“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America's Hidden Diseases And How 'Passive GS' Can Help The System Destroy A Target's Health


Well, I have what feels  like pinworm once again. My resistance to that parasitic infection is very low. I caught it as a child after I was put in with the blacks during desegregation in the 1970's and I caught it again on my late 20s from a white male roomate who was an Boston inner city school teacher for young children and could not shake the infection with multiple doses of meds until I left metro Boston and went to Las Vegas.

Problem is now due to my allergic reactions induced by anaphylaxis from Bactrim I haven't had an herbal regimine in years, which accounts for my failing health, aging and my loss of looks. This is what prevented or cured this kind of thing for years.

I caught this at the shelter here in Asheville which unfortunately isnt segregated physically though it was socially. I also didn't stick with the routine of using my own spoon,.knife and fork which is always a mistake.

I usually dont catch such things among the Boston homeless if I am among them for any length of time. I do have other weird intestinal complaints though that seem to come and go with my arriving and leavjng Boston.

It seems like staying away from alot of bread, sugary crap helps as well as daily eating raw onions, garlic, and pumpkin helps.

Docs won't even listen to u when u try to get help for parasitic diseases.

(This went away after my fasting and colonoscopy in January of 2013. Its highly suggested that TI's take care of their health. Usually a cross section between western medicine and herbalism etc more alterative things. Always watch out for both sides feeding you bullshit as Ive experienced both. Advocate for yourself and find people who will actually help not try to hurt you.

Parasitic disease is very dangerous as its something American doctors deny readily unless you can prove you've been in a tropical country and its easy to get being near Mexico, homeless shelters or people or persons who have been incarcerated/institutionalized. Its a health issue that can be ignored by medical people and they can do Passive GS which is people purposely not doing thier jobs as part of a GS campaign-then the Target's health degenerates over time and this can include your mental state.)