“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jake The Snake Claimed In Interviews That He Wasnt Into KInky Sex

Did I add that Jake made sure he gave interviews to local music and art mags claiming things like "I'm not into that kind of sex at all".
Yeah I read those. Years later but I read them. Anothet one was where they referred to him as "Jake the Snake" becuz of some road slut he fucked around with using a snake. He never was that bad ass. He lived at home with his mothet in her attic. His entire career is contrived or at least his public persona.

I am sure "Jake The Snake" is also supposed to make him appeal to his little 'hardcore' crowd someone in New Mexico mentioned he joined when he fucked me over. Its all a deception.

These are all part of psychological operations for the US military and anyone else whos interested in protecting Julia, her clients and covering for how extensive MK Ultra was...and STILL IS. Especially how this relates to mass mind control and MindWar by Michael Aquino.

Not so hardcore after all. A fat pot smoking spoiled rich kid with an extremely co dependent mother who simply helped local corrupt cops frame up his girlfriend who was 'inconvenient' to Julia as well as MK Ultra generally.

This is how these campaigns work. How can I be both mentally ill and delusional yet deserve this for actions I am supposedly responsible for?

How can Mr. Jake Hamilton NOT be into kinky sex like his girlfriend yet be glorified for screwing around with bestiality with road sluts?

Becuz the public have been so dumbed down, so mind controlled thst all they care about is whatever shiny keys are being dangled in front of them. In a country thats become so oppressed and monitored, destroying lives has become seen as a sort of luxury.

They are all weak. They should never be forgiven nor even excused. I am not religious and I dont pray. I dont understand TIs that do.
Some will hear the message about what is going on in America and most will go along with being enslaved. None of these peope are any consequence to people like TIs. But they want to be-thats why gang stalking also serves to make the Target less of an individual, an independent force. The mob desperately want to absorb you into them, want you to be worn down until you arw equal to them.

Do whatever it takes to not let this happen.