“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wahlberg Cares SO MUCH For American Special Forces Soldiers He Sideways Insulted Tom Cruise For 'Em!! (Lawyers Included)/Movie LONE SURVIVOR


Hes so protective of military huh? He's worked hard for the military-industrial-entertainment-(which could also include academic, medical and corporate prisons)-complex.

Hes been involved in very nasty media psy ops in various movies in his career,making sure to serve the interests of the corrupt organized crime connected Boston area, which made him famous, with other pawns such as Ben Affleck.

Wahlberg is most infuriating however as when he does such things for the Dirty Tricks Dept he does so with such an obvious hatred put forward towards the intended victims.

And he is certainly Satanic in nature with a hatred to match.

I highly suspect that little Marky Mark made it in the business sadly how many young males gain fame-by being victimized by the perverts who hide in the business. Its written all over him, has for years. Whitey Bulger being a pedophile was somehow more accepted becuz he was not Italian organized crime. I have yet to ever see such an accusation and probably never will.

The guy who recently explained to me that a 'dirty faggot' runs things in Boston is now in jail for rape. Its questionable if he's in there becuz of his actions...or becuz he had a big mouth. Ive learned that in cities like this and in businesses like Hollywood-the worst people get protected as long as they are quiet, compliant and make people money or serve their purpose.

Wahlberg has always appeared to me to be a somewhat damaged and very underlyingly angry man.

Hes done well with the cards he got at the table.

Yet movies like The Lovely Bones
from the ever creepy and evil Speilberg (who hides really well) are revealing in how much hatred he is truly capable of and how offensive he is to those he victimizes...on behalf of the military in any and all of it's goals making movies for psy ops as well as straight Hollywood well timed propaganda.

As he takes part in media for the purpose of ritual abuse and psy ops for MK Ultra type black projects he doesnt seem to have any compassion for the victims of such classified projects, who live through years of torture as has been perpetrated at Guantanamo Bay and Nazi camps (MK Ultra being rooted in Project Paperclip).

People like me- Survivors of high level programming, inter-generational MK Ultra experimentees who now live as Targeted Individuals with no voice, no credibility and even smeared by slander campaigns to constantly cover up the truth with diversions more easily believed by a naive public - we will never see our families again either.

Worse we will never get a heroes welcome or any acknowledgement of our suffering, our triumphs or our fight to assist humanity.
We are shunned by the communities we knew as hometowns.

The title being Lone Survivor is so blatant. The term survivor has been readily abused by media psy op perps and in person gang stalkers alike for years ever since I started using it with a capitalized 'S' to represent peoples who are deprogrammed from mind control which commonly includes Ritual Abuse of an occult nature when utilized by MK Ultra type projects.

I can see clearly that he works for people who are passionate about protecting and acknowledging the military as they not only make them incredible amounts of money through projects like this but through investments...and of course to a special place in Hollywood-aiding and protecting the interests of Israel.

He is their servant and of the connected 'organizations' that made him famous-who's involvement in the business of killing, (which was a natural progression for them as war profiteering. Hey, go with what you know, right?) remains as hidden powers behind the 'industrial' complexes.

We need movies like this-to feel righteous again. As a country America much prefers evil and deception to truth.

Maybe his next 'film' (ahem) will be about innocents killed in drone strikes or the total immorality and insanity of a society that can now kill during war using machines so there is no human consequence to killing in wartime thus ensuring more wars.

Perhaps a sci fi film about how when a civilization reaches such technological and scientific superiority there shouldnt be anymore wars to begin with.

But lets take the public away from the elite's profiteering and insane transhumanism for a minute and appeal to the old reliable all too human, vulnerable mere man as soldier. And the families.
And think of the CHILDREN!!!

It all works so well doesnt it?
And he just appears so damn humble here with his little outburst doesnt he?
Of course then we have to be impressed by the involvement of entertainment lawyers getting involved, which the military only wishes they had.

Imagine being tethered to paying a system for your fame and to protect whatever wrongs or secrets you have-for the rest of your life?

Its what many Americans call work it appears.