“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, June 26, 2015

GS Has Reached Circus Like Levels/My Protection And Allies May Be Gone Might Be Factor

I'm @ a truck stop in Oakwood Ill. Gang stalking being done by of course McDonalds employees (who have a disgusting ragged American flag I asked them to replace.. Its a grandparents were US Marines thing. I may hate what the US has become and want to flee but I still want the flag respected. If u own a business here YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME. Its a statement on thd state of the country-who cares about the flag when u have a corporate monolith makjng money with the employees controlling dissidents East Germany Stasi style? F*ck the flag right? We live in a Bush reality now: the Constitution is JUST a piece of paper and the flag is JUST a piece of clothe I guess).

Locals who insisted on sitting right next to me and amusingly, a state policeman was arresting a motorcyclist with local cop and he was actuakly attempting to perform the side tapping while talking into his shoulder radio and approach this guy to cuff him.

As police were out here some white Latino looking idiot looked over gl see if I was watching becuz of course this was done right outside my window to the left, as the locals mobbed my space to the right. I was giggling actually and Mr Latino asshole didnt get whst he was expecting but since when has that ever effected or deterred these obsessive psychopaths with no lives like him?

Oh and I looked up and saw African American males dressed in military fatigues as they were hauling some jeavy equipment. That could be random but the big thing here is tk couple authority along with African American males probably becuz their power positioning on their own here isn't very strong or present.

So i assume this is supposed to deter me further from getting out of here.

Its been the worst trip of my entire traveling experiences. (Local male perps next to me are rubbing their pocket areas or tapping/hitting their legs while conversing. Its become a total perp sh*t show out here and its everywhere. The males seem desperate to some how get the taps to represent male sexual authority over me.
Needless to say the perps seem to be completely freaking out becuz I now refuse to deal with being comprimised at all by anyone.)

Its rained for a month in Austin now it rains EVERY EVENING here in the midwest and that means winds and heavy rain.

Rides are near impossible to get. They seem to want to delay me by keeping me in these small midwestern towns and Im also being bullied alot by the idea I should have stayed in Austin TX and that I should go back there.

Quincy was a constant gang stalking nightmare yet they were nice when interacted with and generous with money to eat.

Truckers are even doing tactics sometimes. I have NEVER seen that before. Ive never seen anything like this in all these years.

These small town perps like the old men can be really creepy. Like Uber Pedo creepy.
Probably retired vetran, uber pedos who think they are continuing to serve the country, while covering their sex crimes (their right as Americans prob their perception) and crush a female becuz isnt that what the Bible says and isnt that what helps make America great..

I grew up with twisted minds like these..in the foster home and my mother's family. Actually, my uncle's mob friends might be LESS twisted than the good American citizens who harass Targets-at least they knew what they were...and that they led criminal lives.

If anyone knows why the harassment has become incredibly ridiculous let me know.

It might be also that along with the change in administrstions of.Boston and Cambridge, former mayor Thomas Menino died recently as well as my grandmother. Its likr the Godfather movie where they wait til the matriarch is dead to kill her son Fredo.

But I never crossed anyone-they started this with me first. And I'm not stupid.

And my family keep thinking they are Italians...without the DNA.

Good luck with that.

That new city manager Rossi might be a pain jn my ass also. He lives in Watertown. Watertown and Newton are pissed at me and burn with hatred for various shit. Too bad.

Its just a bunch of power mongering assholes who will use anyone as a scape goat or destroy easy prey to prove how badass they are-all the while people involved in this system take pay offs from the puppeteers.