“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Pedophile Frame Up May Still Be Working For Them

I wonder if the alleged pedophile frame up is still in use.

Its very simple what they did. My ex Jake Hamilton and I had this mutually kinky sex life Musicians and artists are highly intelligent people and very creative. Jake got busted for drugs twice in one month and I think he needed the leneancy in court. My friend Julia and her friends and associates were all under pressure due to that federal investigation in Boston. But instead of focus on the real crimimals like madames and people who own services and some of whom are suspected and rumoured to actually have real connections to pedophile rings, they would rather preserve these people's crinimal careers' (as it serves many wealthy people in Boston) by setting and framing ME up.

They basically told my ex to ask for sex acts that would make me look bad and then filmed them. I thought it was out of character for him to want me to role play The Mommy like that. In fact he had only asked for The Naughty Babysitter many times and of course we played the standard Schoolgirl or whatever.

By the time he was doing this our relatiinship was pretty much done and we felt angry and cold towards one another anyway. I am sure that came out on video as well.

Ive had too many guys who seem random in trying to have sex with me end up in bed awkwardly trying kinky content like my ex used to.
You can tell they arent kinky by nature and they are just working off of something they've seen...like on video. Its usually really lame and thats how I can tell.

Its also really creepy the way its done. That kid Omar tried it and he was supposedly under investigation by the FBI and facing jail. I was a fool to think that he WASNT involved in trying to have sex with me in order to gain more video or audio. He, like Jake, was merely trying to once again make me look like a creepy pervert or something.

Then what the perps do is keep up that cover story to the public while many of them are actually involved in child molestation, hiring prostitutes, rape or just hatred of women and desiring to see them kept down. Remember the ultimate goal of all of this is to force me back into adult entertainment even though via complex psychological internal structuring (alter system) there is no way I could possibly be capable of such a thing.

This final attempt is to ensure the targeted female is completely broken this time. No compartmentalizatiom allowing the person to retain any dignity. They desire that the targeted female become the most depraved sort of sex slave. Everything they've done is actually a sort of training for that.
The people Ive seen involved in trying to act as.if they are part of some sort of rehabilitating or behavior modification of a sex worker are actually themselves exhibiting evidence of being Johns, child molesters etc. One very suspect trucker from Phoenix was one such person.
After I asked if a certain neighborhood was safe and if people "mind their own business" ( becuz I am targeted-duh, which he actually admitted to being aware of by out of nowhere saying the harassment was all due to "the military doesnt approve of the way you live"), he replied " Oh no...they protect children there". Where the hell did THAT come from?
Later when he was cleaning his truck he randomly found a pair of women's panties stuffed up top. He also made comments about getting off on the eroticism of Ann Rice's story of a man keeping a woman captive and the like. MANY PEOPLE IN ON THIS ARE LIKE THIS. They themselves are sick and up to no good yet they make sure they are part of framing up a Targeted Individual.

To most people like this human beings especially women of a.certain type have no value anyway so they feel like they can treat the person anyway they want.

And if authorities are giving out rewards then why not? I dont think they care its really about MK Ultra or Project Paperclip. And if they do know that then they feel they are helping to protect the country.

America is exactly what the terrorists have been trying to claim it is for years. Creating a system for mass mind control to police the whole world and also doing to someone like me what they've done is what foriegners were and are trying to warn the world about.

This is one of the main reasons they attempt to turn someone who knows what they are up to and like me for instance is living proof of the connected experimentation- into a terrorist.

There is no hope for the US. I see that now. Everywhere I go its the same. If like me you are screwed over by the US government or any of its agencies or contractors you'll never get fair treatment. Its best to just give up on citizenship in the USA. The situation is absolutely hopeless, I know that now too.

Many Americans are going along with these frame ups becuz they know their f*cked up sick evil country is what gives them their individual good quality of life. Being animals they don't care about anyone else.

They are wrapped up in basically what is a very Satanic system that runs our country, which wouldn't be so annoying or sickening IF THE PUBLIC DIDNT HIDE BEHIND JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY.
Many Americans are not good people. They are Americans.

And I think people like myself begin to realize we just don't fit into the American way of life anywhere in this country. There's no place for us in this New America.

And perhaps its best that way, that we leave the cesspool to creatures like the gang stalking perpetraters. They excel in dishonesty violence, ugly artwork, stupid sit cons and everything appealing to the lowest common denominator. People like me simply suffer having to be part of such a culture.

America is disgusting generally and its not even tolerable as it was decades ago. The powers that be protect the scumbags who in turn work for them to destroy good people like me, people with potential.

After you get set up by this system you'll get no peace anywhere you go. You'll never be allowed to express yourself or have any sort of life. Leaving is best I think.
Somewhere like Switzerland or countries where Bush can't go due to being guilty of war crimes. I think they probably know whats going on here.