“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, August 19, 2010

People who are approve of slavery/ perps who help us

I have experienced another creepy comment that is just as offensive as "What yer doing isnt working".

A trucker friend of mine who I believe knows much about the harassment and my situation. He seems to want to believe its simply to do with the military not understanding my lifestyle, which right there tells me...its the military, or they have some involvment or at least its a deception and he wants me to believe that. Either way some of the things he says pertaining to my situation are manipulative.

A trucker friend of mine who I believe knows much about the harassment and my situation. He seems to want to believe its simply to do with the military not understanding my lifestyle, which right there tells me...its the military, or they have some involvment or at least its a deception and he wants me to believe that. Either way some of the things he says pertaining to my situation are manipulative.

If I dont mention anything to you about my situation and you volunteer that the point of view that the military simply do not understand my lifestyle then you are covering for something becuz no one gets this involved in people's lives without a hell of a lot better idealogy behind it than this..unless of course you are dying to control someone under such a guise truly becuz you wish to silence them or to ensure they do not grow in power.

He then made some comments later woven into the conversation concerning how women basically win every battle or case in society- something along the lines of 'these things usually work out that way', it was the first and last time I heard him give even a slight indication that there was the usual bitter sexism and male sense of helplessness in relation to women's power in society. Another tip off as most male perps seem to feel this way and justify what is done to the target with such rationalizations.
He also made comment about an erotic book where the women is forced to get into some subservient position through domination or something very complex with that idea in erotic writing.

Those comments as well as knowing a TI's situation are absolutely small red flags but still they are red flags. this may not be the kind of perp or person who knows about it who's in on it that will outright hurt you. But this may be one of those people who is an approving bystander or on the fence about what he thinks of such a thing going on. Perps who seem to care about a target and assist them but still dont want to see them freed from thier situation as they enjoy the control that the system has over them.
The worst comment was in reply to my inquiring wether or not the community minded thier own business in some location he said was nice to live in I forget where. Out of nowhere his reply was "oh no, there you wont get away with anything there" or something like that and I recall he somehow tied it into 'getting away with something' in relation to children or that was intimated.
That is not why I asked that question- obviously I asked becuz I am targeted, which he seems to know about when its convenient for him to know. Never was anything mentioned by me about being able to get away with messing with kids. Asking if a community 'minds thier own business' is not asking wether or not they turn a blind eye to child molesters.
I believe that this is done so the TI feels like a criminal ultimately and I also believe that the men involved in this do all these things really becuz of the other comments they make concerning feeling powerless over women.
The idea that child molestation or the urge to do so is genetic is ridiculous. And even if that were true not everyone will express every gene as well as much of that behavior is also from seeing it in the environment around you or having that happen to you to begin with. I believe that this excuse might be used against TI's to help gain control over them and there are plenty of people in our society nowadays that want to feel not only self righteous but feel so helpless about what is happening to the world as well as they cant control thier govt any longer- they need to feel in control of crime or 'evil' somehow. They are the ultimate brainwashed citizens- they probably wouldnt even be able to admit or realize they have control issues of such a nature to begin with.
Women get involved I believe moreso for motivations of false morality such as that. Either that or they are very into protecting the pedohile networks that exist that if exposed would probably put world wide economies on thier ear.
Also the idea may be sold to people that since your family is that way, that you are as well or are a risk for such behavior. Also being in the adult entertainment industry may be seen as being a sex offender to many people and if this is factored in along with coming from such a family then its easy to convince people the target is dangerous. Along with this, focusing on someone's sexual habits or tastes may be another selling point for the con that they are obssessed with sex, dangerous and at risk to take it further to becoming a child molester.
Mind control programming is most likely never explained to any of these people or its used to make the person look more unstable by not really explaining it to the people or mob that you want to to convince to assist in targeting the person.
ALL of these things are excuses used by the higher ups in the system to ensure that no one understands the target or maybe even believes them when they claim to be programmed. And explaining away that only harm was done to them not they would harm someone else is probably useless. So much is done to push the target over many years to act unstable anyway.
I firmly believe in what the Manchurian Candidate has to say which is that there is a faction that knows what goes on and they truly believe that mind controlled slaves if killed bring peace to the whole world when they die- most likely from being tortured for years.
Michael Jackson was one example. It was obvuious he was tortured his whole life as a slave and when such people grow up, get serious and there is no longer this good child inside them to take advantage of- this system just executes them over time. A mind controlled slave is never free from being tortured. Ever. And the people around them or who get into these campaigns seem to not really care about that. They somehow justify villifying the victim.
I for one cannot understand how you can take someone who only wants to heal themselves and after keeping them from that then making them worse, you blame that person for thier predicament.
It is very likely that they make the public believe that the person is going to be or is dangerous due to coming from a family with such a backround, this of course is an excuse to silence someone who is waking up, is very strong and knows too much or wants to heal then grow in power.

I was reading that book left at the campsite. He writes that the character believes that 'good' people like to give themselves up for sacrifice. Its a riduculous book really but its insightful into much of the way the perps think.
If you train someone long enough especially from birth to be that way then you are going to be able to keep that person under control thier whole lives and you are going to be able to break them down back to that level even if they wake up and decide they want freedom. They do not like abuse nor are they naturally self sacrificing- they are trained, programmed , mind controlled and tortured into such behavior.
Do I like living out of a backpack? Do I enjoy the mold exposure slowly taking my sanity and my memory away over the years? Do I enjoy not having sexual relations with anyone? Do I enjoy not having physical affection or love from another human being? Or not working or accomplishing anything? Never again producing artwork? Seeing my potential destroyed over time? I do not enjoy these things- if I have become lax in being able to defend myself its becuz I have been beaten down by torture over the years and can no longer function normally nor keep my head above water. And since I am not going to just accept my circumstances or put out to just anyone in the travel scene or homeless scene, I dont get any relief or reward as I refuse to comply with brainwashing.

Mind control slavery is the only way to have slaves in a society that claims to be free of such problems or human rights abuses and the 'gang stalking' system is not only the method for managing programmed enslaved human beings when they dont know what is going on but simply live as slaves with no other understanding of life- its also the system used to push a slave back into such a lifestyle should they decide the want their freedom or to live thier lives according to thier own free Will.
The amount of people who either approve of such slavery in society is astonishing to me. This is an example of what humans will do when there are absolutely no consequences for thier actions and especially when authority supports such actions. Then its not 'really' illegal in thier minds and the only worry they have is if the public find out---that is why its so important to not give any cred to any mind control survivors at any time becuz it would lead to the existence of an entire system being revealed.

Slaves must be made to get the impression, especially when they try to break out- that no one cares (like my mother said to me) or that the public generally agrees with such systems, networks or programs of slavery. This is untrue- when Reagan presented the idea of using much of the tech and chemical mind control programs in mental institutions and prisons he had to retract such plans as there was such outcry that he wouldnt have been elected. This proves that the general public would not agree with such a system, or such abuses, which is the very reason why mind control slavery's status must remain non existent and the victims labeled as mentally ill or some other excuse like attention seeking or trying to explain away some part of thier life that was exposed conveniently when they were trying to fight for thier freedom. If you notice, when a slave is deeply involved ( controlled by inner programming) in illegal activity, thier lifestyle is not a problem, but when thier programming starts to break down and they want out, they are then smeared, exposed, shamed and slammed with guilt trips or the public's distaste for such things is used against them, which again shows that if the public knew the entire story they would probably disapprove of such treatment of human beings, especially thier fellow Americans.

The public perception concerning such things is constantly managed so that no one outside the circle of in the know finds out such things actually DO exist. Those who do know dont say anything out of fear.

Slaves are at a disadvantage due to there being many people who do know that quietly approve of mind control slavery. And those that dont approve dont seem to do much about it, unless they are people who help us covertly behind the scenes which I have experienced. Unfortunately we experience many more people who just smile at us as if this is normal, helping the oppressor to keep us down by making beating us down and torturing us look like its OK.

I dont believe that people will ever give up thier need for slaves. Its ridiculous to try to stop this- the victims are never allowed full access to getting the word out anyway, which is another purpose of gang stalking a target. What I dont undestand is why bother to have laws anyway? If they dont apply to mind controlled slaves, and the public seem to find it charming, intriguing and acceptable anyway.
Do you know how many people seem to think that none of this hurts me or that I will be alright or that this is acceptable? I believe they actually are so ignorant as to what lies behind the beautiful face of every programmed person that they cant get past that to see the damage. This is why the perps make sure that genetically the person is strong and very attractive as well as other qualities. Its to hide the severe damage done to them either in early programming or later when they are beaten down in hopes of getting them back under control.

The person isnt even seen as normal or human in the same sense as other people in society. Its ridiculous the way that the person is victimized by societies ignorance and romanticizing things like sex, spying or hypnosis with this sense of adventure , the exotic or the erotic.

Its amazing to me that society would just allow such things to occur. I now believe that there is little hope for people who survive programming and especailly those who served in some capacity that was sexual. America and other western countries are so repressed that this sort of thing serves to entertain as well as satsify thier cravings and imaginations- which I now understand is the reason that sex is so controlled in such societies. So that perversions like sex slavery or just plain slavery can go either disbelieved or looked at as a peep show into a seed y , exotic underworld that is none of your affair so you cant interfere but you enjoy knowing about it, like a peep show or a porno mag.

So the slave's entire predicament is sold to the public much the same way that they were programmed to be sold off to whoever for whatever. Once again a sex and imagination starved public treats it like cultural fantasy and the victim is left once again to be forced to serve in that capacity to please people instead of get justice for themselves or life thier own lives.

And decent people would be so shocked that they would just move away from such a thing or they would feel helpless so avoid it also. This leaves the slave at a disadvantage so that they have no one to help them and then their only constant companions are the very people who want to keep them enslaved.

I really believe that society wants sex slavery to exist and doesnt see a problem with it. From the way I was treated to the way I am treated now that its obvious that damage has been done to me from years of harassment to destroy me it seems that my mother was right- nobody cares. Our world is so foreign, evil or exotic to them they can only stay out of it or approve of it from afar. No one seems to want to help us and in many instances no one will believe us or go up against cops and other people with power who turn on us or keep us down with psychological warfare.

I dont know of any mind controlled slave or programmed person who got justice for themselves. Other than the ones who can outright prove the actions taken against them like Bonacci. And that situation is not even considered part of programming or mind control slavery. There is a line that exists where people see outright perversions such as that as seperate from the world of programming and mind control slavery and its not seperate- what Bonnacci described is the basis of what goes on- trauma based mind control and much of the time sex is the greatest key to getting results as well as much of the system is to create sexual services for important people who want it to remain hush hush.

How are we supposed to get justice when the public seem to approve of powerful or wealthy people having thier way even if its supposed to be illegal?