“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Its Easier Than We Think To Keep A Target Isolated For Life

For all I know the woman in charge isnt leaving at all and this is just all bs. Even if she is being replaced shes not leaving anytime soon.

I am seeing its entirely possible for an entire community to isolate snd gang stalk a Target becuz no one who matters is going to know about it!

I posted something about whats going on here onto a former tenant's social site page and she has hudreds of friends. I feel as if now many people will know at least something messed up is going on here. Yet it occurs to me the people the TI lives with can be isolating them and tormenring them as well as when they walk outside and get stalked and harassed then in stores etc etc. If the TI is alone alot or out in public space this makes for heavy harassment that they can get away with becuz the TI doesnt have any witnesses or support. Then when they leave or react only they know what happened and all the people motivated to be in on targeting the person might just have a story ready for the public.

It makes me realize my life has been so horrible and Ive been traumatized for years simply becuz the people around me in Boston all agreed out of greed or necessity to be in on turning me out to this system. Then the gs system itself only had to take charge of me and keep me isolated and from true friends, support or from anyone not in on it or motivated to be, from knowing what's really going on.

You are kept surrounded for years by people who basically keep you prisoner from the rest of society. Professionals and whoever else will take part.

Keeping a Target around poor powerless people makes it so the system always has people to recruit for the campaign.