“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, February 27, 2012

Unable To Function With Tech And Environmental Conditions At This Location

Last few days were horrible. The bedroom I am in creates this state of insanity in me. Its Truman Show Syndrome really badly. However upon leaving the room it gore away. Upon entering it returns. Its been this way for a few weeks and was not this was when I moved in. Last night I has redness on my skin and was tripping a bit like. I have no idea what that was from but I felt like I was going. crazy. Felt like a fungus might be responsible as i had a rash that was itchy. from being on the road and outdoors i know what poinson oaks and ivys feel like this felt similar.

it might be something behind the house. perhaps i stepped in it or the dogs got it on them.

my body has become very sensitive due to being indoors with some mold in this house and of course all the cleaning chemicals people use nowadays, always too strong.

If I slept outside still my body would have fought this off with taking some extra Benedryl.

Also my roommate was away for a day and two nights. I felt like I couldn't control feeling crazy in this room. Now she has returned that has gone away. Last night was very bad. This bedroom is hit with something that gets turned up if u will when I am alone in here.

For the last week this room has driven me so nuts, along with that tenant who's going to be supervisor messing with me that I started to self talk in the room. It may have been feeling harassed by certain people but it definitely was this effect the bedroom has created.

This woman i speak of is going to new supervisor and she just got a new cell phone and a new lap top from where we don't know. shes also been doing what perps typically do when they either finish messing with a Target for the system or turn on the Target for the system: she changed her appearance, specifically her hairstyle and has taken on a more sinister look.

All males who r in on handling a TI, mostly all kiddie molesters or pedophiles, all seem to change their facial hair or hair style. Its akin to a tribal right of passage or some nonsense. Ive seen it repeatedly and its always with people who either know too much about the Target's situation or display obvious overt behaviors of being child molesters or rapists.

I called the owner and told him hes making a mistake and about her using her own urine to cover for her friend (now fully relapsed) when drug tested and thats not a good sign if shes going to supervise a sober house.

He didn't address what i said just told me he didn't want me to leave.

This all comes with him suddenly being able to go non profit when he was having trouble doing so.

The tech in this city is ridiculously accurate and constant. The place is fully kept in a false environment. Perhaps the heavy mold helps create that in the human mind. The food stores all smell of mold. Fruits spoil faster than anywhere Ive ever seen before. I have noted I feel better after I eat canned food than food thats exposed to the environment.

The city has a constant darkness over it. Its a very depressing place but locals don't seem to notice. This dark energy. Its not outright evil, it just sort of hangs there. Like if evil were depressed and couldn't get out of bed to cause havoc. Its really lame actually.

And the women here don't repsect their own health anyway. they don't walk anywhere, they sprayed Raid all over the house just to kill some baby snakes that got in but of course didnt have the sense to warn everybody first. Thats what caused me to be so nutty and sick last week I found out. They disintegrate even open the doors and windows. They aren't very conscientious. Its not the place for me. And the Christianity is way to much for me to deal with. I refuse to pay rent somewhere that I have to not go through the dining room two days a week becuz they have some Christian group thing going on. I can be tolerant but not that tolerant. No 12 step meetings yet Christianity? Obviously thst isn't keeping people sober is it? Nor healthy.

Back home its considered very rude to push forth your religious beliefs in a way that interferes with others beliefs or definitely any productivity or business of living.

It may be why I get alot done in this place or feel free to write my book but it still doesn't feel right for me. Its better than Boston or Cali though.

However the stalking and harassment outside is too much mostly from men in vehicles and the being targeted inside by tech is beyond my control. I thought I could beat it but I can't.

I have to learn that I cannot overcome these technologies. I may want to think I can with my Will and the power or my mind but if its a constant during the typical hours (approximately 6 am to 12 midnite, excluding Sundays and Holidays) thats 6 days a week, week after week. I can't beat that. Especially if my sleeping area is specifically targeted as it seems is the case now. In this building I feel myself again only between 2 am and 5 am. Its miserable.

Two days ago I went to wash windows with a squigy outside house. I had been inside house for a day.or so, had no break from constant tech within this house.

As I stepped out of the gate to get other windows near neighbors property the interface I was experiencing simply just dropped. Just like that. I experienced it immediately. Upon entering again it resumed.

THE COMBINATION OF A CYSCO WI FI ROUTER AND SATELLITE TELEVISION IS THE WORST I HAVE EXPERIENCED. This satellite network is different from the apartment in Dorchester where I had similar reactions to this combination so its not been exactly the same. But with this combination I ALWAYS EXPERIENCE TRUMAN SHOW SYNDROME.

Cysco is a heavy military contractor. MIT uses their routers all around the college. It seems most people use Cysco Systems. Mass College of Art had them and I got hit there hard.

Which is an absolute disaster for a nation becuz obviously they have a monopoly on WI-FI routers.

The only solution is to begin to claim I am simply electromag sensitive along with other health issues and work from there. I bet you that in wifi free zones like around that telescope in VA, they have perps there constantly to harass TIs who try to flee to that.location for relief.

I know this system far too well. Thats the rule of thumb: less tech means more perps and the opposite is always true.