“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, August 19, 2010

American Jews Angry at Obama- what were you expecting?


Every single person who voted for this nightmare and his wife with thier special interest in race and continuing the NWO, probably until Africa or China rules the damn world as new empires- you all got what you deserved. Anyone THIS obviously racist was the stupidest choice. What, you thought he'd be better due to NOT coming from American slave stock? For all my bitching about how obnoxious black males are or how many blacks have been involved in such heavy gang stalking, I truly believe that the country would be different if a true American black male got into office..and VERY different if a black female got in, which I would like to see...ANY FEMALE I would like to see in office.
And his backround: an African father who was raised a Catholic but became Muslim and then Obama was a Protestant with questionable ties to a radical church? What was everyone thinking?...oh thats right, after Bush nobody could think straight.

The problem here is not Obama or Bush or even whoever comes next in line. The country if not the world seems to be permanently changed by what occured when Bush got in which many of us felt, and saw around us in changes being made, during the waning years of Clinton.

There is something else running things now, and I am not educated, plugged in nor knowledgable enough to put my finger on it exactly but its not normal, its not good and its nothing we have ever experienced before.

Until everyone finally sits the f*ck down and admits that the military is way out of control and that its not just the 'dirty tricks' people anymore- everyone has toys now and that is technology that can interfere with what humans think, feel and do. This creates a false reality. Its no longer black ops or the dirty tricks dept up to its old ways of covertly influencing events its gone way beyond that.

Its seems that the world is being re arranged and the order of things shuffled and put into a new order.
It doesnt feel good or right becuz its not. Its unatural, impossible to do without the use of torture and secrecy utilizing fully trauma based mind control and cult mind control methods.

The introduction of computers and tech gadgets into our society is one of the things that has made this possible. Only with the kind of exposure to information that these technologies provide could the public be reached to 'brainwash' to begin with. The public could not be accessed so fully without thier gadgets that they love so much.
Alot of the changes socially and otherwise along with other factors have made this current environment possible.

I leave the Middle East issue the hell alone becuz its none of my business. It would be interesting to see what would happen if no one paid attention to thier conflict and they were left alone to fight it out on thier own without the whole world watching all the time and coddling thier dramas.
Every time humans fight over land but claim to be civilized people they have to dress up the base nature of thier conflict.
There is a statue in Harvard Sq Commons that is quite offensive to me. Its got two badly sculpted figures, of course this is done under the guise of modern art style, a one holding a baby, a female and male reaching out to one another. Its concerning the famine in Ireland many of us know this just as 'the potato famine' but its got the proper Gaelic name engraved on it.
They had the audacity to engrave on the other side this: "NEVER AGAIN WILL PEOPLE WANT IN A WORLD OF PLENTY" or something much like that.
It is absoulutely riduculous and very manipulative to infer that the famine was due to not having plenty. Why dont they be honest, and write on it: "There will always be famine in a world of Imperialism or fascism, where people come to take part of your land, you resist and so they starve you out." ? Becuz that is what the famine was caused by, not a lack of plenty. And make sure you add at the end "But STILL we must fight". How's that sound? Oh, I see then it would be nationalist and that is unacceptable. And the true beauty of Ireland should be reflected in the figures, not starving pathetic creatures. Starving even, the people would retain thier true character.

What is most offensive about it is its obvious tip off towards a NWO, where there will be "plenty" for everyone.

Are you actually infering that if we go along with what is obviously the enslavement of mankind that there will never be another war, never be another dispute over land by an oppressor? That is an awfully big promise. And this is the trick of cult mind control- lots of things are promised in the future or after death if only you are loyal in the now- and often those rewards are themselves illusions. Perhaps after you die you do imagine you go off to Heaven or as in the Hashashins go to a paradise with lots of virgins...but its not real and the mess you leave back on earth is something that must be accounted for.

All of us feel that Bush and Obama are part of the same game plan and its one of arrogance and causing chaos. The very fact that both presidents useed cult tactics to get in is a danger sign and that is what we should be looking at not them or the insanity that I suspect its thier job to create in office. Traumatizing the public is all part of gaining control over time: TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL get it? Bush used the insanity of Christian Right wing Neo Cons and some concept of a Holy War with Muslims, and then we had the race card or the cult of Obama's personality whichever suited your tastes more.

Neither one is based on sanity, logic or a country or world that is in control anymore. Those of us left with any balls to see what is really going on begs the question: then who IS in charge?

I am sure thats a complicated answer but this is what occurs to me: the earth's enviromental condition is not going to stay habitable forever considering all the damage humans have done. Something has to be done to prepare for that, I believe that is a huge part of what is going on. Also, the public knows this on some level but cant stop being stuck in living in the system that has been created for daily living. Its a great great stress on human beings to live with that information.
The descruction of the reacreational drug culture in the interest of a war on drugs has created two very damaging industries:
Big pharma and medical marijuana. Big Pharma is part of the psychiatric inquisition that is not helping by medicating anyone who is either suffering from being poor, being a future threat as a dissident, being artistic, or suffering from the effects of modern pollutions wether it be air, chemical or electromagnetic. This only adds to putting the ecosystem, and humans place in it, out of whack even further.

Medical marijuana may be a helpful concept for anyone who is terminally ill or has severe health issues. I have seen this scene in California. Anyone who would have smoked as a recreational user is not able to go get med cards by claiming it helps their anxiety etc. This is usually the reason that people smoked in the old days anyway. There is nothing wrong with using a plant such as that medicinally. But no one is asking, just like as in Big Pharma psychiatry, WHY humans need to be medicated in the first place in such high numbers. Its due to city life being totally not healthy or normal for humans to begin with and the ever worsening environment makes cities especially miserable nowadays no matter how you gentrify them and do clean up.

There is something very dangerous about a govt notorious for human experimentation with mind control as well as for its corruption, and recent implementation of a police state, wanting to handle your mind altering drug supply for you.
I have been around that scene in Cali where one might say it appears just like the 70's with people smoking in the street and its no big deal- but there is something very unwholesome about it, very different from that past era. It's not only controlled but the drugs themselves seem to cause a dumbing down effect of the mind, and other things happen that do NOT recall the free and easy 70's which was miserable in alot of ways but people had thier privacy and things were affordable- like an apartment and some pot. You could exist having a job- you own little existence.
Was it such a threat for citizens to be independent?

Yes it was and is. When you are trying to enslave mankind now stone can be left unturned. The govt must tell you if you can smoke marijuana and they must supply it for you. They tell you how to rear your children and take them away for minor issues.

I notice that the very wealthy are being exempt from much govt control but now that Obama is in its the insanity of blaming 'fat cats' for everything.
I just dont trust any man who claims that America's best years are behind..as well as insisting on refering to the country in the female- 'her'.
He is insisting on implementing MORE govt control over things which is the same thing the Neo Cons were doing but one is based on criminalizing everyone who is not wealthy enough to get away with things and the other is vilifying the wealthy for thier independence from the govt itself.

If you notice BOTH insist on more govt control, more inferferece, less privacy, more rule over our lives in intrusive ways.

Years of Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse and Heraldo (though he actually took on some real issues occasionally) have trained the public to not only be into a mob like existince of judging people's affairs but being very into useless drama instead of productivity. Having judges on television has cheapened the true justice system, and so has cops with thier obvious pro police stance and its partaking in war on the poor.

As I mentioned things are grossly overpriced and people cant afford to live simply anymore which not only creates stress but forces them to comply with lots of injustice just to stay off the street. Its also intimated now, very veiled but its there, that if you are NOT rich you do not deserve privacy to begin with.

All this along with evidence that points to the use of documented existing technology to create a psycho civilized society has created a strange false reality.

Much of it is based on good old fashoined deception and refusal to face facts. The public are politely in survival mode which might be the reason for the death of civility, decency and morality.

Which means in the event the environment gets worse I cannot imagine what humans could be capable of. If you havent read an honest account of how humans existed in mor primitive states in ancient times, especially during times of famine then you arent prepared for just what people are capable of. The human potential for brutality matches or rivals any other beasts in nature.

There is also the existence of what seems to be arrogant as hell scientific researchers and companies many of whome know full well what is going on with 'mind control' via technolgies and chemical delivery systems. The smugness of some of thier ads scream this sentiment loud and clear. And they genuinely believe they are better than the public, smarter than the public and more entitled to rule the public. This is partially do to a 'revenge of the nerds' factor but its also due to perhaps not gaining a great understanding of other human beings on a warm and personable level when busy with studies all day and night and then jsut graduating into a profession.
I have experienced this arrogance first hand and it really seems that this is a reflection of many attitudes in society right now.
How god like would you feel if you were given large funding, carte blache, access as well as via tech that is deemed non intrusive, you could control or influence the minds, emotions and actions of human beings without ever touching them? To percieve the population as a large experimental body or certain individuals as experimentees without remorse due to being raised or trained with a sense of superiority- those people can now influence society via technologies and the public wouldnt even know or be educated in the ability to even conceive of such a thing.

Brainwashing can be done on large populations of human beings. It has been done and it IS being done.

The main reason the people voted for Obama and he won is simply that Bush traumatized everyone so badly that Obama looked like relief. And the public was being traumatized as well as remote influence (covert influences) were used to gain a desired result.
And we will continue to have to deal with the dark circus where nothing makes any sense or things seem 'nuts' until the public is educated and accepts the facts that remote influence of the human mammalian mind is totally possible with the use of technologies that are documented to exist or there is documentation of a patent or a plan to create a specific technology- which means that on a classified level it may already exist or be in use.

The panel on the vids of the Pres Advisory Committee plainly show that people seem to think this is still America- that there is justice and that factions always play by the rules, such as documenting everything they do. Do such factions usually document Black Ops? Do crimininals always document thier criminal activity, BECUZ THAT IS WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. The successful career criminals I used to know had incredible recall, ablility to store information mentally, did not leave behind any paper evidence, had others handle thier money for them so no paper trail existed and if any info did exist such as a phone book etc the person would be sure thier apartment was a chaotic mess all the time so that no one would be able to find anything easily nor would one want to go digging for it.
I notice that most criminal minds utilize chaos in some way to camaflouge what they are really up to or evidence.

Stop thinking that people who will do anything to gain control or get thier objectives met are playing by rules or laws or documenting things professionally.

There is a reason that people like the Bush family or the rouge parts of the CIA have close ties to criminals or utilize thier services to get a job done: they dont document. Get a clue.

Until the original affront of Sept 11 is dealt with and everything that has gone on around that and since that event- until the truth is accepted about Bush and anyone else for that matter involved in what is going on, the insanity will continue. Once you allow something like this to get ahold its hard to stop it. Do you have any idea what kind of human experimentation or covert activities I have experienced just myself during the Bush era? You have no f*cking idea of the extent of what yer dealing with.

There have always been psy ops, black ops and the use of psychic warriors if not the use of 'magick' if you will in the interest of getting things done. But something is very off right now. Something isnt right. And it starts with living in denial about past events and allowing the insanity to continue.

Also, let me present another possible way of looking at this: its more domestic terrorism. Like Bush, Obama is a domestic terrorist or at least the agenda includes that..if people would stop letting these people and events psych them out and stick to thier convictions, getting brainwashed or beat down would be harder for the perpatrators no matter who they were or what they pulled.

It is true I believe that one cannot be hypnotized to go against one's convictions but one must realize that is what is occuring to defend one's self.

Electing a man who had any association that was public with that church as he does would have guarenteed he never got in under normal, sane circumstances. The falsey created reality we now exist in is NOT normal or sane. And it will continue on that way until the powers that be get thier way or do whatever it is they are so damned and determined to accomplish. It may involved a NWO but it does not seem to include anyone having any dignity or Will for self determination.

Its not worth a fake, peaceful perfect world when humans cant be free beings any longer. The price is not worth it.

So you think hard and be forwarned the next clown you vote for soon enough, and be wary of the 'cause a problem, solve a problem' cycle that may influence your decision as you vote.

By the way dont be annoyed that Hillary is "just an employee" now- you are the ones that refused to put her into office as president so again it was yer choice. And I saw video of her in those last days before quitting- she looked exhausted and traumatized. Its like they broke her down.

Put anyone in office you like but stop making decisions based on reactionary fears. The purpose of all this may be to ensure that America's last days are behind her by continuing to screw things up.
Anything is better than this bullshit we have been handed over the last many years.

I can accept that under Bush much action occured connected to Nazi factions that still exist or have those old sympathies. However, insanity like that is supposed to go away and something else is supposed to happen, not a dragging out of this nonsense like it has been. Its like a living hell and most places I travel in the USA are the same in this way.