“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where is the poor women's 'collective'? Oh, most Smart Poor Women arent poor for very long. The rest must be Targeted.

Thought I would improve on that pic I used in my recent other blog post.

It occured to me that poor women of all kinds dont seem to have any organized group. And it shows in the way we are treated, exploited and hunted as easy prey. I would love to see something for Poor Women.

-Not black men, but perhaps Black Women if they stuck to it with other WOMEN and not bring any race activism into the fold. We are trying to break free of the mistakes of the 70's like supporting black males only to wake up to the 90's with "Bitch" this and "Ho" that.
And even with how many black men have lots of babies but leave the women with no support, they have the audacity in media to often set standards for thier women like in rap songs or on BET, talking about sistas who 'have thier own jobs, thier own money'- who have thier sh*t together. WTF? Who the f*ck do they think they are? I could kill Steinem.
They also have a tendency to hunt Poor Women as easy prey. This must stop in every major city in the USA.
Becoming too Liberal means being so open minded that your brain falls out. We need to fix this.

-Not just Lesbians, who would be welcome but would not take over the group or set the tone. Poor Lesbians would be welcome.. I know a few and they are usually in agreement with me in most of our bitching about shelters etc. They just happen to have girlfriends instead of boyfriends.

-Not rich white women- which seem to make up a large number of 'feminists'. Anyone who disses ANY female in adult entertainment or the 'sex industry' is a friend to the oppressor not fellow females. Unless they were the types of Rich White women that have decided to slum it or hit the road and leave that lifestyle. Ex-Rich White women or Reformed Rich White Women would be welcome.

-I dont need Jewish women to speak for me. They are perphaps Poor White Women but I have never met one that was really truly poor-perhaps that is just the northeast where the tribe is very..uh, ethnically tight and proud. I dont need a Naomi Wolf and I wonder often why she is the shining example of rebellious political thought. As if only Jewish people are capable of social commentary of this kind that is intelligent. Maybe she is an invention of the Dirty Tricks dept-a co opt of a Poor Woman somewhere, capable of points of view just as intelligent but not allowed to be heard- to continue to keep us down.
Women like Tina Fey suck. When the cast of SNL seriously gets into influencing politics it may just be time to vote for Palin. Just to be contrary.

-We will not be talking about or doing comedy skits in relation to our 'periods'. Stupidest stunt pulled by Women who are feminist comedians etc. Boring as hell and totally weak as its obviously reactionary. Unless its painting with menstrual blood which is so ritualistic it should scare the sh*t out of anyone. Goooood.

-No infighting, no bullshit, not cliques (if that is even possible to acomplish with women anywhere, ever), no giving our detractors any kind of advantage. EVER.

-No Feminazi's. What the hell is that anyway? I have men like 30 telling me I am a f'eminazi'. I dont get it. I simply have been around for 39 years and now have standards I need to survive as well as I know the bullsh*t you are going to pull. How is that fascist? If you want to see fascist I can certainly muster that...I have not yet begun to be an *sshole..er I mean fight. Feminazi- stupid phrase. Should be 86'd ASAP. Though one of the only acceptable forms of viewing any human being IN Nazi garb is probably hot chicks- and I think that is something all of us from any race or religion can agree with unless yer really extreme.

-Veils are optional. Hmmm. I like that. I dont want to co opt or disrespect Muslim culture but I do like that and I have posted repeatedly that in this country I wish I possessed a veil on certain days, for privacy against the peering eyes of males. Anybody really. I should pull something like that, and see what its like to be mistaken for a Muslim.

Poor Women. I dont see alot of solidarity within this demographic. I see alot of this class taking up with ghetto men, spending time treating drag queens or trannies as gurus, and wasting time hating on each other or fighting amongst themselves by forming factions based on such bullsh*t differences. Men are diversions and so is race.

-Did I mention that you should be intelligent enough to function within such a group without the afore mentioned survival tactics or hang ups?

It might be that Poor Women are very limited or have been raised much more limited or stifled than any other group.
It would be interesting to get them away from race issues, thier men and thier babies long enough to see if anything can come of organizing this demographic.

-BABIES are the ultimate diversions- and I guess we would have to be stern on the mom issue. There are enough, MORE than enough services in the USA for mom's. In fact I have a bit of a resentment, becuz in the USA someone like me is hated but all a typical female has to do is drop one and she gets a level of respect perhaps she does not deserve as an individual. My own mother took on the MOM identity, in order to hide her personal failings and I suspect to keep men away from hurting her the way her father had. Which means moms can be total psychos but society will forgive this more easily- which is disgusting.
Some women with kids are very cool becuz they have an identity that is strong outside being a daughter, a wife and a mother. But the women who depend too much on any other kinds of identities or identify with outside things to define themselves may not be of help to organized Poor White Women. You'd have to leave alot of Mom at the door. I dont quite know what to do with that one.

-Not a female art collective that "fights descrimination" becuz there are enough of those, as well as we would not be trying to fight discrimination for all people discriminated against- just Us.

Its time that Poor Women get greedy and selfish for real- not just buy into society putting that on us a a guilt trip to control us or make us behave.

Yes, I am so angry with how much racism I have encountered in all this I do keep slipping to name it Poor White Women. But its not right becuz there are black women who do support us, who have been of help to us and who are not always ranting about "My MAN" and fighting with other women over something so petty as 'a man'. Yes they do exist. And there are black women who are on our side devoid of race- but its been very hard, admit it. We need to meet these women on equal ground and let them know we appreciate them as fellow Poor Women without them getting the idea we want to take part in acting like we are part of thier culture necessarily or that we want to take up with a Brother. In some areas of the country its difficult in some its very easy to seperate this. Unfortunately, I tend to get along a whole lot better with Rich Black females or ones that are doing ok for themselves..I will have to look at this as well. Perhaps it is the Poor Black female obsession with her man that is suspect as well as a turn off.
In SoCal black women NEVER go without a man..most women there on the street do not. I have heard a Poor Black Woman actually say "Its hard out here without a man". And that is SoCal for you-its incredibly sexist and they have no idea that this is the reality.

I dont know if a female from the Northeast can hang with women from other areas of the country, we are so used to women being independent here. Its expected for you to make it on your own if the men around you either betray you, victimize you or in general are not trustworthy or of value. That may not go for very ethnic areas where 'family' means everything- which again is disgusting to me.

Yes, I would like to form a Poor Women army. But the thing is that smart Poor Women shouldnt still be poor-which means I am probably going to be dealing with a group of Targeted Smart Poor Women. Which is the only explaination for this predicament, outside of some personal problem like drugs, alchohol or the person being 'crazy' to explain away thier being Targeted.

-No politically correct bullshit. In order to help or assist other Poor Women we have to get real about what the problems really are. No Oprah or her pimping you out to Dr Phil or Dr Oz, who looks too much like Hugh Hefner for my comfort anyway. Not that Hefner isnt allright but you'd have to know what you were getting into so you could use him as he is using you or his organization. The idea of a Hefner is ok a long as a woman is shrewd. And there should be support when a girl wants to grow up and leave such an industry- sadly I dont see enough of this- and Oprah isnt gonna help you there either.
Though she has done shows on women's issues that needed to be dealt with, the way she has positioned herself is a threat to males everywhere. I met young Dutch man who believed that Oprah might grow into something akin to Hitler. I explained to him that she doesnt have actual political powers here just media influence to sell a candidater perhaps. (What is this obsession with a female Hitler? I told this male fear to an old New Englander from one of the Brahmin families and he said "Its about time we had a female Hitler"which was funny but I know its not supposed to be.)

I see women handing thier power over to men in different ways they seem oblivious to. Like being sucked in by Oprah who is a female only to be pimped out to the likes of Dr Phil as a guru. Get a damned female expert on psychology. Its disgusting, him sitting there like he's in a harem or something. Look at the guy. Is THIS a guy you think is attractive? Hes got this yuckiness to him as a male, I cant put my finger on it. Shivvver. Ugh.
And people like Nancy Grace you need to be broken from that brainwashing as well. I dont trust any woman who is chasing after other women's children constantly in order to destroy the mothers. Get yer own babies bitch. She is so desperate for approval...again any woman who engages in divide and conquer among women needs to be held in suspicion. She is such a character assasinator. Look at her very closely for once, and think about RA. Tell me what assessment you come back with.

And Baba Walters. I want to like her but hating on comedians who do drugs to deal with thier depression by exalting people like Tina Fey and her female counterparts was inexcusable. And with a journalism degree (she does have one doesnt she?) should she be asking questions like 'How is it you got around THE drugs?'. Well darling, true talent is often not a pretty site and 'the drugs' tend to take away THE PAIN as well as THE DEPRESSION. In our happy world of bs we have totally forsaken real raw talent- in favor of the safer version of mediocre talent on Star Search...I mean American Hates its True Talent..I mean American Idol. That show is a testament to the mob being handed power in this country and is reeks of a nation that no longer tolerates real talent. Truly talented people are potential maniacs that make handlers...and insurance companies very uneasy. They are not a solid, reliable investment. Perhaps they are not good business, and we all know that corporate boards of know-it-alls who know little in many cases are calling all the shots nowadays, along with any govt faction that has a relationshit of convenience with them.
You let gay men who loathe and laugh at women dress you. You keep letting media hand you off to some MALE as a guru, and advisor or some other authority figure. Do you not trust other women so? Stop being conned into accepting male power over you, even in forms that look harmless becuz they are not. We need men and often we like men or love them but the USA has a definate problem with women having full control over defining themselves and NOT being just reactionary. Media 'life' is often what we believe about ourselves and our culture, even though in daily REAL life, dont women have a totally different reality? Men will not take over if we demystify ourselves slightly. Start being clever in putting true womanhood forward without giving up info to the enemy that can be used to totally enslave us.

Would it work? Could such a thing be manifested in the USA to exist in reality? Large groups of women are not easy to handle really. But it could be done.
I forgot to add: yes I realize that men suffer, they get taken in by women, abused etc. Thier moms sucked etc. I realize this and just becuz I speak of trying to support vulnerable women does not mean that I am one of these 'men are the enemy' in everything type. In fact when fighting off other men, men who support us or assist us are invaluable. Men show us how to strengthen ourselves. Men teach us to stop and think in ways that we would not otherwise be able to. What I am stating is that there is not much focus on women without it being sexualized, mom related or wife related. Men have thier world of sports for instance. I do not see such things for women, unless its a volleyball team that has far too much mascara on with shorts that are way to revealing. If you put men into that costume I would definately start watching more sports. There is a West Point where I was disgusted with the story of a female trying to survive among men. WHY the hell should she have to do that? Why is there not a private training facility for just women?
In ancient times in places like Greece and other cultures, women were afforded a time of privacy to bond, to strengthen themselves with group identity as well as even learn to battle effectively. Women in this culture, if they are independant, its expected that at some point they will give in to wife and motherhood,usually taking on even more than June Cleaver ever did to 'have it all' thus enslaved again, or to gain man-like influence and power in some respect like business etc.
This culture is clueless about women being a force or entity unto themselves without it being percieved as a threat to society in general or manhood. Its total bullshit.

I am NOT a PC type who expects world peace and equality for all in some pipe dream is a total reality. What men fear and rightly so is a view of feminism like we have seen come out of the 70's. Women can often be fooled into nurturing anyONE or anyTHING that comes to nestle under thier hen like warmth as if its thier own eggs. This is exactly what many women do and its deadly to the reality of the world we live in being dealt with; problems being faced and dealt with. In fact men are needed by us in many ways but this should NOT come at the price of suppression of females. And stop this covert campaign to get women under control by blaming them for the collapse of society. Blame the social engineers for that, women are jsut the scape goats.

My type of female thinking I notice is totally blocked in American society. Its no wonder I am ready to leave the country. Men should not be destroyed or oppressed or harmed nor should they be totally exalted at the expense of females- they should be co operated with and negotiated with. With females having a defined sense of self and firm position to operate from. Not mom, daughter, wife or predator in business. These are very narrow prescribed identities for women. Perhaps due to my life being so controlled and I have been so oppressed that I dont see that there is anything else. What is interesting is that America still lets this happen to someone like me. And many other intelligent females who could have done great things with thier lives. That is not wanting to rule over men..its wanting to get freedom from a dangerous enemy such as that a-hole who is on the board of the Recovered Memory Syndrome organization, that was found to support f*cking little boys and girls and BLAMES WOMEN FOR WANTING TO STOP THIS KIND OF ACTIVITY OR INTERFERE thus destroying thier underground culture. THAT is who oppresses TI's like myself- survivors of RA and programming.
There are countless brave women who spend thier lives much like I do fighting cults and things similar to this- various kinds of mind control connected to exploiting children and women, and usually they are unsung, dirt poor and harassed for life.

We arent trying to take away your football games or your pick up trucks. We just want you to stop denying that you take part in male brutalizing of boys and females, which is notorious in every history book in existence. And there needs to be help for victims not labels after covert campaigns to silence them. Women like me are up against some of the most ancient behaviors of males and thier female counterparts. And no one is asking for it to stop becuz that will never happen as long as certain men are allowed to keep thier balls. But to deal with it and be allowed to heal from it is most certainly necessary- and to stop having society stop trying to deny the existence of such primitive brutalities by making the victims out to be crazy or just writing people off.

Do you HONESTLY believe that I am going to be controlled or let society write me off?