“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Police Showing Up At My Destinations Last Few Days, Alot Of Harassmemt From Civilian Perps While Walking

The police here tend to always be congregated where I am arriving by bus or on foot. Lots of rude males in this city Mexicans who either cruise looking for prostitutes or when walking Mex men will walk by and try to lean into you and stare u down. It never works with me becuz northeastern people look obliviously into nothing when walking through the city. Either this city is packed with Mexican Texas hicks who seriously dont understand the big city etiquette of MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS or its gang stalking and leaning into a Target and focusing on the person is akin to passing by them in vehicles breaking your neck to male sure the pedestrian Target notices a perp focusing on them from a vehicle. I know that is gs, in vehicles becuz walking yesterday far north of downtown I get harassed non stop for hours. No one walking warrants that much attention especially when a few of them are saying hello to you and waving seeming very familiar. I also got some looks from older wealthier looking people who in vehicles, couples even but its always the driver who is overt about focusing on me when I walk by. The look was exactly the same as what I got at Tufts Medical Center last time I was home in Boston. It communicates perp power with arrogance and also a look of hatred with 'why are you still at this' and 'who do you think you are?'.

Interestingly a woman from a women's day shelter in Cambridge who knew way too much about my situation once said to another guest of me "Shes very observant". It was the second time this woman had seen me there. After she revealed too much one instance another woman took her into another room and spoke to her and she never spoke to me again with such familiarity.

So they already know who's visually talented and extremely observant or detail oriented. They know alot about the TIs psychological profile. I have experienced the perps testing things like peripheral vision. Much of the beginnings of this campaign during the Bush era/Iraq war were tests to find out information and discover the Targeted Survivor's abilities, which tells us something: THEY DID NOT PROGRAM THE SURVIVORS THEY ARE TARGETING in this manner. Ive posted repeatedly that it seems as if its the military or some private contractor testing a person who's been 'created', trained or programmed elsewhere which could mean its foriegn governments involved trying to track their secret projects or private contractors are now in charge of unraveling all the mysteries of Survivors who were programmed in these classified black projects.
There's always been a sense of being poked and probed in an attempt by the gang stalking perps to experiment on and test Survivors of mind control programming/projects. Which raises the question IF this is some part of our own governing system or private contractors WHO THEN DID THE ORIGNAL PROGRAMMING?

Its no surprise that this all came about at the same time as the US was bragging about and implementing behavior modification for suicide bombers and terrorists from the Middle Easy. They treated many Survivors the exact same way.

Except they aren't worried about us doing that kind of harm- they are worried we will expose or stand in the way of their NWO or at least the system itself as its become so controlling of citizens in many countries. That war was a major cover for alot of things related to MK Kids (MK Ultra) and the NWO.

People are hip to it and realizing but they just can't accept it fully. Its hard to accept that such control over human lives is now possible but it is. They keep the public in this 20th century mentality while they exist fully in the 21st century and utilize progress to operas what is now becoming humanity..not just America or certain westernized countries.

I note also that when I am walking if my imagination begins to run free, exercise releasing 'feel good' chemicals to the brain, and I begin to produce alot of energy the gs becomes very intense and overt. This totally destroys my mood and prevents me from illuminating with that energy field.

Some psychiatrist somewhere is going to.claim the physical activity releases chemicals that make me start tripping out or chemical imbalances blah blah blah. If you look at Teslas work and the subject of Orgone as well as the use of electromagnetic man made fields for mass mind control you'll plainly see that this system has always been desperate to suppression the existence of he energy grids around the world as well as suppress humans realizing they themselves harbour much energy (and our own energy fields).

One fellow TI told me once as if trying to clue me in that they have the ability to use tech that can measure how much energy or psychic or 'energy' a Targeted person is pumping out even being able to measure the energy trail left behind them.

This is why electromagnetic fields are used to create this prison they have now. Its all about suppressing our energy production. Why else would they be so threatened by the imagination being active? Many Survivors are reduced to empty vegatables almost and the system replaces true human spirit and consciousness with constant interface from the technologies outlined in MINDWAR by Michael Aquino.
Thats my theory anyway and it makes the most sense and matches up with all thats found in research relating to MK Ultra as well as that MindWar paper.

My mother really helped this system by being intimidated out of testifying at the Committee in 1995 for MK Ultra smd radiation experiments. She probably now denies it being true and I certainly don't have any way of getting her documentation.

But look at it as she and others like her have assisted in allowing some of the most sinister, evil people slowly destroy our world. People like my mother helped the country become the dark place it is today, the mess we are in. Its cowards like her that, collectively, make up one big mob of total idiots who are useful to the oppressors. My mother assisted the military and whoever else in making MindWar a reality.

No matter how much TIs suffer at least we are trying to hold up some remaining light while darkness takes over. We are so many times more noble than these types. It doesn't matter what they do. They do WHAT they do becuz the system fears disclosure. Exposure is their biggest fear.

All the intimidation is both to ensure silence longer, to prevent any exposure being as convincing as it might otherwise be and to make us as victim witnesses pay for our exposing them and their system. As well as not being compliant with their brainwashing as citizens. In my case going to the feds without a subpeona was supposed to cover my being murdered (typical trap to dispose of Survivors) yet now my doing anything similar still without anything official would still be damaging to me becuz it will complete behavior modification via cult mind control. Confessing is a huge step for cult members. Its an important phase of cult brainwashing.

I will continue to do as I am doing here. There's definitely an ongoing attempt to get me to act out publicly and to put me off balance. To keep me inside this house or on this side of town which is totally ghetto, unhealthy physically and totally keep down.

Thier tourist downtown is totally targeted and i have to turn off my internet and phone down there, even then its still uncomfortable.