“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, March 14, 2011

Psychiatry Discovers Through Expensive Machines That Artists Are Akin to Schizophrenics- Science Once Again Tries to Explain Away The Gods


When are non artists going to stop trying to crack the case? Seriously, the scientists need to stop trying to figure out all of nature's secrets. If extremely creative people were not a necessary part of our earth then they would not exist. Its that simple.

Man thinks that becuz he can figure out what makes Nature work, break the codes etc that he has some sort of control. That tsunami and multiple quakes pretty much screwed that up didnt it?

Man has no right to make this sort of judgment certainly. Humans cant even take care of a self sufficient earth system ( 'Nature') that has been set up for us to live in to begin with, we always historically poison ourselves to death with pollution through disease connected to pollution, 0verpopulation etc. When man can create a completely self sufficient ecosystem with life that is balanced and none of his greed and other ape like behavior gets in the way of this, he then can claim the power of a god.

Then he may be able to make comparisons like this. Of course at that point in his evolution, mental illness will not exist. It will be viewed as simply a problem of genetics or disease. At that point a grown up man kind would be able to admit the truth about organic diseases and brain damage or allergies to pollution creating mental conditions that are detrimental to society.

This western culture is f*cking arrogant as hell. They still coddle the lunatics in psychiatry who, in order to keep up thier scams to make money and sell Big Pharma's drugs, make disclaimers like saying that mental illness is relevant, according to what is normal in your society. Not only does that show the flaws in THIER system to begin with its very dangerous to man in whatever society he may live.

Also this proves that we are dealing with man's ideaologies and his society he has created- which is NOT Nature or pure science. It sounds like more a task for anthropologists and sociologists.
Opposed to people who claim to be medical doctors and go on to work with mysterious disorders many of which are old, outdated terms they now keep alive by fitting human behavior patterns and other hoodoo to explain these disorders away. If it were a real science it would do away with all the old theories with new discoveries about the nature of the human mind. Also it would not be afraid to present such things as theories instead of tried and true, rigid rules of judging sanity. Thus the disclaimer.
In order to sell drugs they dont even tell people that there is a trauma based model AND a disorder model.

Its a scam. Even responsible psychiatrists are fed up with biological based psychiatry. This sect only really rules through intimidation. The US justice system needs easy guidelines to conduct thier business so they use this sect now as a guide. Also I am sure both sides of that are very happy with the social control it provides. Justice likes psychiatry becuz it appears to provide order when in fact its another temporary solution to a flawed system.

Even the medical field. They create so much waste that in fact thier very existence, the medical industrial complex as well as hospitals, are ultimately going to contribute to the overall ILL HEALTH of mankind over the centuries via pollution. LOL.

ANYTHING that is a business and is about money is not morally bad or corrupt in of itself but one must be suspect of thier intentions to 'help people' or exist for purely altruistic reasons. Science, medicine even religion. Religion is suspect as a spiritual entity when it becomes involved in worldly affairs which every major religion has a hand in. Institutions of whatever must be always watched for thier motives and modes of operation.

If they want to mess with the poor and the middle class or do cashectomies on wealth's wallets that's thier business but leave artists alone. Don't mess with the Artist. Often psychiatry has been used against creative people in many societies for social control. Always another artist is born to counter this at some point in thier existence.

We are society's mirrors, conscience and commentators. We still etch on the cave walls to future occupants and passers by what we saw and who we were, what our society was like at the moment of that painting. We create comfort for man as well as often show him things he needs to see but does not want to look at about the world he lives in. Yer fucking with some of nature's favorite children- I wouldnt if I were you.

Also there stands the point of the paranoid diagnoses of schizophrenia having none of the same markers of other forms of this disorder. Often paranoid schizophrenics who have been diagnosed as such do not present with word salad, their thinking is not disordered and dont suffer from any of the strange body affects like being stuck in one spot for four hours etc. They simply claim there is a plot against them or thier families have turned on them or that they are experiencing everything that a human experimentee or TI might experience within a democratic society in recent and modern civilization. They often sound like they need a detective more than a physician.

Artists dont need scientists and psychiatrists telling them what or who they are. These are just more pathetic attempts from non artistic people at controlling what they cannot be or dont understand. And the first people any good dictatorship gets rid of are the artists and the intellectuals anyway.

According to stats people with mental illness are moreso victims of crimes as opposed to criminal and dangerous. Kind of like artists- unless of course you are an oppressive authority figure that is full of sh*t and trying to con everyone then yes, artists may just be a threat, the ones who you cant buy off or wont work for you to push your agenda.