“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Am Leaving...Still Going To Try To Leave US

This disgusting white trash jailhouse piece of shit Sheila whos taking over for the woman being fired has been doing things to be a jealous insecure competitive bitch anyways and get me to leave. Her and her little core.of pathetic older ladies. three.of them are taking power here and they are going to keep this house sick. She has no recovery at all and still acts out on her addict behaviors. Why is she running a sober house?
The owner is a Christian whos a.total sex addict. Thats why. Of course his disease and addiction is going.to sabotage any real recovery in a place like this. I mean a real sex addict not just has some affairs on the side.

And I csnt stand their pro Christianity anymore either when all they do is act dysfunctional all the time. Theres only a few women in here who live according to their belief systems they claim. Everyone else is full of sh*t.
They hide behind Christianity like most American shits and I can only be toletant for so long. I can tolerate genuine peaceful Christians in small doses. The ones who are fake piss me off to no end. Something in me wants to punish and torment them for thier lying, for being false.

This bitch keeps letting the obnoxious puppy out so it will go in my room. The puppy has been a great tool to cause chaos they can't cause themselves. Doesnt sound Christian does it..causing chaos and being selfish. I can forgive Satanists for this as at least they are honest..well about thier natures. Your average American piece of white trash who is religious makes me want to see them all die. Total and complete obliteration of every one. Every wimp who can't be overtly evil but must hide behind Christianity. They all deservr to die. En masse.

Ive had enough and I am leaving. I slipped and fell on puppy urine in a dark dining room and injured my knee. Im pretty limber from being a traveler but it was just too much disregard for the tenants of this house in favor of some old German bitch's ill behaved puppy. Sheila's reaction eas total self centeredness and disregard for being in authority.

This is the main problem I have seen repeatedly with shelters of various kinds in the USA. They are not regulated at all. Its disgusting.

I wanted to stay here and work so I can leave the US asap especially if Romney gets in. I dont care about my health i will just be a squatter elsewhere. I'd rather die over there anyway. The only places left here I actually like are Native strong like New Mexico and thats out becuz its military which of course is hell for me.

So there is no place in the US to live anymore without being targeted or harassed. Its come.to this and we have to accept that Americans are so rotten, so focused on surviving and pleasing the military that people like me have no home.

They try to make it like we are hated becuz of personal character decects but notice that we as individuals are focused on and targeted so we can be nothing but miserable and annoying and whining.
The REALITY is that Targeted Indiciduals are persecuted for political reasons and the public is fully under mass mind control whicb since Bush got in has been implemented and is now firmly in place in the USA. I know there are places that hate Americans...the kind of Americans who hate TIs. London is one of those places. Europe and other locations are full of places like this. Where our 'whining' will be recieved as yet more testimony of what America has become. And validate those who saw this coming.

America is horrible and its better to die overseas. If Americans actually believe people like me deserve their situation or we are merely annoying then theres no point in staying.

I think many Americans simply do not know about what really goes on in their country. And for those of us who do and are hated/targeted by the elite and their house slaves, its pointless to try to get the good people of this country to understand whats happening. It doesnt concern them and they dont need to care becuz it doesnt effect them to the point where they are as oppressed as Targets are.

So reaching the good people in America is pointless.

(I know London is not a good place for TIs to go I just was referring to places in Europe where they know whats going on here during the Iraq war. Unfortunately they hate Americans generally.)