“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weird Advice About Feminism In Head After Posting Metal Song On Social Networking Site

Yes i turned my social network back on. I need a way to keep in touch with other Travelers I actually like. What I advise if like me u just cant get rid of it is to be disciplined and just cut off anyone and everyone whos ever shown any signs of being in on gang stalking or messed with you or used u to get in good with the system or u think might be working for the cops feds etc. No matter how much u THINK u need them or depend on them or have become desperate for friends or acquaintances.  Be real strict with yourself as these people are only perpetuating the mind control u r under anyway.

As I posted this foriegn metal I found on internet radio, a strange run down came into my head about how women NEED feminsm, and that even though I like male things and sometimes think im a male.or dont consider my female body im in an issue, Im NOT a man and (the white man) men are faster than me and better at certain things and their nature is to naturally band together and crush women.
So women need feminism and black males fused into that becuz its the only thing that allows women like me to have a chance at anything or even freedom and counters against 'the white males'.

Personally Im sick of the countering being about black males or other races. Gang Stalking has proven that theres no perfect race or balancing of power through social engineering becuz there's always a play the cheaters aren't showing everyone else at the table-like covert activities and programs.

I notice that in order to have f*cked me up as badly as they have over these years, it was black males, African Americans of both sexes and other races and cultures responsible but mostly black males and African Americans generally.
Yes Mexican men in TX or the occassional perp whos Asian or from India etc.

It might have been different if my gang stalking/experimentee horror had been with just white males. (And women being against me has really been damaging. All women.)

So what line of bullshit is this?  Why are these powers so afraid of white females responding to challenges from the white male?

And what about the Semetic, Arab or Chinese male? What about Native males?

It was a very pathetic piece of advice. Perhaps white males living under strict religious controls are dangerous as all humans are but European males showing their compositional prowess evolved over thousands of years of musical history combined with human primitive energies??

It was like this advertising for why the great dumb down of the NWO is a great idea. That special people who excel create competitiveness and that's not 'peaceful for everyone'.

What is this bullsh*t?

Pure F*cking Armeggedon just came on. Should I turn it off and listen to adult pop? Or Beyonce? O some sh*t??

No. No, I dont think so.

I dont like being oppressed...but I like what white boys do for me. Im a white female..isnt this how its supposed to work? Uh....hello?

(Orleans 'Dance With Me' just came on. Sometimes white boys do very nice things as well. I used to have a male who could privately sing pretty songs..like white men do. I dont think these awful people are getting the white male in all his completeness.)

Their world view sucks, their future for us is bleak and i am sick of this crappy, false time line...that sucks.