of service to some really heavy people in high places- either that or they all have wonderful memories of good times and dirty secrets they must keep from the public at any cost so compliance in these things is a good idea all around.

I think it was Kathleen Sullivan, a semi high profile Survivor of mind control, who does NOT get coddled and fawned over the way Cathy Obrien does for whatever reason- who stated that she was no longer afraid or injured by any of the powerful men who used or abused her due to the fact that from personal experience she knew that they all lived in fear for the rest of thier lives and thier secrets bound them to one another- that was thier hell and they were welcome to it.

I cant say that I let go of vendetta as such or that I forgive people. A debt is a debt incurred and no amount of working me over by this system is going to change that.

So we are dealing with a group of very f*cked up people to begin with that live and are kept in insular realities by the people who make money off of them and most of them seem to come from rich families anyway so from the get go they are controllable. There is no creature sadder than the real rich kids as all thier parents ever have to do is pull the purse strings a bit and they come right into line with what thier parents designs are for them- which is why they need an army of people within a system and a network to destroy one brilliant poor person with true grit. Only thier class wide agreement that they rule and world and they are hot shit is what makes is so- and thier backing it up with supierior access to power structures. In reality these people would fail tests of their character if put into many a situation such as mine or other TI's. They are sort of like the weaker more f*cked up kid in a family that the mom keeps letting get away with anything to the detriment of the stronger, more solid 'good' kid simply becuz its easier. They also suffer from a very bad case of priveledge where they actually believe that people who are poor are their servants somehow. The Bush era only made this a true and frightening reality and the nature of this class of people came into good use for the Neo Cons.

Many of the people on this list can be traced to very abusive and sexist behaviors mostly based on backing up thier Alpha male ego. Unfortunately for the women involved, they did not seem to have Alpha female drives, if they did, these idiots would have been snubbed in thier attempts to destroy- but alas, any women with true ego drives and in possession of any Alpha traits never would have went near these guys to begin with. lol. Lone wolf females especially.

What went on during Bush was ritual and literally black magick and it was more overt and powerful than anything I can recall being brought into existence in my lifetime. I get the feeling Bush would think that was cool. Hey, when yer dad is Sir Evil Genius you gotta beat him somehow right? Almost ending the world should take care of any doubts...also Bush is a great plant as he is not nearly as menacing as his father. I could never believe that people would percieve elder Bush as a wimp. It was the biggest mistake of thier lives. The most dangerous people are such becuz not only do they hide but they possess something that is not obvious- in thier eyes and in thier minds, thier intelligence. Which is more than I can say for the people on this list who think their actions are ultimately bad ass when in fact the forces that are behind this are much more damaging and dark. I guess since its not the 70's anymore one has to find some new way to connect to the darkness in one's soul...if it was ever there to begin with. And if it is, it has no business assisting the people behind MK Ultra and programming in dragging me out of my apartment, destroying my life, assisting all my enemies, turning my family against me and destroying any future I might have had, true happiness as well as taking all my power and energy from me in the process- all utilizing torture and psy ops that are supposed to be illegal.

I dont mind so much idiots like Sheen or the jerk who wrote Two and a Half Men, its impersonal. But to support my enemies and rip apart my family- to make is so personal when its just supposed to be politics. You were used and its not gonna last.

Alice Cooper was born a Mormon and he is a Republican. He has a style about him where he will say things like entertainment people dont belong messing in politics but he has been seen to be involved in covert ways to help both the Mormons and the Neo Cons to achieve their goals. This same tactic can be viewed when he claims that Norsk black metallers are just wimpy kids compared to his sort of rock and roll type here in the USA, due to him taking note of meeting them in malls hanging out with thier mothers living normal lives off stage. This either means he is scared to death of how much more ass EU metal bands kick compared to the USA thus making him and his boring, old, tired acts seem cool still when they should have been done by right by the late 70's OR he is very aware of such people's connections to some of the most brutal and capable Satanic sects world wide-with the capacity to make the effects of rituals very, very real, very damaging and very powerful.

America is a place where most people of EU desent are kept from any exposure to true Vril raising or Celtic or other energy raising music, visuals or other media content, except for maybe the British Invasion era of rock. This is perpetuated as social control of 'whites' especially the folk class of whites, by various parties in the USA who wish to perpetuate the original controls put forth by the churchs over thousands of years of torture, oppression and coercion or 'mind control'/brain washing. This means that since they have no knowledge of it, it can be used by certain parties for thier own gain and advantage.

Alice Coopers very name was based on mind f*cking the audiences of the early 70's into believing that they were going to see a long haired folk musician, thus the name, and got some semi talented freak with dead baby dolls hanging from everwhere and he singing lyrics as dark as an an American born Mormon could muster I suppose. Not being a Christian I am desperately apathetic towards Alice Cooper's existence or his shanannigans as an entertainer; but I am interested in his antics as a covert op for the scum bags that are the sadistic, greedy, power tripping sexist NeoCon faction. That is very intersting indeed. His radio show is his vehicle for much of it just as song lyrics or other forms of communication are others vehicles for covert warfare even Bob Seger. Being from MI one wonders about Seger's alligiance to the Romney's two very influencial families.
Alice Cooper was in a few boring, pathetic Satanic type horror movies in the 80's. Actually in the one I recall, his role was quite sinister. Simply more evidence that these people like to play games and hide and seek with thier personas.

Thats great but this isnt a f*cking game. These weapons are very serious and they break international laws. However, when yer dealing with a group of men who are used to doing as they please to vulnerable people via being in a criminal minded business, and then useing thier legit star personas to make a nice public image (nowadays rock stars and others like them are socially acceptable and always have been to an extent as far as being successful businessmen). However, they need to learn that this is not South America where groupies can just disappear and no one will notice or care. And its not the old days where you can just do as you like due to hiding out with money and power. That may be the only good thing about the NWO and tech- both sides have to suffer exposure. This is in fact the very reason for all the beat down of the American public and people world wide. With the internet and the ability to easily expose corruption in power, the powerful had to do something to guarentee that thier business affairs are not touched and that the public are, like the good old days, firmly under control and never questioning thier actions.

This is going to be what our future is like permanently, for everyone forget peons like me in very poor circumstances with no power or friends and forget rock stars. These weapons and technologies as well as the real power behind the obvious people is what needs to be dealt with. If we dont do something now, and its already happening, this facsist bullshit, this constant beat down, lack of privacy or personal power is going to define the future. Do not let them define the NWO. Make it so we have at least some provisions for things we want as well.

This is why its so important to keep this all quiet until its all done, now would be the time to at least be aware and perhaps demand laws concerning the technologies and the psy ops used in public spaces not just on TI's but the public in general. To keep this from the general public is the only way they can continue to create a world wide prison.

Also as many TI's and other people sucked into the battle for man's mind and spirit within the NWO dramas, there is also much compliance among people within the left and the liberal as well as the Democrats. Both parties have been redefined and are barely recognizable compared to what they once were. Both seem to have people as members that hold a stake in seeing the NWO and social controls be a permanent part of man's existence.

Its no use trying to understand why people go along with these things as their is no understanding the brainwashed who have not woken up. The scary thing to most of us I think is that social controls and the kinds of annoying people who like this sort of order in thier lives and believe in this way of life, that sort of culture used to be mainstream and it used to be something that one could walk away from into various subcultures or privacy of one's mind or private space. THAT is really what the entire arguement is nowadays- its not that we expect to change mainstream, common people or 'the straights' as they were called in the 70's. They always prefered to bow to conformity etc- the problem is that people of all kinds who do NOT obey literally are being dragged into this realm of reality, and its being done by means and methods that are so abusive, so depraved and so outrageous (and supposedly technically illegal) that it is the one of the worst affronts to liberty or humanity in history. Its able to be done now where people dont see clearly what is going on. Also its being pulled off very much like East Germany years ago where only certain people who do not go along with the heavy social control are targeted so as to make said social control seem normal when in fact it is not.

These methods are being ripped from Nazi research brought over during Project Paperclip and no one knows that better than those of us who have some legit, documented connection to the situation such as I have through my mother being a documented human radiation experimentee. Obviously my being programmed is part of that somehow- thus Helms destroying the records so such things cannot be verified.

I and other Survivors of programming such as Cathy Obrien, Mark Phillips, Susan Ford (Brice Taylor)and others are telling you pretty much the same thing: that the social control methods and program that is out there now is derived from some of the worst atrocities in history and the Nuremberg trials can attest to that. You are being decieved and duped.

Mankind in situations like this where he simply should take heed and see what is going on but time and time again he walks right into the slaughter house- its like watching a re run on tv over and over and over and over again. It wouldnt bother me so much except that most of society has accepted this darker Luciferian system as their reality to create a better world. Out of being manipulated into believing that nothing else is working.

The main problem is that America has become a place where autrocities are taking place and we are told that its not supposed to happen here. Also the population of people who are heavily targeted is so small that no one really cares. The public have become jaded from years of access to the interet and seeing how much strife goes on in the world on a daily basis.

Total mind control of human beings is not the answer. I dont care what scientific rationale anyone comes up with. I also sense from experience that whoever is behind this also believes that these technologies can improve a person's life and rais intelligence. This is done by destroying the person thus in thier estimation, destroying what internally or psychologically holds the subject back from success.

These systems do not consider the natural spiritual condition of human beings. They have no respect for the human Will. They do not allow individuals to run thier own lives nor to consort with the god within but instead 'the system' that constantly interfaces with them represents a god like entity. In this, I am in agreement with the true Christians or Jews or other religions that believe that there should be only a private and sacred relationship with a higher power or entity of thier choosing- not the State nor the egghead scientists, psychologists nor the military all who now feel that technolgies as used by them are superior to humanity itself.

The statement from Chaka Khan that now she is sorry she engaged in supporting the NeoCons, that it wasnt good for her "soul". You have no idea how true that is literally. You have supported a group of monsters that have done more damage than is being let on to and when it comes out your part in this will be even more bad for your soul. Dont think that history will hold any lessons for humans in this as obviosly by thier track record they do the same stupid shit over and over and never learn anyway from thier mistakes-which is why this is happening now as it is.

Most of these people are never going to be sorry- dont be naive. They have been going through human beings for most of thier lives like tissues anyway as is thier right due thier station in life. Its easier for them, all thier little rich kid buddies and thier adoring stupid public to just write the person off (like me for instance) and move on to the next bit of fun provided them by this world, as long as like always they never get caught and do endless favors for thier friends of influence.

Which is pretty inconvenient for the rest of us. Make it yer life's work to let them know how inconvenient they are in all this, just as they did to me for instance in what must have seemed like a good idea and a bit of fun at the time. That heady era of Bush and the Neo Cons where it seemed assholedom could rule forever and no consequences would come of full scale psy ops camapaigns pulled off under the guise of bullying people..who probably deserved it anyway.

oh and say hi to Julie for me and every other person of that ilk that knows way to much about you and you them. I can imagine that thier relationships with thier dealers in flesh and chemicals are among thier most important to protect.

Great for me that higher orders protect me than ever will care about Julia, her drunk husband, her white trash friends and all thier rich friends and the cops. Fuck em all and anyone who was stupid enough to believe this was about that petty local bitch or Jake's ego. MK Ultra is much more important and if either of these two bit rich kids got in the way they would have been ruined immediately or killed.

For people with nothing left in life but thier money, thier dealers, thier madams or thier old connections to care about, playing the asshole every time in power wars of great importance to humanity is easy every time. Keep in mind they are shills and each one of them has publicly somehow shit on himself or herself concerning exposing there track record in how they treat the people around them.