“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, November 16, 2012

Austin Becoming Difficult For Houseless People Is Just Another Indication Its Time To Leave An Inhospitable Environment

Staying on here becuz I feel responsible for my travel companion. He sort of doesnt get whats going on becuz he doesnt want to believe it to begin with.

Austin sucks now and the city has become less welcoming of Travelers. The people are alot more snooty than i remember and the university kids kinda suck. Its like kids from U of Cal Berkeley without the coastal influence.

This is what America has become now. These types of people are what defines the United States-they always have but there was always alternative scenes.

Ive never fit into any culture in America. Never been comfortable anywhere.

Its not this guy's fault that my situation has gotten so bad in the last year.

The harassment via remote influence has become very viscous and constant. Unlike the Bush era I am not being driven to suicide but something worse-a true state of submission to society and to the police state.

I am being constantly bombarded with input that consists of my accepting that I am not important in the big picture of things. That my time has passed with my past activism and its tine to give up and basically be put out to pasture.

Obama and other people in power now are just as dangerous as Bush and they are also into using torture to make people and things the way they want them to be.

America will never recover from what occured during Bush. Every place I havr been the public are either completely brainwashed or if not, then the place is infiltrated by covert forces that ensure control over prior problem areas like Cambridge MA, Berkeley  and Oakland CA, etc.

The USA is completely controlled now by these means.  There is absolutely no hope left.

Anyone who knows whats really going on like myself and others has either been prompted to leave  the US and has done so already or is being urged strongly to do so before its  too late.

The US is a sick culture with evil, violent roots in genocide and slavery. The public do not want to accept this as reality so its like living in a nightmare with all these idiots in denial or worse-the kinds of people who know exactly what goes on so fully  supports such things as gang stalking.

I am sure other countries are just as corrupt but America is particularly torturous to exist in due to its citizens being so puritanical and self deluded about America's true nature as well as insisting on living in denial.

I have to accept once and for all that if the USA will not see Bush and Co as war criminals and if they will not accept MK Ultra was real, was continued after a pathetic advisory comnittee investigation instead of those involved being tried under international law-then I and any other TI can never exist as citizens here.

They are only going to continue to try and force us to go the same way as the Native Americans they destroyed and crushed through genocide and behavior modification as well as the way this country still treats its former slaves-still utilizing them as house slaves, guards, handlers for other enslaved peoples and exploiting them to deal their drugs and fill their corporate prison system.

Any and all true rebellion against the NWO in the USA has been squelched-crushed by systematic oppression both overt and covert.

I want to go somewhere that I can use my talents to express myself not be kept down and disrespected for life.

As long as I stay in the United States I will always be ill treated by people who believe I am somehow less than theu are. This seems to be from both people who know about my campaign and those who dont they are just brainwashed to look down on people without realizing that certain homeless persons might be freedom fighters or folk heroes-or real life heroes.

The concept in American culture has been brainwashed out of people now. First Responders are heroes now. All the people who are contributing to oppression and corruption are hailed-via brainwashing and fear mongering-as heroes or as respectable.

I have only experienced jealousy, scorn, mocking and ignorance concerning my situation, activism and ordeal suffered thus far.

I now understand why the world hates America. Whats mind blowing is how oblovious the American public themselves are to this reality.

I am going to get through the next two weeks then decide how to get  out of the USA.

If I get harassed abroad thats fine. Its better than being destroyed by my own country I was born in.

After years of fighting with the gang stalking system I now can no longer tolerate the insensitivity and hatred and disregard for my well being that comes from Americans.

They are so greedy, so full of themselves and so focused on goals in a country this big that they genuinely do not percieve that destroying someone and pushing them aside as they've done to me is wrong!

Their attitude is that business goes on and people dont have time for someonw like me...but they've got time for starving foriegners, aid to Israel or Haitian earthquake disasters.

Ive come to understand that Americans are extremely dangerous, greedy filthy pigs who have no concept of human life outside of the childish lower senses.

They only understand injury exists if there is physical manifestation or if say, they percieve the person as having human value to begin with (not poor etc.)

Americans are a people who have lost knowledge of their genetic roots so therefore their beliefs, value systems and perceptions can be manipulated any way authority wishes it to be.

All I know is the country has robbed me of years of my life, my beauty, my talents and no one cares.

America is a horrible country where people feel guilty and try to fix hurts and injuries from things that shouldnt/arent supposed to happen by law to begin with. Their only redemption is their guilt and trying to make it better yet their system doesn't work and there is no prevention.

Americans are the most dangerous, evil terrorists in the entire world-what makes this so is the fact they believe they are the world's greatest do gooders.

They push Christianity but then refuse to believe in Satanic activity or that they live under a system thats satanic in nature. If that kind of deception, sneakiness and denial isnt dangerous I dont know what is.

This country is abusive, evil, arrogant, spoiled, artless, violent and malecentric as well as basically cult minded with its religious beliefs.  Worst of all isnt these qualities-its their refusal to grow up and genuinely grow up and change.

The powers that be keep America from evolving as a culture and a country just as they came after me viscoisly when I began to wake up, grow, ask questions and seek to evolve.

America's economy and everything connected to it would fall and cease to be if covert activities and manipulations didnt keep its people down.

I obviously hate the American way of life and so of course my living here is nothing but misery. I disagree completely with what its become. Its time to let go of something thats been dead for years to me anyway.