“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, November 12, 2012

Social Engineering And A Racial Agenda In The New ELECTRIC CO TV Show

Dont let your kids near the new Electric Co. tv show.

Its reverse racist, with Afro Centrist red shirts (also black and red color combos featured). It features mostly African American adults and children, specifically cast as the highest caste of human being with whites being cast as foolish, costumed, secondary or only represented by talking animals, monsters etc.

This isnt Diversity-its payback for past stereotypes along with marketing part of the NWO agenda for future generations where mixed race AfroEuropeans are the ruling race of our future.

Breeding outside your race is whatever and up to the individual-creating and selectively breeding through brainwashing a master race while excluding other races is madness.

Just watch the show-it isnt true Diversity like the old Electric Co and CTW has been playing race favorites since the 90s (Elmo being one example).

It isnt diverse at all. Its a con job reminiscent of the time years ago when they tried to change the name of The United Negro College Fund to simply 'The Fund' and created ads misrepresenting it as NOT specifically serving African Americans in need.

African Americans are still in need-and the ever more corrupt house slave class arent going to help their own people. They are going to trample over everyone else to 'get theirs' and take over the world-destroying other cultures for their elite overlords.

All I see on tv nowadays is content that pays off anyone who works in the interest of the elite's agenda, serves to  keep certain classes of EuroAmericans in their insular realities, keeps down, mutes and destroys other classes of EuroAmericans and causes war like reactions of healthy self defense in anyone smart enough to see whats going on.

Believe me-the last thing the powers that be want is peace, harmony and true Diversity or equal opportunity.

I am realizing that all that was marketed to the public in the 60s and 70s to soften them up for the social engineering thats going on now.