“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Something in this building at night last couple of days. Another woman and I (in a different room) having palpitations. Both of us having heart flutter and palpitations starting the same time? Very strange.
I wouldve guessed its tech or too much electrical activity but I know better. Its most likely a chemical we are both sensitive to, either something on he dogs thats getting on the furniture like a flea treatment or sicha chemical sprayed outside. Could also be something outside the property in the neighborhood.

I know companies in MA were notorious for increasing their waste output late at night. Like 2 am into the early morning. I used to get up and notice this-smokestacks, drainpipes or the air quality even. I am convinced that my snooping around and showing concern on many instances is what helped get me targeted, along with everything else.

I wish I knew exactly who the man was involved in business of this kind who threatened my grandmother's life once if she didnt sign a gag order concerning some big containment structures in her neighborhood, where she noticed something was bubbling up from the ground around the containers a disgusting green color.

Polluters have destroyed MA. Its done very sneaky. My maternal great grandparents built that house around 1910 or so, my Nana was born in it and will die in it. What right does Poloroid or any of these other companies have to come in, take over a city basically, exploit it by destroying the environment then ripping off hundreds of workers on their retirement funds before they leave the city decades later? Waltham will never be wholesome or truly livable again becuz of Poloroid, Raytheon and rt. 128. All people care about is their jobs-such is the fate of many a little mill town that needed something to replace the watch factories to survive.

I just pondered how closely aligned whoever made those threats was with the local military contractors and military industrial complex connected companies.

Something tells me to really consider that lead.

Why I would suffer most beyond my cousins or my rest of my family is beyond me. Perhaps after one family member becomes a whistle blower there is a some survaillence of other family perhaps to see if this trait is expressed in them...and if other members might be more intelligent and rebellious or determined.

I think I certainly qualify. Becoming a genetic engineer nowadays is going along with the agenda...and being involved in organized religion certainly helps my cousin register as a non threat.

If Something tells me to include the scumbag who threatened my grandmother's life in the equation pertaining to the 'gang stalking' system.

Being Italian and Eastern European on my paternal side has its advantages...I wouldn't have signed jack sh*t.

But I WOULD have found where he lives and started being seen around the neighborhood. My grandmother serves tea and is diplomatic..
I can do that also. But there cokesa time when Molotov cocktails and retaliation must replace tea and diplomacy.

Whether it be done with a pen and words or legal action or...what have you.

There comes a time to give up the American dream and batton down what is your and prepare to lose it...posessions mean nothing if outside what is yours is being destroyed and the very concepts that make a country are being ruined.

Too many people sign off to such intimidations.
They want everyone around them and to comvince themselves as well they aee only protecting whats theirs. But they are selling out plain and simple. They would rather take a payoff than really fight.

Everyone of the people Ive seen and dealt with in this believes themselves to be clever and Im some sort of fool.

They're weak, thats all I see. And they are usually disgusting in some othet way-greedy pig types. Jake is a greedy pig and so was Julie. My mother is a pig and my grandmother and grandfather frighteningly so. Most perps are greedy selfish disgusting people in some way, many of them exhibit their lacking in some physical way even. Something about them is always lacking. If not physically manifesting itself then they exhibit this through behaviors or lack of intelligence.

One YouTuber commented that gang stalkers watch over Targets.
As I recall that guy locally last week, a Mexican in his yard, displayed his insecurity by telling me "You can be controlled". This indicates that the gs exist only to keep a Target down not simply be guardian angels of some kind.

And to fathom how many people in this country I have experiemced being in on this camapign tells me what many Americans already k know: the country is gone. Its been taken over by wanna be thugs, ethnic groups who think they are in a gang but that gang works for the Man ultimately. YUPpies who live and work cut off from reality as a way of trying to preserve an illusion of the USA still existing and civility still being part of American culture. Rich kids with no worries or fears of consequences.

I have seen mostly bad from this country since 2003. Starting really during late Clinton.

And now just as Cathy Obrien predicted, evn I am losing faith in Democrats and consider Republican Conservative placea to be much better to live in right now.

Its amazing how theyve pulles this off. Consider howevee thwt it never puls have been possible wothout The People's help.