“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Someone Please Tell The Latinos In Allston, MA That They Are Pawns On The Chess Board-Not Really In The Game

Will someone  PLEASE tell the gang stalking Latinos from like South America or wherever in Allston especially the laundromat that they are not the kings of rhe world becuz I live out of a backpack and am targeted.

They act like its some sort of easy luxury or like they are living the dream becuz Im targeted.

How stupid are these fuckin jerk offs?

MK Ultra isnt a normal regular situation. Its extremely complicated and dont even try to claim these people understand  MK Ultra at all. If they do its at thw retarded level of the Austin lot dealers and other scum-some  vague idea about sex slaves . Fuckin morons.

Take your bullshit machismo and go f*ck yourselves. Im Italian and Im older and have no children. Traditionally I would  be doing just what i am doing now in Italy-living as a man to provide for the family.

Dont challenge MY machismo becuz it pisses me off. Im in a woman's  body so what. That's YOUR FUCKIN PROBLEM not mine. Keep it to yourselves.

Black males have learned their lessons over rhe years about trying to challenge me and dominate. Being Latin you should actually know better.

Always remember u will forever be the errand boys and go-fers for the bigger organized crime rings.

Its so sad when they use their kids to do harassment. I cannot imagine what is going on at home.