“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Targets Should Never Sell Out Or Give In/ Recent Harrassment BPHC

there is still a gang stalking group at woods mullen. it involves a few of.the trannies and an older woman named Linda..all these women into pills.and johns etc.

I.preteneded to.still be.asleep and Linda was talking very loud. I coughed and someone said something about "Open up a window her, that'll same her up then and it was really mean. such Bitches.

then I heard them discussing "but don't let her know its tonight" which Im pretty sure had something to do.with it.

when I woke up quickly that's when Linda started to magically be.done.being a loud mouth and finally go into the bathroom.

last week I am sure I heard.while eyes closed again in morning Jessica a loud obnoxious tranny, pointing me out to someone and that person saying 'what this one here?".

Jessica always looks guilty if I get near her or make eye contact.

I shud find nightmare to.bring in here and make.these women just...

ok phone died. just talked to one of the cool women and asked her about this group of women. she said they were just f*cked up in the head that's all.
its intereting how these professionals can engineer things so that people on this level basically end up just mobbing or Cause stalking a person when in reality its politically motivated. my mother being a documented radiation experimented is.no light matter. but I realize now that no one on these levels believes this and they genuinely believe rumours or whatever has been handed down to them.

what is most striking about that is they actually accept that much lawlessness would be normal or acceptable in this society. No one would get away with filming someone in their home like that or exposing them especially if law.enforcement was involved somehow. the police can't just do as they please like that and if they did the idea was put into their heads by someone higher up.

alot of times I was being outright tortured and people wud say I needed to learn to grow up was the motive.

I am shocked that the american public is so trained to believe that our society wud be allowed such lawlessness based on morality or rumour. a gang stalking campaign of this magnitude might include alot of duped civilians who are used to mob the person by being psychologically manipulated but the rest of.what I have experienced is purely professionals and those people have alot of money access and resources. but when I start talking about those experiences that is probably when people on these merely social levels start disbeleiving.

while my phone was out I taunted a blonde who was in on that group discussion about messing with me. she was alone at her bunk and after I did so this older black woman Sylvia called me a.cunt but said it.from her bunk area behind a divider..coward like the rest. she said that I treat people badly and that's what she heard. she then said " I like fucking with that woman...". These people all act like this is some priveledge or luxury.

it doesn't matter if I am nasty in my blog occassionally or if I lose my patience with people..this situation for years is very stressful.

I told the old selfish hitch Linda while she was in the bathroom that she's putts here in a few days which means shell probably be alone so if she values her safety don't Fuck with me. and I can search and destroy each of these cunts one by one if necessary. that tranny Im sure can be beat down by some guy who hates that shit.

I think all these assholes need to remember what kind of family I come from what kind of people. I can be just like my uncle Tom if necessary I am sure.

i'm not gonna be chased around the country with people trying to harm me during Bush and work so hard on these blots just to have lowlifes disrespect me.

also a few weeks ago this black broad did a little monologue in response to me demanding some respect in the morning with some bs about me having troubles and running to the cops.

my family may have police connections as well as my former friends but I personally know nothing about it. Why wud I run to cops? I WAS STALKED AND HARRASSED BY COPS DURING THE FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AND that lawsuit for mold in my apartment. I thought all cops were in on this for years. If there is police involvement on my behalf its due to someone's guilty conscious not me.Someone out there wants me silenced and modified but not killed. Don't look at me you ignorant cheap Bitches.

By the way if I were to be nasty on purpose to anyone you'd know it becuz you'd be crying in the corner. Id manipulate it so you screwed yourself basically.

however since people on this level aren't worth this effort, only the people higher up, they think I am not capable or they want attention and wont stop until I give them drama.

I stopped being logical becuz gs IS thought stopping ritual like in cults.
I have to remember that the African American areas always have gang member types that wear red t-shirts or black and red. St Louis, San Diego, Cambridge Boston to a lesser extent. At On The Rise day drop in there have been many women wearing black and red and new women who wear just red
d as a statement. Its not just the colors but the behaviors that go with it that I have seen define this faction for years. Also that nutcase from Pine St and WLP has started coming to OTR and she's fucking with me the way she did.before as if its still 2006. Like every other perp from the Bush years locally as of late,she came at me in the exact same manner as she did to begin with and then obviously someone tells the person to lay off as the game plan has changed.

This also happened with that laundrymat in Cambridge on Pearl st. I suppose they are being told since I have been so altered that they have altered their approach.

Even some advocates at OTR act like what has and is still occuring is nothing, like I deserved it. Also I know that some of them don't believe the MK Ultra connection as I made sure I gave them my blog just to see where they were at.

There are a few advocates at OTR that do the right thing professionally and ethically one of which claims its known to them there are trouble makers here so are working on changing that. Its a great cover for doing intimidation as part of gang business isn't it? Harassing a Target who exists in the homeless scene and having yer dirty work written off by social workers as simply bad behavior.

It does not matter who may know of this situation and get off on it, perhaps as erotic literature even, which one perp let on is what my situation is to some people or entertainment. I didn't create or desire to inherit my mother's legacy nor did I invent a Project Paperclip or the radiation experiments. These issues are very very serious and for many of us gang stalking is life threatening either directly or years later from ill health.
There is no shame in being homeless or persecuted due to being a whistle blower or a freedom fighter. Eroticising this is just another form of using sexuality as a wepon against the TI as well as I imagine, trying to brainwash the TI into a role as a slave by connecting it to the pleasurable feelings of sex.

None of.this matters. What matters is my mother being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra.

Also I wish the locals would stop being fascinated with the idea this is due.to Jake or Julie herself is controlled by handlers and has been harassed for years to keep her in line. She claimed her.father did.work for the CIA and with how her life has gone, from what I have seen, she is also targeted to keep her down. She has all the indications of someone who is programmed.

I could have ratted out her stupid bussiness by now for revenge. I don't however becuz if.the fed wanted her that bad they would have taken her down by now. Also they would have given me a subpeona during the investigation instead of playing mind games across the country.

If I give up any information against my Will or better judgement I am validating this system and allowing them to prove that MK Ultra methods indeed work to gain any and all info from programmed compartmentalized persons.

If I do this, EVERYTHING I have worked for will be for nothing. Besides no one is going to get their way by disrespecting me. Never.