“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, August 30, 2010

Somerville MA / Tell the middle east to seek attention elsewhere-OR- Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat

Well I basically learned last night that Winter Hill in Somerville is a strong mafia hold so it explains alot. Couldn't understand why I would always get harassed in Somerville. It seemed so random and the place wasn't overtly powerful like having a college or some other obvious asset.

And the comments I received were very overt with people knowing exactly my situation. Its a good probability anyway.

And with it listing its territory as also Florida it would explain perhaps why I got met with perps the second I got off the bus years ago.

But I still don't get it. Why would the mob have some problem with me...it makes no sense. What the cover story thing? You would think that they would have the intel connections to know what is really going on. Or perhaps its a way to terrorize everyone by utilizing me to prove how indeed badass they are. Or are they the ones who are fully involved in programming? Do they work with agencies like the CIA or DOD to accomplish such things?

Its so confusing. In my case I don't know who is on my side. It could even be the military or the CIA protecting me from these bozos and their stupid families which I assume are all the spoiled brats who have been messing with me off and on. But that would also mean that they are the ones somehow getting people targeted with weapons and technologies.

So...the mafia contract such things out to military who can accomplish that? Or are we actually looking at the mob having hands on access to psy ops weapons?

I am sure that I am supposed to be afraid of all this at some point. Like if someone told me the whole story I would suddenly realize how very close I came to death blah blah.
Do these clowns have three layers of suicide programming? Becuz that is closer to death than any attempt on one's life from some mob of crooks.

Heard Whitey was a pedo. I just wonder who far these people go into the nastier bits of running prostitution. It seems the old fake front of not messing with kids or families is bullsh*t. My mother was always sucked into that shit. 'The gangsters are nice to children becuz they are innocent', all this sappy drama. She should have written plays for a living cuz hard reality just doesn't register with that woman.

Knew this guy once, old school used to collect debts for some Italian outfit. Tried to tell him that unfortunately there are pervert pedos everywhere. He got a bit flustered and claimed it was only in NY or LA that such things occurred. When I started to furnish an example of a first hand experience with a creep who had indicated such things did indeed exist and could be furnished in Boston- he got really angry and screamed in that booming voice carried over from the old country "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT".

So much for badass.

In order to kill or be violent yet controlled one needs to be compartmentalized, which is the whole joke behind the Sopranos character going to therapy. Its useless.

And in the book the Manchurian Candidate I read a quote that said something about the genetics from Italy being very convenient for programming as they found the Italian character or mind to possess this disposition to begin with.

The system of programming lies very heavily on genetics. There have been crimes solved using genetics and culture to assess who the perpetrators are.

While you live in a politically correct Diznyland fabricated by the powers that be, those same powers or thier covert factions utilize that very information and gain an advantage. To believe that genetics don't matter socially when its being proven that they do matter medically is totally ridiculous and in line with being believed by a society that allows psychiatry to tell them they have disorders while never giving a medical explanation for such things. And psychiatry takes old outdated disorders and uses modern science to try to prove they are legit, which is the most cockeyed approach to science I have ever seen and I am just a layman.

Common sense and shrewdness is the enemy of this system and all of its players and oppressors.

It seems that whoever is behind this runs the country now. So yer letting the mob run the USA. Niiiice job. Worse an overlapping of military, covert agencies, organized crime and corporation. Who cares at this point?

I know that when I called the FBI years ago just to see what they would say, they were arrogant, full of sh*t and basically in on it. But deep down knew they weren't doing thier jobs..so let me get this straight. Even the feds are totally full of shit now and untrustworthy? That is what it seems like to me.

Well lets think about this: J. Edgar Hoover. Pissed off becuz some targets look better in heels than he does. And probably not much has changed. So there is no chance at justice in the USA with this nonsense and its gone to far. Someone like myself is just supposed to walk away and forget then live silently for the rest of my life being ever grateful that my life was left to me or as the jerk at Imperial Pizza in Brighton said "It could have been worse". I hope that place burns down along with my old apartment so I can finally get what is mine that remains in that building.

This bitch named Rebecca in St Louis kept saying "You are going to have to start all over again". No the f*ck I am not. I started over again at the time they came after me and that was my last chance, the people in this system knew that and they ruined it on purpose. All there is left now is to destroy.
The repeated attempts to get me to play Mother Teresa here are way to stressful as well as I know its to give me something to care take so that I dont feel my life is valueless. A life long diversion so that no one knows what happened.....the f*cking happy ending that this country needs to survival all the sick corruption it tolerates in order to have a ridiculous standard of living. Which of course I don't get to be part of. I have to sleep outside and never know where the next meal is coming from. And no one cares- that is how bad America is and other western nations as well where gang stalking is occupying.

Its not just factions of the govt. I have seen organized crime involved, black groups and also gangs, its hopeless. There has been meetings about these weapons and psychological operations and its documented. Still it goes on and everyone just goes about thier daily lives while TI's suffer in silence as well as have to watch the world go by them as if they have died and are ghosts watching the living move about the earth. Its ridiculous.

I can tell my story but the greedy, irresponsible public is going to receive it as a sad life story that is totally separate from thier reality. Now do you understand why there are terrorist attacks? I hate to break this too you but I understand now all too well what was happening before 9-11. I believe the people involved are so desperate, so cut down, so demoralized and humiliated and keep trying to get the word out into a reality with a public so insulated behind extremely thick glass walls that those actions may have been the only way to get your attention.

Look at the reasoning behind the attacks, of course which are also then distorted, lied about and held from the public. US support of Isreal. Its documented simply. "Ignoring what ..Mohammed has actually said"

Its funny I am so beat down now that I often lose perspective and have to take in my own activism to remember what is really going on. I carry the MK Ultra testimony vid with me on my mp3 and its amazing how the damage is so great now and trauma based mind control has been used over the years that I will actually be sitting there and trying on different reasons for why this is happening, and then that vid will come up and it will register again. The system has manipulated my compartmentalized mind from programming as well as a system that creates or destroys alters to survive to keep me very controlled and confused. I actually forget now what is really going on. I now see why it was so important to do FURTHER damage to my systems and my mind than to allow me to heal, get my shit straightened out and gain optimum health.

The thing I cannot accept is that this is connected to Israel. Its very hard for me to be angry with Jews or Israel. I have no idea why this is. And its very sad that my tolerance of Jews, even my fondness of thier culture and even my looking the other way in relation to the middle east conflicts as its none of my business is being used against me to destroy me. What can I do, come out against Israel publicly or name them as a main source of enemy within my gang stalking campaign? There certainly are enough instances just from the Jewish community here in the USA to think that way. I dont want to die hating Israel.

I do NOT appreciate being forced to choose a side. THAT in itself is going to get everyone an enemy from me- but who cares? I dont have any power right? I am just such a nobody. Gee then why am I so targeted. The more I put this together the more totally pissed off I am getting. And that ridiculous comment from that bastard in that New York homeless hotel basically saying this system was afraid of me becoming the next Hitler. Well you really are working on a self fulfilling prophecy aren't you? Can you imagine someone who wanted only to be a therapist and use her life experience to assist other women becoming the next Hitler? But then again Hitler was an artist that for some reason was very blocked..and all that power has to go somewhere. Maybe his bloodline ass was gang stalked and tortured into being so destructive.

Ahh but I am a woman. Hahahahaha. Like I will ever let that happen. I think when it comes this far we are dealing with factions like extreme Satanism or Satanic factions related to the Jewish community not 'the Jews'. I'll just stick my damn nose in the air and move to an independent rich country that doesnt let them run the place.

You know what? The middle east can murder each other. Lets give them all enough ammo to do that- then we can rid ourselves of thier stupid sibling rivalry getting in the way of OUR damn affairs and lives once and for all. I dont care about yer battles or yer war. Its not my problem. F*ck Isreal, f*ck Palenstine and anyone else who takes up my godamn time in order to involve me in things that are none of my business. Do you think I care about yer damn dramas? I dont live in Palenstine or Isreal, I am not a Jew in this incarnation nor a Muslim and I am done being polite. Get the f*ck out of my hair and every other European who is not of the above persuasion. Everyone is bored with your drama queen acts and taking the life out of every party. Either settle up yer sh*t soon once and for all or everyone with Theta programming should get together and start focusing on EVERYONE in that area dropping dead en masse or due to a nuclear bomb dropped by some other insane nation full of whack jobs who want war and violence for attnetion and profit. Cut the bs or drop dead. How does that sound?

I refuse to be stupid and start turning on Isreal. again FUCK ISREAL and PALESTINE as well. You will NOT make me choose sides in yer ongoing tantrums and I am not a stupid fuck like other Europeans you so depend on to succumb to your manipulations. Go to hell. I dont have children and this is why...go fight over a cookie someplace else. I hope its poisoned and you both choke to death. How does that sound? I will not start being a typical stupid conspiracy nut raving over Zionists. Nor will I seek the lamb's way out and be at peace siding with 'God's chosen people' becuz its like O'Brien said: "There is no peace under MIND CONTROL" and I aint gonna join a cult or a cult mentality now after years of trying to break free of that bs.

ISREAL, ZIONISTS AND THIER ENEMIES DONT DESERVE THAT MUCH POWER from Me. And I dont care what I am shut out of nor do I care if I am still gang stalked. I chose to retain my own Free Will not side with two dummies who cant straighten thier shit out. I hope if you dont fix it soon someone or something fixes it for you becuz some of us are a bit tired of this.

Oh and what is this?

Yeh, whatever dude. All she has to do is track the number or hand it over to be investigated and when they catch em, pay to not have em arrested, pretend it didnt bother you and go after em much later and perhaps in generations. Who can you take seriously that is stupid enough to leave thier voice print on a phone. Its a very good idea to ensure that I dont have any money or power becuz perhaps I am a bit like my uncle or my dad's family. Who leaves a message? WTF is that? Its terror is what it is and when the fuckers show up at the door or actually try that shit then you take em out first. Maybe hire a massive amount of brothers and the most vicious African or black gang you can think of- then we'll see where that training goes. And its a joke that any of this could even be considering that there is a gang stalking system that seems all knowing about whatever shit is going down anywhere at any time. Or is that just for TI's?

Its interesting that with a campaign like mine its always about forcing a choice: dont pursue Gnosticism or Rosicrucianism or even ancient belief systems- you must choose Satanism or Christianity. Chose between Israel and Muslims. As long as there is a control group and we have no Free Will of our own that is all that matters.

I will not make choices under duress. I signed out of court so those jerks Olnick got away with ruining my health for life- I will never sign or sell out under fear or pressure ever again.

Lets make a new movement: the I Dont Give A Fuck About the Middle East Movement. Or "I'd rather be painting" on a bumper sticker with a pic of the middle east.
And I dont know how it connects to human experimentation, programming and the other parts and factions of this situation but I know that anyone who is against me can all join together and go f*ck themselves and if that is the mob then so be it or some paranoid, arrogant faction out of Israel.

I think I have perfected something that will just kill the Jews more effective than Hitler: Ignore them. Hollywood is a statement to thier level of dramaqueendom. Itll make them fade off the planet faster than any act of violence ever would. Then they only have themselves to entertain each other without anyone valdating thier existence or answering to "look look at me look at how smart I am look look what I did, look at my most recent piece of crap movie from the fantasy factory, look how smart I am in the professions!"

I DOONT FUUCCKKKINN CAAARRRRRE. GET A CLUE. I AM THE QUEEN OF MY OWN LIFE. I WAS MULTI TALENTED, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT AND BEAUTIFUL I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU !!!!!! AND NO LAW SAYS I HAVE TO..which is why manipulations are needed. If I wanted that I would just go home and live with those two bitches or the rest of my drama queen dysfunctional family.

Stop wasting our time: Isreal and Palestine are a dysfunctional family we need to abandon with Italian strength- the strenght needed to keep the exile enforced for life even if we feel bad about it-kind of like is being done to me. Of course I dont give a shit and just recreate a new reality someplace else.

Israel and the Muslims are off my list as far as conspiracy theory of who is responsible for gang stalking. And I still refuse to engage in choosing which brat to side with in a family argument- I'll just motherf*ckin leave home like I always do and drop yo ass like you never existed. I can do that- I am by nature an artist, though its being denied to me my birthright.

I sometimes entertain certain people's theories that an Isreali faction is in on gang stalking targets or that they are the ones spoke of that were somehow jealous of me in some way. But its just ridiculous. Why would anyone who has so much be so petty- besides arent they supposed to be busy fighting with thier brother over who gets a bigger piece of cookie? (and if you dont stop telling on them to mom the Israeli army guys in the vid above will come in and give everyone wet willies and wedgies- so there. Nay!)
If I EVER found out that I warranted that much attention when I am just a poor person who made under 8000 a year I will laugh my ass off.

It makes no sense, especially when I have evidence of a very opposite faction being involved in messing with me all this time...unless of course it comes down to Satanic factions or factions that act in a similar interest working together to destroy anything that isnt like them that exists in our world. It doesnt make sense that foreigners with Nazi sympathies who are Satanic in nature would assist the CIA or Mossad- unless you were duped or unless you will stick yer ass in the air for success at any cost.
We are dealing with the extension of what has been documented as originating with the Nazis and being continued in the USA. Why would Jews or even thier intelligence agencies related to our own be in on such a thing? Unless the unifying factor was Satanic interests.

The tech that is being used as well as the behavioral conditioning via psychological warfare is so effective and attains such power for whoever controls it that its most likely coveted or utilized by many factions.

I think I had it figured right already:

Yep- opposing factions.

War is for suckers and so are blind sympathies especially based on irrational sh*t like religion or any religion perceived as close to one of the warring factions belief system.

I think humans like war. I think they get off on it, especially when it is happening in someone else's backyard and you get to fart with a beer in your living room with a big screen not having to worry about being effected. Then when you DO get affected by being in the mix when you didnt know you were, you freak out and thoughtlessly give the bastards what they want. A fucking soap opera is what people want.

Is there another planet I can go to? Are those Mars flights ready yet? This place sucks and I have been bored for years.