“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, July 3, 2015

All Jewish Perp Group On Commuter Rail Providence RI to Boston MA..Wtf

I was being gang stalked on the commuter rail as per usual if i go between Providence and Boston.

I started to notice something. One perp looked like the typical Jewish nerdy guy. I then looked closer at a foreign little group and at a blonde male who had white looks.

It hit me that they were ALL Jews. Even the three fat sisters that got off in Attleboro.

The self titled Black Sabbath song came on and i play my earphones loud.
They didn't like it much and seemed uncomfortable facing that much evil. But i scanned over the five different areas where there were stalkers of course all doing gesturing and being confrontational by giving dumb or devious looks.

I noticed the evil in them matched the music exactly.

Then Hypnotized by Biggie Smalls came on. They all loosened up and became comfortable.

They emjoyed rap music. It made them feel good.

Then I switched to Motörhead's Overkill and they became uncomfortable again. They looked oppressed, backs to the wall til the song ended.

I also noted the difference in the frequency of the foreign perp group doing gesturing (meant to look like random hair fixing especially hair ovee ears or toughing one side of long haor .

They stopped doing that stuff and so appeared less fidgety. Thus one can assume they were doing psych warfare.

Many times the hand over hair had no purpose as hair wasnt pulled back or fixed but simply a hand swiped over it quickly. More like very insane cult members repeating  ritual symbolism instead of it being random.

Got sleepy again on train.

I notice that these Jewish perps dislike music or aggressive sound from European males. (Metal).

I also now believe the harassment set ups as well as the chemical influence in the northeast is designed to make whites fight amongst each other and even prefer blacks if having trouble with other EuroAmerican peoples.

I actually cannot believe what I saw today. I dont want that to be true but it is.