“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pre Recorded Light and Sound-Media And Mind Power. The Right To Ones Own Imagination

On a personal level I would be more interested in getting rid of PRLSI. My little word meaning Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images. Dead time. Live only in real time as an experiment.

Experience ONLY time that is happening now. The internet or other communication tech for visuals might be ok if only live stream or broadcast were viewed. The same with experiencing audio-only live, real time broadcasts.

Real time experiences could replace much dead time experience, like going to plays, comedy shows, concerts, readings etc.

Written communication might be ok via tech if it were only read. If the internet were treated as an archive for information and communications.

Live communications like chat or other interactions would be under real time.

There is something not as damaging or creepy about experiencing the written word from the past or even examples of other non animated human communication like paintings, drawings etc. These things are windows into time. They let the recipient experience another time frame from their own perception.

PRLSI make us think we are experiencing time as it really was, as it happened. Yet these experiences often simply take a moment in time out of context.  Just like any history they can be manipulated by the creators or archivists. With the passage of time itself, a captured moment in time can be re created or imaged to suit an agenda instead of portraying real events.

People who 'werent there' for such a moment also can be manipulated by information about that event being repressed.

Kennedy's assassination is a prime example. Lincoln's or other president's deaths in such a manner do not keep people prisoner the way that Kennedy's does. It seems largely due to firstly how recent it was in history and secondly: that damned video recording.

People who were witnesses to the event- people who were there to experience it in real time, had alot of information that threatened to change, and challenged the official perception or story. Its often unknown that these witnesses seemed to either meet untimely deaths or disappear, retracting their testimony about the event.

Many other oddities in the circumstances surrounding the event that make the official story suspect are known of and considered by fewer people than by how many are going to simply view the video: if manipulated correctly PRLSI can give great power and credibility to an official historical story of an event perpetuated of course by authorities and the powers that be. It will reach many more impressionable human animals than will archived news of the event and other pertinent information.

Such images also keep humans prisoners of dead time. The big contraversy still is who killed Kennedy. Its the recorded images of the event of his death that keep humans obsessed with this event-this moment in time.

Either solve the damn case properly or just realize that there are covert forces that shape our world  who remain in the shadows, and we must always be aware and on guard.  Obsessing over a past event is not going to change anything. Its almost as if we allow the images to haunt us. As if going on and on with questioning and viewing, we can somehow go into that moment in time and rescue Kennedy.

The images are so disturbing. Thats becuz when something is animated like that it is akin to human nightmares.

Think about it. The only experiences humans have naturally that resemble pre recorded moving, animated pictures with sounds are nightmares and dreams or even our 'daydreaming' when not sleeping.

This kind of activity is only possible in humans via our internal worlds in our minds'-our imaginations.

Time is a very delicate sujbect in respect to humans. We are subject to it as the ultimate master over our lives and finally our desths yet we want to have the power to alter it even travel through it (a concept that doesnt even make sense). Humans do 'travel' or have the ability to experience other time points without physically being there without PRLSI-memories are a good example though not always accurate they might just be what comforts us til our death when nothing else can or perhaps even at the moment of demise. I believe that is their purpose.

The other way we experience another time point is through preminition. The phenomna known as deja vu seems to be nothing more than reaching a time point previously experienced in a preminition.  Therr is a kind of sync in these moments, sometimes they can be frightening depending on the strength of the person's premonition or visions experienced. 

As a kid we had cassette tapes back then. I was fascinated by taking two copies of the same song and playing them simultaneously so they could play in exact perfect time. There was a moment when the songs seemed to sync up and at that moment it sounded like what an airplane sounds like overhead. Like coming up one side of a hill and reaching a peak then going down the other side.

This is a good description of what experiencing living through a preminition is like. Humans seem to sense the moment of sync as 'deja vu'. It seems what most people dont recall is the orignal preminition.

If this is how powerful experiencing events through time is for humans, then why are we playing with or allowing the powers that be to manipulate our experiences? Through dead time-PRLSI, humans can be manipulated, captured, terrorized and controlled. We do it to ourselves by subjecting our minds to animated dead time.

Its akin to necromancy. Reanimating a dead body. When you play a pre recorded piece of music its being re animated complete with all that happened in that time frame-including the energies put out by the musicians. Yet is it fair or even healthy to the sender or reciever, to keep reliving that singluar moment repeatedly?

We become addicted to dead time. Reliving or re experiencing something repeatedly that pleases us, torments us or holds our morbid curiosity.

The problem is that humans cant readily admit their weaknesses-as animals or as machines. Many humans dont know themselves or understand themselves as animal or machine.

Science nowadays seems more akin to the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages than to really trying to establish truth-believe what we dictate for the agenda or burn as a heritic.

There is much they hide, leave out and lie about.

PRLSI benefits humans by allowing us to see a moment in past time as it occured which is beneficial for law enforcement etc. But the danger of surveillance is that it can easily turn into spying and even used to create false record of events, say by manipulating what and who's being recorded by means NOT SEEN BY THE CAMERAS, which is exactly what gang stalking is about.

When we take in PRLSI such as movies, videos etc we are abusing ourselves. Our imaginations are being stifled and our five senses as animals are being utilized to keep.us passively watching something that isnt really happening in the moment. Our bodies are doing nothing-just sitting there. Our minds held captive by whats presented to us.

Such a situation really doesn't allow a human being alot of control over themselves or their realities-specifically becuz a group of special interest, the artists and all who made the piece being watched, produced its content independent of the viewer.

You werent there to experience it in that moment.

So how real is it?

We've lost control over our imaginations. Nowadays its especially disturbing to consider just who it is and what their agenda is, who has control of us through these means.