“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trying To Re enslave Me As A Sex Worker-Recent Isolation, Harassments and Isolation Breaking Down Personality

Its very dangerous out there now. Its worse total war than it ever was and the bad guys with their cronies and minions in the streets and public spaces have all the advantages-the toys, the chemicals and the man power.

Its worse than it ever was. I have NEVER seen gang stalking networks this closely interwoven. Ive also never experienced tech this subtle, insidious and effective.

Its all the worst people doing the harassment people totally beneath the TI and of course all the perverts are involved and try to become handlers.
Years ago it didn't seem important for me to have a handler. Now there's a guy around every corner trying to get with me. They also keep pushing the baby thing, as a way of making a female activist lose focus.

Ive had at least one wallet tapping pervert truck driver giving me a ride who was sexually harassing me who mentioned something about women being in their peak sexually after 40 and it was really intimidating and creepy.

Ive seen this before in the adult entertainment world. Girls become 'old' for the business about 26 unless theres something really special about them or they are really professional hustlers who can keep the public interested.

Then, the same women seemed to become desirable again at 40 yrs old and guys would be calling for them almost the way they called for the young college aged girls.

I never understood it other than the woman must have more life experience so shes interesting.

Now I realize as usual these pricks are just thinking about their sexual pleasure.

So THATS why Im being handled the way I am past few years. They know the sex drive pumps up so they've been handling me in a way thats going to make me super submissive and that along with my sex drive overpowering me, i would easily turned into a victim of my own drives in my 40s.

That explains why in Austin that idiot said no one cares about sex slaves here and people just seemed focused on my past in adult entertainment which was a reputation that seemed to proceed me...moreso than years before.

THEY ARE TRYING TO RE ENSLAVE ME FOR SEX WORK or at least to serve males in some way through this capacity.

I wouldnt even be doing things in an alter ego, disassociated the way I did in my 20s, so my real Self and other parts of my mind were preserved. They basically have been breaking me down at least lately so that there IS no Self left. So that I can be completely enslaved as a sexually submissive servant but this time without anything else inside. Just a subugated person without any kind of hope or future like when I was younger.
This also explains why Ive been being surrounded more by perverts past year or two.

This would also explain why now it seems they want to destroy my Traveler identity and all Ive built for myself over these years.

What ever happened to me in OR during that abortion its contributed to this and my lack of Will, having trouble being unable to mentally fight or resist or define myself as who I really am.
Before I could effectively resist all sexual abuse with my Will and spirit.

It seems them destroying Boston and Cambridge not just for me but for everyone has been a large part of my losing my power.

Cambridge and Boston have alot of Luciferian energies and Templar symbols, structures that help the light Luciferians battle the dark which is why Boston and other areas have been destroyed.

I noticed that all ststues of Mother Mary were taken down in Boston during Meninos sickening sell out of the city to become 'world class' in the globalist NWO.

I figured it out later: it symbolized Isis, the only god Seth feared. (The recent terrorist cell naming itself ISIS is either based on this idea or its  a CIA backlash/slap in the face based on my and other people's writings.

I can still run to the feds and tell anything and everything. Then we can see just how discredited I am. And I will make sure I sue the FBI for harasing me instead of a subpoena. And there is some oversight to the arrogant all powerful fuckin feds. There is oversight and theres a world out there beyond the United States with legal powers. My MK Ultra and harassment case are unique in that my mother has a documented connection to MK Ultra and also a well known federal investigation was used as a cover to harass me. Askng me what I think of GW Bush is not a legit investigation. My sanity only becoming questionable during a fed investigation of people around me is far to convenient.

Im warning you that this will blow up in your faces. You want me to snap and become one of the pathetic lone shooters or people acting out in anger that you are using for diversion lately.
Not going to happen, my programming wont allow it.

You are too fuckin stupid to know that becuz you are pathetic losers who are totally beneath all that programming is and are only capable of focusing on the sexual programs in a person. Like in Austin when that fucktard mentioned 'sex slaves'. "No one here cares about sex slaves". Okay what about spies or assassins or any other part of programming?

If im nothing more than a sex slave then what about Theta programming, used in psychic killing? What about being used as a human recording machine taking in pictures, video, graphs, schematics or documents mentally?

What about actual assasination programming? Or childhood SRA?

I will not be reduced to the level of a doll by peasants or some toy for perverts. Perhaps they do this knowing that these other things exist in the programmed person and if the Targeted Survivor cant defend themselves with the violent parts of their programming for fear of snapping or going postal or acting out and getting jailed, then they think the person will just take being dominated and be shaped in anyway they want to shape the Target, becuz the person is denied any recourse so will just submit out of fear of getting into trouble for defending themselves the only way we know how.

This is probably why I was baited then arrested. This is why police are being used frequently, marked police cars and a police presence.
Im being bullied and intimidated to start fucking people. In Austin TX a perp drove by and screamed "Get laid!". People seemed to act as if getting me to have sex with them was going to be easy. Where the hell did this all come from?

Im not having sex with people I dont find worthy or arent attracted to. And I will not have other parts of my programming used against me to intimidate me.

This is why I want to try to leave the US again. The shadow system here, these stupid fucking disgusting lowly people will NOT quit and stop. Its gotten worse over the past five years and it seems like more common ignorant morons from American society are in on harassment.

The NWO is destroying Europe making sure no place is safe or a haven for dissenting people with brains who see through the NWO  deception but theres GOT to be someplace out side the US where people are resisting.

The entire country is becoming one big YUPpie/Hipster/gangland anyway and there's no room for normal human beings.

 Its one big plantation out here and it sucks. All field slaves will be captured and harassed into compliance.

Theres got to be something going on outside the US where theyve made sure there is no real resistance or true dissenters left. Everything is infiltrated.

I was harassed at a certain  truck stop chain in Dallas and the manager turned out to be a responsible man who said he would fire the guy. An empliyee actually grabbed me around my waste. All these black male truckers and employees were laughing about it as I walked to get the manager. He wasnt on the floor so I took pics and had someone put them on my social network site. Other travelers and non Gangstalking people saw it as well as my friends who were in contact with me throughout. I wisely waited until I finished my laundry then told the manager this black kid grabbed me by my waste with both hands.
He said he would look at the cameras and fire him.
I told him I wouldnt sue the company becuz theyd been good to Travelers over the years. (Needless to say the Dallas TX truck stop has degenerated into a black shithole over past few years. Drivers and local homeless actually complain about the gang members, locals, drivers and security guards being in on corruption.
Another place militarized and armed against the public).

But notice the content of the harassment. Two creepy guys who look like cop/criminal types doing intimidation and then some n*gger acting predictably by attacking me physically.
The harassmemt from black males has been an ongoing problem lately and it seems to be part of the police harassment.
No matter how hard you assholes try, I refuse to go with males of any African descent. I like Nordic/German/Celt blondes and Italian men. Thats what I prefer and no one is going to bullly or attack me into finding other males sexually attractive.

I assume the plan is to push me until I either give in or snap and become a lone shooter who offs some black men or a black area then they csn use it for their recent camapign of racial terror used as the latest diversion. Complete with Obama putting his face on newspapers and complaining about it as a black man INSTEAD OF ACTING AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF AND RISING ABOVE THAT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

That asshole has manipulated the presidency as well as African Americans (hes a Halfrican not African American) like no other president before him. Its disgusting.

WAKE THE FUCK UP TO THE FACT THAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY WAS INFILTRATED LONG AGO BY COINTELPRO. How many African Americans do you actually believe you can trust against the NWO deception or for 9-11 truth? Ive seen so many house slaves throughout this campaign Ive lost faith in black people all together.
It seems they work for The Man now. None of this surprises me..it just saddens me.

Since the US is sinking into depths not even reached or possible during Bush I think fleeing for one's life might be a good idea.

Im going to go listen to Hendrix's Third Stone From The Sun and re experience what a genuine black man is capable of expressing..not houseniggas tryin to keep us all down.

"All though your world wonderously
With your majestic, and superior cackling hen
Your people I do not understand
So to you I shall put an end..
And you'll never... hear....
(Rap) music again"


(Though I can understand wanting to destroy the Beach Boys with spaceship lasers or something.)

Take us away from this awful planet Jimmy. Take us back home. This place sucks and humans are stupid.

"Station to station, please state your position, over"...