“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Eve Ensler-A Thief And A Fraud?

Vagina monologues-stolen? Both the writing and the monologue style delivery?

Who knows how many creative people are Targeted and monitored who get ripped off constantly by the gang stalking system.

Her new stupid production features a mother daughter theme. The daughter becomes a dumpster diver (something Travelers do to get foodstuffs other useful things to survive.) So we have a mother daughter fighting. Ok part of my story.

Then shes got dumpster diving and the daughter living in an alt subculture to keep her ideals. Another part of my story.
(Of many TIs actually.)

Most annoying is the graphic used in the ad which is seen on the side of buses etc here in Boston.
Its a stick person female figure as seen in signs for restrooms etc reaching into a trashcan. But the way it's stylized is exactly like a picture i used on my social networking site.

And of course it wouldve offended her and hers becuz it was a stick figure man throwing the three symbols for the big three Abrahamic religions into the trash (Judaism, Islam, Cjriatianity) and it said "Keep Europe Pagan". I restyled it to make the male stick figure female and it looked just like the figure used in the ad for her recent production OPC

Even though shes supposedly anti Zionist and anti Israel shes still a person from a demographic that has shown to have a larger than usual population advocating for a New World Order. (Even though Jews in France are getting rioted and harassed by Muslim immigrants. Gee why is there no outcry about THAT as anti Semitic?)

She's succeaaful in the entertainment business now a firmly rooted part of the military/entertainment/corporate prison/medical/academic industrial complex.

It's simple-it puts me right back under my biological mother's control which the gs system has been trying to do always. They always try to keep recreating the original environment that the Survivor was in with the mind controlled family of origin.

This also has the effect of potentially making me feel like no matter how hard I try to escape my mother's control (the trash picking stick figure-the Traveler subculture where I reinvented myself) i will never be free of the mothers control or the mother-daughter conflict.

It also creeps me out by having someone once again steal my creativity and use it for their own success.

Its also a privacy invasion and a 'haha, we see you' to have something from my Traveler life and social network site crossed with my life as a Targeted Individual and mc Survivor.
It could also be part of the f*cking NEVER ENDING attempts to psychological push and cause integration of alters by force which is one of the most offensive, destructive and immoral things this system does to targeted survivors of programming.

Its also a bait or bribe. Temptation. 'Oh see. Your creative ideas work. If u would give up your activism and come to the arts or theatre you could be very successful. Why let people steal your ideas?'
Yeah okay.

Lastly the fact shes a Jew may be to fees into the Mel Gibson effect. Which is targeting people with certain content and using only certain demographics so they are made paranoid that every single person of that demographic is responsible which is never the case.

How can you be Politically Correct domestically but a war criminal abroad? Yet again just another scam.

Just ignore it.

There are many artists who steal TIs ideas and this used to be viewed as paranoia. Now with so much gang stalking activism it's obviously totally feasible.

If there were blogs like these decades ago, maybe the obviously targeted Solanis wouldnt have shot Warhol.
(Which they try to push you to the point of doing anyway but it's easier to fight if you aren't isolated and you're informed.)