“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, February 20, 2012

The House Changes..And Per Usual I Play Along

The house has been through some changes. The total f*ck ups moved out and the heirchy now consists of people being only slightly dishonest. LOL. That older lady who was my old roomate the one who wears red.frequently and hangs with a shady gross black guy in a green pick up truck, shes satisfied somehow that I have become sufficiently controlled and dominated by the new female hierchy of the house. Shes such an idiot. She always relapses and its becuz she.goes off with that creep and comes home with a totally different mood and energy level. A bit.of crack anyone? The reason anyone would be threatened by someone like me is becuz they arent completely honest with themselves. I am not honest about my situation but thats for safety reasons. These women just want to keep engaging in addict behaviors. That woman's friend drove aaay from the house today and looked in the kitchen window only the way an unsavory black man can. One glance and one feels their house and person has been totally violated. THAT is an example of a bad black person. Not a nice good upstanding person whos trying to do his best in life. Anothet wannabe gangsta/pimp or whatever who assumes his blackness makes his.male dominance complete. Some sort kf second rate Voodoo left over from the rather recent primitive ancestry of African desendants. Some use it well and some fumble with it like school boys- he's one of those.
As an Italian this attempted male dominance by black males is always an affront- to my female machismo as well as coming from a culture thats perfected crime as part of the system thousands of years ago. Black men dont take care. They simply see White. They dont differentiate between Whites ethnically or culturally.

With her ridiculous behavior the way it is and her pathetic attempts at mind games he's probably a perp or at least in on it.

That younger woman who first came here weeks ago and pulled the 'tap your back pocket like a wallet check' tactic to make sure I saw it, her sick head has calmed.down and she's functioning rather normally, going about her business. She always wears red as well. Needless to say theres a little too much flavor in the house right now but its younger women so race isnt so much of a hurdle nor do they have the need for dominance like the older women which is a total pain in the ass becuz they are wrong about stuff much of the time but have to be coddled.

We still have that idiot puppy. Ive come to dislike the dog. On the road travelers with terrier type stupid dogs who cant behave and act stupid are not very respected. Guard dog breeds are best for travelers and Pits tend to be the most popular. Many are very well behaved. They live with humans where survival is a daily concern not guarding some house with lazy asses inside. The pit/rottty we have who is very sweet to us but mean to strangers approaching the house may leave soon with our supervisor.

Yes the owner is putting one of the tenants in charge. I can already forsee a bloodbath in a female fight for dominance. Perhaps the other tenants will take to it. But she isnt completely honest nor is she capable of being even tempered. However everyone deserves a chance at responsibility.
Its been hysterical to watch the change over though. Her roomate gave me this.look as if the Don himself was.going to take power a new or some sh*t. Its all do damn petty compared to who and what Im used to dealing with. Its cute really.
Especially amusing is the way this little female cabal here has controlled information to the owner so that they control where people stand in the house hierarchy. I see that theyve accomplished keeping me happy and busy with throwing me a bone while getting me under control.

I am not sure if this is their own insecurities at work or if they and the owner sense someone like me would make waves so they cant fuck up anymore so its best to keep me controlled by giving me some position of responsibility...OR if its part of handling me for the gang stalking system.

I feel potential chaos has come over the house and I also feel more controlled. The other women generally have a disregarding attitude. This is what happems when bitches get y themselves and start discussing other women. Theres the obvious hierchy, the one they want the out of loop group members to see and then there is the real hierchy, based on typical human animal greed, imstinct and dishonesty.

Most humans cant be trusted becuz they dont admit their animal nature to themselves so they are victim to it.

All I do is what I always end up doing. Cause a transformation in whatever place I find myself, improve conditions and probably move on or at least resign myself after constructing whats needed for order to be retained then focus on my personal works.

I think I simply build fortresses wherever I go. Then I can go and remain deep within to continue my own works.

If I had money I would build a real damn fortress.